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this group is for all role players alike. Our job is to have fun with Role playing. so come in. We can do your ocs with any other ocs yuri,mermaids,final fantasy,or any thing you like. Just tell me..

artiest are welcome to share artwork
everyone is welcome to come
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giantess youtuber RP
You can be any female Youtuber il always be the tiny i do not allow death, vore (mouth play is fine) and fartsIf your intrested leave a comment,send a note ore start a chat with me
:iconravatosthepro626:Ravatosthepro626 2 0
Updated my Cuphead RP
I only RP in Notes so please note me if interested.Yes, I have opened this RP as I have fallen in love with this game, art, and music for this fandom. Now what I did do is that I like crossovers so I have wanted Bendy, Boris, Alice, Jessie(my OC), and the Butcher Gang in this universe and they are known as ink toon and they are sort of different from the normal color toons, for example, they can show their anger with a form change like how Bendy can change to his corrupted and twisted form if he gets angry or someone close to him get hurt and heíll chance in that form to protect them. I also can just only use my OC in the RP if you wish.I will say that my ink toon Jessie can use all sorts of magic but she is also knowledgeable in making potions mostly to heal others with them. She proves not all witches are evil as people make them and her closest friend is Bendy as those two have been looked upon as evil but they want to prove they are not evil creatures and they want to help everyone, they stick close together as they do know the Butcher Gang is after them and I see them as hunters out to slay all evil creatures like Bendy and Jessie, but they are not very good at it as they do threaten others to get information even if they donít know anything (and I do see Charley as the leader and a bit like Judge Claude Frollo)Differences in Jessie and JessJessie- She is quite upbeat and outgoing, she likes to collect herbs or flowers for potions and carries a basket at times when she needs it, she is quite helpful and likes to make new friends wherever she goes and will spin a tale or two for friends. She is quite protective of her friends and if you hurt them, you better run as there will be fire thrown your way. Jessie, I made to be with Bendy but I can put her with Beppi Clown and her best friends are CupHead and Mugman. Jessie lives in a small home on Isle One.Jess- He is more quiet and shy around girls and is quite shy around others if given a simple comment he will have a light blush and if someone keeps giving him nice comments you can get a full out black blush on him since he is an ink toon and that is the same as a red blush on normal toons. He will mostly shy away from talking and show what he wants to say by his actions most of the time. Jess is with Djimmi the Great and best friends with Baroness Von Bon Bon. Jess works on Isle Two and lives with Djimmi.The two are magic users Jessie is more in touch with it and uses it to heal or even make potions to help others, Jess uses his as the form of entertainmentI allow:Male X MaleFemale X FemaleOC X CanonOC X OCCanon X CanonPrefer straight pairingViolenceGore+18 language Don'ts:Kill characters left and rightTalk about:Odd punishment or quirky/kinky +18 thingsI only RP in Notes so please note me if interested.
:iconraven-swift-wind:Raven-Swift-Wind 1 0
Velin and Vere Gardener Comic by sceleratus Velin and Vere Gardener Comic :iconsceleratus:sceleratus 9 2
End of a Date Rp
I want to do a +18 rp where a date ends with two individuals having sex.
+18 (sex) 
Sex Toys
Send me a note if interested.
:iconiceearth12:IceEarth12 1 4
If you're under the age of 16, I won't do this with you.
+18 (sex)
:iconiceearth12:IceEarth12 0 0
The Kingdom (discord server)
Looking for a place to meet and hang out with serious Roleplayers? Well look no further! The Kingdom is a place for 18+ *serious* Rpers go to meet and Rp with other passionate Rpers.
Here you can do casual Rps, as well as deep story driven Rps as well. 
Here are the rules to the kingdom!
1. Do not get mean or pushy with other Rpers. If they don't wanna Rp with you, find someone who will. Because by golly you'll find someone to click with. And some Rpers click better with others. And if you wanna holler at someone, feel free to. Sometimes we get lost and need a little attention drawn ya know?
 2. No cliques. Don't favor a Rper over newcomers, always test each other out before you decide to focus on one and give everyone a chance if they want to join in.
 3. If you got a plot going with your Ocs, keep in mind someone else might be interested in joining in. And plus, other Ocs might have something for you, or a skill set your plot needs to keep things interesting (for examp
:iconjerata:Jerata 0 0
Final Fantasy RP
Final Fantasy is a game series that doesn't need introduction, but here's one anyways.
This serise has been around since the NES days, and it was Squares Enix's last hope of surviving as a video game company. This serise has also been seen on every Nintendo concel to date, so I (being a Nintendo baby) have played a lot of final fantasy games.
1,2,3,4,5,6, tactics advance, tactics for the DS, Crystle Cronicles for the Wii, and most recently 9 which came out for the switch. Though sadly 4 was the only one I have ever beat, though 9 has been able to keep my attention with fun game play and a cool story.
And playing through 9 has made me wanna do a RP based on this amazing game series.
I usual have some sort of plot prepared when I want to do RPs, but for this one I would like to collaborate on the story. But I do have a beginning planned.
A lot of Final Fantasy games, that do have a job system, usually involve having anywhere from just 4 to 8 different playable characte
:iconrole-playing:Role-Playing 0 0
Anyone want to anthro rp?
I'm quite bored right now and I would to have a little bit of fun. 
(This is the first time I'm writing an rp request so apologies if I edited this a lot)
Things to take note of: 
-No sexual or fetish rps.
-No killing or taking control off my characters unless I allow it.
-Please tell me if you are dissatisfied with the current rp.
-OCs only please.
-Anthro characters only. (favorably canine)
-Prefer non existing franchise rps.
-I'll rp as one of my own characters.
-I only rp on discord.
(I'll be only taking one participant for now.)
If you are interested, please note me so for further details. 
:iconcromwellinnovations:CromwellInnovations 3 6
Characters For Sale! All written and created by me
Selling off characters for cheap! Check it out below!
:iconmelthememequeen:MelTheMemeQueen 2 19
COMMISSIONS! Written character biographies.
Hello there, I have been writing up roleplay stuff since I was twelve years old. That was seventeen years ago this November. I have written a lot of character biographies in the past. I can write your character biographies up for you starting from $5. I can even create characters for you. Custom characters start from $10. Depending on how detailed you want them is how much the price will be. I'm fairly negotiable. Payment is to be made through PayPal. :)
Here is an example of a detailed one:
For something like that that is not custom, I would charge $15.
For something completely custom and detailed, I would charge from $25. :)
Something basic:
:iconmelthememequeen:MelTheMemeQueen 3 3
Ferah treasure hunting by HEARTZMD Ferah treasure hunting :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 199 18 Esme witch outfit by HEARTZMD Esme witch outfit :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 406 12 Sammy alternate outfit by HEARTZMD Sammy alternate outfit :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 297 7 Jonathan (Dust) by StinkiesDraws Jonathan (Dust) :iconstinkiesdraws:StinkiesDraws 3 1
OverWatch RP(Closed for Now)
Read the rules at the end of you want to RP with me and if interested just send a note.
Name: Alex Nocturnal
Codename: Nightshade (or Vampire of the Night)
Team placement: Support
Abilities: Able to take life energy from others and place it to another
Weapons: She carries two pistols that shoot weak lasers.
Special ability: "Black Death" She envelops anything in a eight foot radius around her in a black mist that hides her true vampire form, she is able to take out those in the mist than as the mist fades she changes back to human form and there's no sight of those she had in the mist
Sidenote: Alex isn't really a bad guy she is just trying to protect the weak against those who hurt them, she also has hunters on her back who wish to get rid of her 'kind' (that infuriates her all the time when they say that about her and all vampires alike).
I allow:
OC X Canon
Canon X Canon
Prefer straight pairing
+18 language
Kill characters left and right
Yaoi and Yuri
:iconraven-swift-wind:Raven-Swift-Wind 1 12
Esme Fire by HEARTZMD Esme Fire :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 171 3
With Halloween coming up soon, I thought I do a RP featuring vampires. It’s based on one of my early monster boys prompts. So, if any is interested please send me a note.

A young woman awakens to find herself in front of a large mansion or castle. The place to home to a wealthy noble vampire who takes the girl in. The girl sees the castle is also home to other monsters, as the noble owner protects her under the condition that she comes his bride.

Things I’m looking for in a RPer:
.Must have good spelling and grammar
.Can at least write two or more sentences in their replies (It’s okay to do some one liners every now and then, but I do try to write a little more in my replies.)
.Does third person writing
.Can only RP in notes on DA
.Must be 18 years or older

18+ themes is optional

My Limits

Things I’m not okay with:
.Scat and piss
.Rapid weight gain

Things I’m okay with:
I'm looking for someone to roleplay with it can be anything we both know. as long as it's not sexual. I will list some options
* miraculous ladybug
* future diary
* Saiki k
* my hero academia
those are just the simple ones it can be pretty much anything as long as we both know it.
no nsfw if your not 18+
and you don't have to be 18+
I accept pretty much anything. so let me know.
and by the way I roleplay in chat room or notes nothing else.
and if you have a topic in mind feel free to talk to me in the chat room. and please be respectful.
if we are going to do this everything has to be 100 letters and up
and grammar mistakes are okay but not a lot.
-I only roleplay over notes
-I prefer paragraph form (I will not roleplay in script)
-I want it semi-literate (I’m not going to go crazy if you misspell a word, or mess up grammar once and a while, I may do so myself)
-Please do not contact me if you cannot manage to write at least 50+ words and I do expect you to at least try to match the length of my last post (I understand, we all get writer’s block but please don’t let it happen all the time)
-I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18!
-I prefer to play a female character but if we are playing multiple characters, I don’t mind playing a few males.
-Please make sure you read this whole journal before contacting me.
-Please put "sapphire" in the note’s subject line so I know you read the journal.

I am looking to do a slice-of-life romance roleplay with someone. I have a female character who loves animals (she has a chihuahua and a ball python) and I am hoping to find a male character for her to be paired with.

If you are interested, please send me a note.
Tales of Arise RP
I am looking for someone who would like to do a RP based on the Tales of Arise game. I'm looking for someone motivated who wont ghost and who is nice. If the rp go well I'll do some fanarts of it (I'm a artist).
Here is my idea:
  1. Un Renien male Oc (yours) x a dahnien female
My character has been a slave for a long time, she saw her parents die and hates the Reniens. Except that she doesn't know that one of the crushes has a crush on her. He is shy and knows he risks a lot for this forbidden feeling towards a slave.
  1. A Renien male Oc (yours) x a dahnien female 2:
Even Oc's, have the difference that she fled while a guard was busy and your character was sent to follow her. She had struck up a friendship with a wild Zeurg, which makes her quite a strange prisoner.
My rules:
- No underage, name calling, pregnancy, or odd kinks
- The rp will be in the third person
- Don't kill my character
- I'm french so be patient with my english
- I can do double RP but I ask the other person to respect the exchange.
- The rp are romance based with ero in it but it's not the main plot please understand.
Give me a note
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Role-Play Chat

Here at Role-Playing we'd like to offer our users the opportunity to chat with one another in a free-environment to find better rp's and roleplay in real time with with their fellow peers.

The best place to do this would be

Or alternatively you could use the DeviantArt chat,…


Our founder and I agree we should have done this sooner.

About our group:
As it says we are a Role Playing group. We will accept art of original characters in the gallery as well as stories as long as there is at least one OC. So if you feel like contributing go right ahead.

If you wish to RP with anyone in the group feel free to note them. Even the founder and I will RP with anyone who asks.

No mean or hateful coments on eachother's art. We want everyone who joins to have fun.

try to make it clean as possible and fun

Please do not ask our founder to do yaoi RP or suicide. (Read info on him to know what he likes)






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CookieTheMutt17 Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

Here's this in case my application to submit had an error, what I'm not ok with in rp is almost all listed in the journal :3!

Telegram, comments or notes are ok
Minda762 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2021
I'm Looking to do a 18+ Anthro pokemon rp on discord.

Also I'm Looking to do a Sexual rp that Leads to pregnancy and birth on discord.

I can do either one.
Cloth king is obviously a minor, please remove this member from the group!
Justhere2preserv21 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2021

Hey whats your problem?! Don't you know how to read? it says bisexuals only and there is nothing on my post that says toys. Im starting to think you only wanted to harass me. Lucky for you I don't have the freaking time to report you from Discord tos! good riddance. 
ActuallyFuckingSatan Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2021
Looking around for someone who's interested in NBM / detachment roleplay - the act of having body parts removed without any harm - primarily headless stuff. If any more info is needed, my posted works should help get the idea across. As for rules:

- OCs, "blank slates" (as in characters with no real defined personality), or pre-existing characters from any media are A-OK.
- A paragraph per response is around minimum, but more text is always appreciated.
- You don't need to respond right away, and may take your time (I don't mind if responses are days apart). Note that my interest in roleplaying tends to go up and down, and as such I may disappear on occasion if I'm not feeling my best.
- Discord preferred, but Deviantart's chat system also works.

Please send me a chat message if you are interested and/or would like to know more.
Cloth-King Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2021
Looking for a roleplay partner 18+ who enjoys a variety of scenarios combined with a love of magic and living clothing. My whole gallery is compromised of all my tastes and what I like, mostly it's for those of a niche love and looking for others to come into this new strange world of magic and fantasy.

I do have a few rules:
-I prefer discord
-I prefer paragraph form (I will not roleplay in script)
-I want it semi-literate, I like details and words to define and craft a world of fantasy and excitement.
-I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18!
-I don't do anything related to disgusting fetish/kinks

Send a note if you are interested and want to learn more.
Greenpolarbear47 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 18, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm looking to do a "Beast Wars" roleplay; we can work on a plot together before we start. I have a female Maximals character. She is a polar bear/ snowy owl fuzor. I'm look to pair her in a romantic relationship with with a male Maximals or reformed Predacon.

I do have a few rules:
-I only roleplay over notes
-I prefer paragraph form (I will not roleplay in script)
-I want it semi-literate (I'm not going to go crazy if you misspell a word, or mess up grammar once and a while, I may do so myself)
-Please do not contact me if you cannot manage to write at least 50+ words and I do expect you to at least try to match the length of my last post (I understand, we all get writer's block but please don't let it happen all the time)
-I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18!
-Please make sure you read this whole post before contacting me.
-Please put your favourite "Beast Wars" character in the note's subject line so I know you read the post.

Please send me a note of you are interested.
DoubleC18 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2021
Hello! Looking to do a NSFW rp involving Rui from Pokemon Colosseum. I’m looking for a sub to play Rui. Here’s the story:

Cipher has won. Having defeated the main character from the game, they now are out to capture Rui. They manage to catch her and take her to a special prison they have set up just for her.

It’s a large steel statue of Nascour holding in his hand a glass pokeball which is where they’re keeping Rui. It’s a way to show off Rui like a trophy of their victory that they’ve caught one of the only threats to their plan.

Nascour visits her periodically to enjoy her.

Rules: Notes only, no single sentence rpers. No scat, pregnancy, inflation, vore, diapers.
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