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Boys and girls: They can like what they like

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People who say they aren’t allowed to like something (EVEN without bragging) because of their genders are just selfish. ;)

But really, no-one has the same taste.

Not everyone prefers the same thing.

And nobody’s a special snowflake when it comes to liking things, no matter what the other people say.

Obviously, boys and girls can like what they bloody well like. :heart:

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I prolly already commented but I LOVE this stamp. Also what bothers me is people who assume gender and sexuality based on likes. Guys who like feminine things aren't automatically gay, and if they like masculine things, they're not automatically straight. It's not a huge problem but annoys me haha
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i love this because im a feminine male myself and i hate when people say this is how a real man and when people say don't be a sissy like really a real man to me is a brave male who stands up for what he thanks is right and for what he believes in and is not scary to be himself even if he is feminine or masculine.
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Hmmm... This is interesting. I've taken a liking for a bunch of both girly and boyish things.

Like Kick-ass recently, somewhat. And I've only ever heard of boys liking it cause of the whole violent, crass superhero theme of the film.

But at the same time, I've always loved fashion and putting together cute outfits.
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if only life was like that... but you have shitty society that patronize tomboys like me and who spit at guys just cuz they happen to have "girly" tastes and that they won't succeed cuz they're not "manly" enough.

i hate life...
Tikiyachod's avatar
fuck this shitty society tbh
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I'm a girl and I like video games like Yakuza Kiwami, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, and BlazBlue. Nothing wrong with that.

And I know plenty of boys who love Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls.
MkayRose26's avatar
He he I like both of those show you mentioned in your second sentence.
AimeePenguins's avatar
i would consider myself a tomboy, as i really love artists/bands like aphex twin (he's my all time fave <3) and system of a down, even though im a girl
Kissasheep's avatar
i like both
i'm into animes like Ojamajo Doremi, Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and To Love-Ru

"That escalated quickly"
ArtGothGirlXO's avatar
I'm a half girly, half tomboy and I love MLP, Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, anime, Disney princesses, TMNT, Power Rangers, Marvel and DC, and video games
chibiuverworld's avatar
I'm a girl and I like video games, rock music, TMNT, and shonen anime/manga. I still like stuff that's considered girly too.
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
You got that right!  I'm a guy, and I like cute/pink/girly things!
ThomasandMLPPerson's avatar
What's so wrong with MEN liking MLP if there are WOMEN who like Transformers? Heck, both franchises are doing their bests at trying to make themselves more appealing for both gender and age audiences!!!

I mean, in Transformers, there's Elita-1, for example. She's Optimus Prime's love interest, for crying out loud!
And, in MLP, there's more than just Spike, there's Shining Armor, Fancy Pants, Soarin', Big Mac, Dr. Whooves and even Snips and Snails! 
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apparently when a woman likes "manly" things, it's more or less acceptable.
but when a guy goes for a female taste, he's automatically treated like a piece of shit.
gives you a good idea that in this miserable world we live in, the female gender is shameful. and you can't act like a female unless you're one yourself.
MJKalasky's avatar
Entertainment, sex, whatever.  Just be a good person about it.
PineappleCat25's avatar
I’m a guy and I’m a HUGE softy! Heck, I’m 14 and I like to sleep with plushies!😻
mrteamedward15's avatar
I'm 20 and still sleep with my slushies and im a guy
TheCoolDragon12's avatar
Same! Except I’m a girl. :D 
PineappleCat25's avatar
Heehee, nice! Hello my fellow softie X3
Ruitherga's avatar
True! Ignore the stereotypes, like what you like!
DehketchupArceus's avatar
Thank you, whoever thought of the gender stereotypes thing is retarded and fucking stupid.
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There was a study that shows that both boys and girls have a mix of interests/traits that are apparently supposed to be gender-specific and less than 1% shown having completely male or female interests/traits. (or something along the lines of that)

I don't remember the source link, but if I have it, I'll post it.

There was also another study that shows both boys and girls share cognitive skills; which means that men aren't very different from women unless you outright state they are, outright stating "men will do better at this" or "women will do better at this" will cause the ones that would 'do worse' to actually do worse because they were told so compared to saying there was no difference.


So it is completely normal for a man to like flowers and completely normal for a woman to like sports, making people feel abnormal for liking something "not for them" is absolutely disgusting. I've once even heard a youtuber (not gonna state who) say that teens are looking more like adults and that 14-year-old girls should instead be playing with barbies "'Cause back in my day!". that alone made me feel like I was born wrong because I absolutely despise barbies despite being 'a 14-year-old girl', These kinds of people can honestly fuck off, I barely have any feminine interests (if i even have any) and good luck finding them if I do have 'em.
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