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fan xmen evolution comic 004

Ah, old stuff~ VERY OLD! (we're talking 2001 here folks)
I was a brotherhood supporter for so long when Evo was on TV. Still am.

You just have to love Todd and Blob. (you gotta)

I had an online 20page fan comic on a RPG I played in back then. Telling the story of how Jean-paul Baubier (Aka Norestar) and Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver) first met. :)

good times
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oh my god i cant breath!
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...I kinda wanna see this comic, if only to crack up when Pietro gets his arse handed to him by JP.
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Haha, love the comic, Pietro is going to die when wanda gets him xD but least he got one last molesting in haha that part made me laugh the most
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Todd is so cute! :excited: Pietro is just hot though, really, I still drool over the guy and I'm 30 now! :XD:
Xmen Evo was the best show ever! I have to read this whole comic now!!
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oooo man
he is so dead
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hehehe. that's cool.
<-- Todd Fangirl.
Wanda looks wonderful. ^^
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Thank you. ^.^

Yea, I drew this ages ago, when Evo was still airing on TV... I miss it so.
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Yeah, me too. But I have it on my PC, so the pain isn't that big. ^^
And of course there is always stuff to read and pictures to look at. :)
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O.O wow the colors are amazing!
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