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Alien Slavers 18+ RP by Rebelcommander6, journal

Isekai Reincarnation RP (18+ with Kinks/Fetishes!) by Hero-of-the-Triforce, literature

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I really love role playing rigt now I am looking for who can role play as Zhen from Kung fu panda 4 if there is anyone who knows the charater and has seen the movie please let me know and read my rules of role playing with me

Ur the dragon warrior evergirl is talking about
Here's my list of likes/dislikes for roleplaying :D (Big Grin) 

About text roleplayingI played text RP for years, using the so called "play by chat" system. I'm open to experiment with "delayed" roleplaying (by notes or da chat). Depending on the moment (work, family, sport, and so on) I could be unable to grant responsive and/or quick answers but I do my best. Also consider that this is not my native language, so I might make some mistakes, translating my character's descriptions, actions or speech. Still I'll give it a chance, so if you are interested I can roleplay with you. But please, read and understand what I'm writing below Disclaimer: When roleplaying I play a character, not myself. I already have my own life, I'm happy with it and I don't want it to be mixed with ropleplaying. My characters are fictional and if you play with me, your fictional character only interacts with another fictional character. As the very first D&D manuals said "The player is not the character". You MUST be aware that anything concerning the roleplaying session only involves the fictional characters in use, not the real people behind those characters. Don't mess things or I'll immediately stop playing and block you I'm not interested in social encounters beyond the roleplaying session, so don't ask for my private contacts, to meet me or anything similar. What I do like and dislike to roleplay: I like to roleplay within an interesting fictional context, it doesn't mean if fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk, historical or whatever. Please give me (or accept to play yourself into) an interesting story and context as a background. I'm bored with just "simming" ordinary life, so don't ask me to. I'm bored by "cosplay" backgrounds as well, i.e. where some unrealistic and banal "background story" is put there just as a poor excuse to play your favorite fetish. Again, don't ask me to. Keep me interested in the game and I'll gladly play, My favourite settings are fantasy (low or no magic at all), sci-fi and cyberpunk. I'm open to alternate settings, but these are my favourite. I confess, I usually roleplay "alpha women", which means strong, assertive and dominant characters (to be completely honest my characters actually enjoy getting their hands dirty and they're pretty violent. Nothing splatter or too bloody, but... you're warned If you don't like to mess with this kind of characters, just save your (and my) time I dislike vampire/mutant/superheroine/furry/etc contexts. I like to play as human or anyway human-like characters. Humanoid races are ok. I'm ok with NSFW contents (under the condition that you're over 18), provided they're a natural part of the story, not the main focus. If you're only interested in simulating a spicy writing, just don't ask me to. I don't play giantess or super-deformed-over-muscled amazons, so please don't ask me to. I don't play any fetish or violent action involving minors or teens, so please don't ask me to. I don't play rapes, detailed tortures or abuses, so please don't ask me to. I don't play submissive characters, or female submission in general, so please don't ask me to. I don't play absurd misadventures where my character is misteriously kidnapped and brought to some absurd planet populated only by weird mutants, giants, slavers, gorillas, etc, etc. (all having superlarge enormous schwanzstuckers, of course). Please don't ask me to, or your block is granted for sure. Once said (and understood) that, let's play the game...

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Looking for someone to play a female role. Note that I play as male and do RPs in Notes. Am a fan of TFs. Let me know if interested. 
I’m trying to do a nsfw rp about assassins creed black flag if interested please note me so we could discuss details
Hello, looking to rp with a female that doesn't settle for normal size. I'd like this to be a hypersize rp we can brainstorm together. You can play a human or a furry, don't matter, send me a note and we can go from there.
Sample 8a20254b9adf1e84413da13c84d34ac2 by SonGokux10  I'm looking for someone that would like to RP as Rukia for me. I'm going to be playing as a hung male for this btw. Plots pretty simple this its taking place during Highschool