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Welcome to Roleplayers~!

Hei~ Welcome to the roleplayers version of eHarmony, where you can meet other roleplayers and post your own ideas for one.

-So what's that I hear, you want to join....?

Well then just go ahead and click the join button and I'll add you to the group. Then all you have to do after that is fill out the roleplayers written I.D. Just so we can all know about you as roleplayer. ^^

Now onto the less fun stuff....the rules...(relax there aren't many)

1♣ Be respectful to anyone an everyone, I don't believe that this has to be said again.

2♣ Please rate your role-play requests with the appropriate K-M rating. Please and Thank you.

3♣ Please post all roleplay related art, and work in the appropriate folder. If a folder gets full simply send the group a note and a new one will be added shortly.

4♣ Fill out the RolePlay written Ref. sheet, so that we're able to know you'r preferences, rules, and what not.

5♣ Have fun~!

Alright that's all, now let's get to roleplaying~!
((About two years ago I posted blog after blog about a roleplay that's exactly the same as this, with all that's been going around with politics here in the US and it's favorite topic "Immigration" I feel that giving this plot a rebirth should be necessary as a reminder to the old saying "Never say till you walk a mile in that person's shoes". You never know what that person or his/her family goes through and the struggles that they put up with to reach their "sanctuary of economic promises" only to be turned forcefully away by a truly xenophobic country that goes back against it's old and historically known encouragement of embracing people from all ethnicities and cultures and nationalities))

Hello to all and a good how to do to all, I've had a roleplay plot that has been brewing and constantly floating around in my mind for a decent period now and so wish to place it out here for all for those interested in roleplaying. I've been very  busy and absent for long periods of time these days due to the encroachment of reality, I have a full time job, will be going to college by the start of fall and am currently living in between two different places at certain points throughout the weeks and weekends. But I'm hoping to get back into more activity here on DA because let's face it I love this website and I love to roleplay, it helps build up my creativity and imaginations.

Here's the plot I've had in mind:

Ever seen the very creative and inspiring movie "Guten Tag, Ramón?" If not you'll find it via google. It's very interesting with the plot focusing on a young Hispanic man whom after some dangerous and disastrous failed attempts at trying to get into the US to get a job and provide money for his struggling family ends up getting involved with an idea from a close friend of his. It eventually turns out there's another place he can try to immigrate too with the possibility of getting a job, the country? Germany. Of course it's very confusing for him when he arrives and after a long time of searching for someone whom's supposed to be there with the chance of getting a career started, but that all crashes to the ground when things don't go according to plan and the person he's looking for is not there. Afterwards it becomes truly sad and scary as the poor soul finds himself lost in this strange new world with no way of getting back home due to being unable to afford a returning trip back to Mexico. Even at some point there's a bit of harsh encounters with those that see him as a foreigner with no knowledge of the language. But even in a place like this he finds many truly wonderful people, hearts like gold as they provide him with love and care as well as the position of a job and a place to stay.

But basically I want this roleplay to be somewhat similar with elements related to this movie but there's a of course all sorts of different styles and themes to it. The basic similarity is that my OC will be traveling to a foreign country with very little knowledge of the nation he's in, over the course of the roleplay as it develops he'll unravel the mysteries behind why he left his homeland to begin with and so on.

What I like and don't like:

I'm a very descriptive writer and love to always type in paragraph forms (particularly long ones but can be shorter if so by the roleplay partner I'm dealing with). I don't mind the grammar since I catch myself making mistakes on my typing when roleplaying. I love romance and don't really mind whether it's fast or slowly built up but I prefer to let relationships build over time. I'm completely 100% okay with smut, it's a natural thing to occur on many different situations but I don't care for stuff that's very fetish based or extremely graphic. It can be a straight based relationship M/F or M/M I don't mind. For the characters and stuff we can discuss it via comments or notes but for the actual roleplay I always do via Notes or Skype (if Skype then please ask me via notes for my username). Again once more for details on the location and characters this can be discussed and placed into whatever which way you like. And for the record in case I didn't mention it earlier in the other paragraphs my character will be the foreigner and anyone else's OC will be native the country my character has visited (Note that this role can happily be reversed if wished, whatever the partner I'm roleplaying with wants)

Here are some places nation wise that I wish to highlight as possible roleplay locations:

- Foreigner x Japan.
- Foreigner x Germany.
- Foreigner x Vietnam.
- Foreigner x China.
- Foreigner x Iran.
- Foreigner x Iraq.
- Foreigner x Syria.
- Foreigner x France.
- Foreigner x UK (Also includes Ireland even though it's not apart of the United Kingdom)
- Foreigner x Mexico.
- Foreigner x Canada.
- Foreigner x Korea (North and South though I know that getting into the North is like a death wish)
- Foreigner x Saudi Arabia.
Any other countries in mind? Just let me know by either comment or note.

((For me personally my foreign OC will be an American whom will depending on where he ends up deciding on the RP location will be made to experience both the cultures and realities of the country he comes to both positives and negatives. He'll also be made to deal with some political backlash from other roleplayer's OCs which revolves around present days politics in the United States for an example President Trump and the controversies of his views and policies and actions and venomous rhetoric. Also this includes all of the major and minor incidents that have been brought into existence from his running as a presidential candidate from 2015 to the chaotic Election Year of 2016 and forward on to this very current date. Basically there will be times where my character will be questioned by curious or even suspicious or cynical indigenous civilians of my OCs affiliations since in the US there's a huge controversial war against the nationally renown media and news stations, and a country politically divided with yes many millions that are strongly against the current president but also nearly 50% of the population that rather devotedly and loyally follows on with whatever he says in total support and at times violently both verbal and physical retaliation against the opposition))

The main point I really want is for this to be as realistic as possible, to really show a connection for anyone the day to day troubles and to what happens when one chooses to simply sit and let everything come crashing down without doing something. For this to work our characters will have to be really in depth both in characteristics, design, personalities, background history and so forth. Enough said I hope this inspires some people to give it a shot, really looking forward to some roleplayers, have a good day.
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NovaKaru Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I just have an RP folder in my gallery, so anyone who'Z up for one, all are welcome to come on down. 
TooManyBreeches Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Send reply in notes and let me know if you have any rules) (WARNING:MATURE CONTENT INVOLVED)

1# Sophie walked down the torn up road kicking away an old can in her path that scuffed her black boots a bit before stopping seeing an old sign to her right that read: 'Welcome to Hayville' She looked away from the sign to the old town seeing decay and waste in it.She sighed softly pushing back her round glasses that had tiny freckles underneath it, along with her auburn hair that was in a messy nest called a bun "Well,it's something....what do you think sweetie?" She asked the small infant strapped to her chest who simply replied a soft coo "Hopefully the stuff here isn't infected by radiation...." she said before continuing to walk.

2#Heather sat down on her living room couch flipping on the tv seeing the news was on so she began to watch it while taking off her slip ons and jacket showing her blue waitress dress.She laid her head back on the couch for a minute when she jumped hearing the front door slam open and looked up seeing that it was her boyfriend:Scott. "Who is he?" He asked her suddenly with a rage in his eyes "Who's who?" She asked him not understanding what he was talking about.He just growled going over to her grabbing her by her long thick black hair making her wince out in pain.

3#Melanie looked at the two lines on the pregnancy test in disgust throwing the test down on the ground,smashing it with her high heel 'Unbelievable....the one time I stop taking birth control.....' she muttered to herself.Melanie came from a rich family and ended up marrying a man that was also quite wealthy though not by choice,she hated children whereas he loved them,so he had been trying to have them with her but unknown to him she had been taking precautions to prevent getting pregnant up until now.'Damn it.....' she thought sitting back on the toilet thinking about her options one which was abortion though if she was caught by anyone buying the pill or going into a clinic word would spread in this town.Perhaps she could could pay the doctor to fake a stillborn and put the child in an orphanage far away from her.....

4#Dina waited at the subway station for the next subway that would come take her to the next station near her house,her life at home was overall good though school wasn't exactly the best,She was more often than not silent there only occasionally talking if she needed a pencil or perfume in the locker room with the other students barely talking with her unless they needed something or pitied her.She would usually have her earphones in between periods and study hall listening to whatever she felt like.She tried to socialize with others but most were loud and obnoxious always taking selfies or gossiping,with those who were like her it was just plain hard to get into their groups they established.She looked up from her phone seeing train was here and got on along with the others who were waiting,she struggled to get in as usual since there were a lot of people at this hour,once on she settled herself into the middle of the car surrounded by people feeling the train start to move.She began to listen to her music once more when a hand went over her with a voice that said 'Dont scream..'.

5#Rachel breathed in and out looking in the mirror seeing herself in the long white mermaid dress on her dark skin then looked to the white veil that covered her face and was attached to her bun of red hair."You can do can do this,you can-oh but what if we end up getting divorced...?" She asked herself with a sigh starting to pace around the room when her mother came in.

6#Vanessa leaned against the pole moving up and down on it sensually as one of the onlookers demanded she take her top off,she did so throwing it to the side before some money was thrown at her feet or placed in her g string.Once the music stopped she grabbed her top and earnings going backstage to change as she was done for the night,she sat down in front of one of the mirrors taking off the blonde wig showing her short ear length brown hair while one of her friends came up behind her with a smile on her face "I think that you look better without the wig." She said with a giggle.
Quuaaiils Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello ^_^
Good day to you all and here's what I'm looking for:

:bulletblue: Long term rp partner (preferred)
:bulletblue: Paragraph/lit/story-style roleplay
:bulletblue: Third person POV ("She said/he said"... instead of "I said/you said")
:bulletblue: Slice of life (preferred)
:bulletblue: Humans (preferred)
:bulletblue: Original characters only
:bulletblue: Regular replies (at least once a day is preferred)
:bulletblue: NO magical/supernatural powers
:bulletblue: NO single-line/ single-word replies
:bulletblue: NO smut/sex rps/fetish rps

I'd like to rp with someone who enjoys deep-ish drama and angst. I love roleplays where the relationship develops slowly as you get to know my character(s) and I get to know yours. I don't do romance much (apart from platonic romance, if anything) but I definitely love friendships in rps, both friendships between characters of the same age and the more motherly/fatherly kind of a relationship (half of my characters are rather young, after all).

*** I have a starter ready! Check it out… ***

The complete RP rules/dos/okays/don'ts can be found on my profile page.

Please only contact me if you're fine with it.

Thanks for reading ^_^
nerdygamer7896 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
i would like to roleplay batman the animated series with my oc in there someone who is good at roleplaying the villians please help me i'm a noob.
SilentObserverIsHere Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*little wave*

Hiii ^u^ I'm Silent, and I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner c:
I'm quite adjustable :3

Buuuttt... I have;

Please do not control my characters

Please do not godmod/powerplay

Please no gary/mary sues

Not my favorite/not good at:
Furries/Anthros (I love furries, but roleplaying as them... I'm not so sure >^<)

*If Yaoi* I'm not really that good at seme e.e ... But. I guess I could roleplay as it *shrug*

Some fandoms (It depends on what ones. Not that I dislike them, but I may not understand the fandom)

I am better at roleplaying boy x boy, but I am just as good with boy x girl (if I am the girl, but I can try to play as the boy)

Favorite/suggestions/open to:
I'm open to anything else really c:

I prefer humanoid roleplays.

I have never tried yuri, soo... Yeah.


I'm okay with 18+ roleplays, if you want

Zeb, Male, 17 1/2, Bi, Shy/quiet/sweet/submissive (open to boy x boy, I can try boy x girl)

Garth, Male, 18, Bi, sometimes flirty/can be rude (open to boy x boy, I can try boy x girl)

Benjamin, Female, 17, Pan, quiet/can be bubbly/tends to be submissive, but sometimes she is dominant (open to boy x girl *or* yuri *please note I have never tried yuri*)

(I have more)

Note me if interested and we can work something out c:
soysoyLAla Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Looking for someone to play yandere kaname from Vampire Knight,I do oc's btw. Note me if you are interested. Only taking the first person to do so. No hard feelings if I already find someone.
OffWithTheLights Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Student General Artist
Looking for someone to roleplay in a paragraph style and hopefully willing to help/agree to turn the rp into a story.
Shorty here's the plot:
It's about supernatural creatures living amongst humans, and our characters will go on a journey looking for a safe place.

If you like the idea, comment or send me a note and I'll send you a few sta'sh links with all the into and such. Thank you for reading! :)
aimiier Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
Hi! I'm interested:) is it fine if I play fem oc?
OffWithTheLights Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Student General Artist
Huh what do you mean? : o
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