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Journals have to go through an accepting process before they are allowed in. If your journal is considered too sexual for DA we won't accept your journals.

1) If you post a journal make sure you do not post anything that DA will not allow!! This includes mature content, make sure it's something that won't get the group in trouble! If you want a mature rp then just put 18+ rp

Sex rp's are allowed, just do not go into detail!


A) rape
B) pedophiles
B1) Romance between two children under 10 not allowed
B2) Romance between adults and children not allowed
C) gore
D) futa

2) Don't be rude, if this behavior persists, you will be blocked from the group.

3) If you find an RP you like then DO NOT comment on the journals since the only ones who will be notified are the group founders. If you wish to do that journal then please note the person who posted said journal and not the group.

4) Comments are going to be treated just like the journals, if we see a comment with some very mature stuff then it will be dealt with and hidden.


FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?
FAQ #34: Are there any rules for the journals?
FAQ #60: Do you allow "Adult," explicit sexual or pornographic content on DeviantArt? How about linking off site?
FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be?


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Lens Corp. is a discord based RP group, centered around the mysterious Lens Corp. organization.

Please read up on the dA page and join our discord for more information!

We hope to see you soon!
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TheSkeletonKid Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, I uh- don’t usually do this. But my days have been boring, so I just wanna take away my boredom away by roleplaying, I guess...
I roleplay in notes and comments. If you have Discord, you can add me if you want as well.
My Discord is TheSkeletonKid#6221.

So what I like, and what I’m interested in-
Undertale, Minecraft, Yandere Simulator, Fairy Tail, etc. (Lazy to list, haha...)
I’m pretty much interested in fantasy worlds, maybe a bit modern stuff, school roleplays maybe? And uh, probably more I don’t know how to describe...I’m not that good. :’)

What else, uh...
Oh- I also sometimes roleplay 18+ stuff (yes, NSFW...), but I’m not that good. But if you wanna, we can, lol. And I would recommend this in dA notes or Discord.

I don’t have a lot of characters to show, since the reference sheets I made for some are outdated, and I’m too lazy to remake it. But maybe someday I will.
Small note that some of these characters are shipped with others and it’s canon. But if we roleplay like romantic stuff, just keep in mind it would be for fun only.
Zola!TSK (REF V.2) [Wizard World] 
TSK 12 Year Old (Ref Sheet) [Wizard World] 
Meet The Artist/Persona thingy (Me-‘
TSK The Wizard/Salamander (REF V.2) [Wizard World] 
Niarbow (OC) 
You’re probably wondering why I’m showing skeletons- well yes, I do like Undertale. I’m not a Snas fan- kwckskmfmw
Like I said, I have other characters but the refs are outdated. But I could describe what they look like if you want me to. Most of these characters are for art projects I’m part of in, so I think it’s okay to roleplay them in the outside world as well.

I don’t want to waste other people’s time reading this. So, if you're interested in roleplaying with me, you may note me, reply to this or comment on my profile. DM me on Discord is fine as well. I’m pretty active there too. I’d be glad to roleplay with someone, I’m lonely. :’)
JasetheMace10 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I'm looking for someone who will do an 18+ Superhero rp.

When i say 18+, i don't mean in the sense that it will be sexual. I mean in the sense that it will likely be very violent for most younger people. We can throw in sexual stuff we can work it in though.

I really only rp on Discord, so note me for my username and code
susannna16 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2019  Hobbyist Writer

I'm looking for either Villainous or Hazbin hotel roleplays who are open for oc's and romance. I look for who can roleplay either as Black Hat or Alastor.

However no fetishes, no gore, no sci-fi and no controlling my oc's actions or feelings! What comes to nsfw stuff, it depends. (But do not force that on me!!)
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