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this group is for all role players alike. Our job is to have fun with Role playing. so come in. We can do your ocs with any other ocs yuri,mermaids,final fantasy,or any thing you like. Just tell me..

artiest are welcome to share artwork
everyone is welcome to come
Founded 9 Years ago
Jan 10, 2010


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2,440 Members
1,992 Watchers
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Anyone want to anthro rp? Closed
I'm quite bored right now and I would to have a little bit of fun. 
(This is the first time I'm writing an rp request so apologies if I edited this a lot)
Things to take note of: 
-No sexual or fetish rps.
-No killing or taking control off my characters unless I allow it.
-Please tell me if you are dissatisfied with the current rp.
-OCs only please.
-Anthro characters only. (favorably canine)
-Prefer non existing franchise rps.
-I'll rp as one of my own characters.
-Prefer rping over discord.
(I'll be only taking one participant for now.)
Active time: 
Pacific standard time
3:00 pm-10:00pm on any day of the week
If you are interested, please note me so for further details. 
:iconcromwellinnovations:CromwellInnovations 4 2
Roleplay - Homestuck

Name: Girzin Kinder  (Gordon For Human AU)
Sex: Male
Blood color:Cobalt
Age: 10.15 (22)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190
Lusus: RatPackDad (Large rat that is very scrappy)
Weapon: his Fists (?)
Likes: Fights (mainly winning them) Sweets, Pricings, weed, Being seen as tough/badboy. Smaller trolls, tattoos, The ring, being dominant,
Dislikes: being called down, being seen as less of a "man", seafood, spilling things, loosing fights, doctors, Drunks, those who talk to much
- Very insecure about his masculinity
- He's actually very calm and sweet, he acts as a badass to not feel insecure about himself
- LOVES to pamper those he cares about
- very independent
- total goofball
- easily gets attached to others, tends to fall into depression once he's dumped, ignored, ect- by those he cares about
- is a gr8 friend m8
- He can be a 100% asshole and cocky if he's won a fight, or just feels superior that day
- he can be very secretive because hes been le
:iconbrokenabused:BrokenAbused 1 0
Characters For Sale! All written and created by me
Selling off characters for cheap! Check it out below!
:iconmelthememequeen:MelTheMemeQueen 2 19
COMMISSIONS! Written character biographies.
Hello there, I have been writing up roleplay stuff since I was twelve years old. That was seventeen years ago this November. I have written a lot of character biographies in the past. I can write your character biographies up for you starting from $5. I can even create characters for you. Custom characters start from $10. Depending on how detailed you want them is how much the price will be. I'm fairly negotiable. Payment is to be made through PayPal. :)
Here is an example of a detailed one:
For something like that that is not custom, I would charge $15.
For something completely custom and detailed, I would charge from $25. :)
Something basic:
:iconmelthememequeen:MelTheMemeQueen 3 3
Ferah treasure hunting by HEARTZMD Ferah treasure hunting :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 194 17 Esme witch outfit by HEARTZMD Esme witch outfit :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 389 11 HakuHina - Hina-chan? by Snyslon93 HakuHina - Hina-chan? :iconsnyslon93:Snyslon93 0 0 Sammy alternate outfit by HEARTZMD Sammy alternate outfit :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 288 6 Jonathan (Dust) by StinkiesDraws Jonathan (Dust) :iconstinkiesdraws:StinkiesDraws 3 1
OverWatch RP(Closed for Now)
Read the rules at the end of you want to RP with me and if interested just send a note.
Name: Alex Nocturnal
Codename: Nightshade (or Vampire of the Night)
Team placement: Support
Abilities: Able to take life energy from others and place it to another
Weapons: She carries two pistols that shoot weak lasers.
Special ability: "Black Death" She envelops anything in a eight foot radius around her in a black mist that hides her true vampire form, she is able to take out those in the mist than as the mist fades she changes back to human form and there's no sight of those she had in the mist
Sidenote: Alex isn't really a bad guy she is just trying to protect the weak against those who hurt them, she also has hunters on her back who wish to get rid of her 'kind' (that infuriates her all the time when they say that about her and all vampires alike).
I allow:
OC X Canon
Canon X Canon
Prefer straight pairing
+18 language
Kill characters left and right
Yaoi and Yuri
:icondawnsunset21:DawnSunset21 1 12
Esme Fire by HEARTZMD Esme Fire :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 167 2
Want to be My RP Partner? Writing Practice Project
Good Afternoon my fellow Deviants, I was just wondering, would any of you like to be my Rp partner. I have recently gotten back into writing, but, I don't know if I'm terribly good at it, but from the wise words of the author known famously as Stephen King, the only way to get better at writing is to practice writing as well as read a lot! I've got the books covered (Been reading It and loving it! XD), and I've been working on re-writing my original story a bit, as well as writing a few chapters of a fan fic (bleh) but I would also like to RP with someone so maybe they can critique my writing as we go along! 
Now, that being said, I would like to RP with someone who is fairly good at writing, so if they do decide to critique me, they know what they're talking about. I mean, you don't have to study the craft, you just have to have some decent knowledge of it, that's all. 
And, since I don't want to take too many RPs at a time, it is going to be first come, first serve.
:iconalwysbcreative:AlwysbCreative 3 18
Ivory's glamour pinup by HEARTZMD
Mature content
Ivory's glamour pinup :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 811 36
My Roleplay Rules/Guidelines

I'm not accepting anymore RP Partners at this time. Thank you.

This post has been updated to be more of a "My Roleplay Rules/Guidelines" post.

My preference is pointless smut rps (either fandom or original plot and characters rps).

Examples of some common fandoms I've roleplayed or want to roleplay include: Creepypasta, FNAF, Left 4 Dead, Minecraft, Naruto, Yugi-oh, and more.
I'm willing to try other media besides animes, such as TV shows, musical artists, films, video games, youtubers/streamers, etc., so long as I'm familiar with them.
I also prefer female rp partners, out of sheer comfort, but I won't reject you based on gender. I only ask we maintain good communication and friendship.
I do:
-Smut RPs only (meaning you must be 18 or over, no exceptions; they may or may not include little to no plot/story, I honestly don't mind a
:iconmarshiesrp:MarshiesRP 1 10
OC COLLAB: Hookah girls by HEARTZMD OC COLLAB: Hookah girls :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 546 48 OC COLLAB: Western Scorpions by HEARTZMD OC COLLAB: Western Scorpions :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 327 48
Goldsprings is a semi lit original character rp set in 1850 Wild West Texas.
Looking for active players as we’re an active server (and super friendly too!). 18+ for gunfights and mature themes (not smut).
((RP channels are locked until you're given a role))

The scorching sun shone down on to the town of Goldsprings, reflecting off the small ripples in the troughs that the horses occupied, and beating down against the exposed skin of the inhabitants. The gentle breeze carried with it a small section of dirt, blowing it down the already dry and dusty road. The sound of horses neighing and merry making, harmonized with the delectable tunes of an upbeat piano surrounded the atmosphere in a captivating fashion. Cowboys, bounty hunters, deputies, brothel girls and saloon girls, not only roamed the streets trying to entice business, but were also making merry in the busy saloon. All in all, it was a beautiful little Wild West town, but there was so much more behind it. Danger lurked in every corner, waiting for the moment to spring up.

Who will you be?
Will you help defend the town, or bring it to its knees?
Will you be a cowboy, a bounty hunter, or something else?
Or perhaps one of the natives seeking to defend their tribe?
Forge your path in this dangerous world of the Wild West
Hello. If you are reading this, then you are most likely looking to see what I will and will not do within Role Plays. I am fairly flexible and easy to get along with, these Rules or Guidelines, are really just minor boundaries so that you don't step on my toes. I'd appreciate seeing your rules/guidelines so that I don't step on your toes, it's a common and polite curtsey.

Talk to me about anything that I haven't clarified, or you want further clarification of something. I am open to many things, and not everything is listed here.

I will/will-not do certain fetishes or kinks, you can ask me about them, but I will tell you yes or no. Pushing for something I don’t like will result in the ending of the rp immediately and no further rps will happen. Please put Foxes as the key word.Talk to me if it is going to be part of the plot.

I do Hetero (Straight) and Homo (Gay) Pairings.

GOD-Mods aren’t going to happen.

Please, be over 18 to participate in adult themes.

These are private RPs, meaning they will never be shown to anyone else or published.

I have the right to turn anyone away if I don’t wish to rp with you for whatever reason, which I don’t have to give a reason for.

If you don’t want to continue the plot/rp, then please tell me. I won’t be angry or upset, I’d prefer to know rather than wait for a reply that will never come. You don't have to tell me the reason, just let me know that you are discontinuing the rp.

I work on Discord only. I will not role play on other formats like Skype, Kik, Facebook, or anything else along those lines, and I will not be pressured into getting them either.

I rp in paragraph form, no text talk (unless characters are using their phones) and no script. Please, try not to do too many 1 liners. I only do so if the plot has gone dry, has become uninteresting  or if I am pressed for time.

Please, please, please! If you are going to rp with me, please, do not start a plot up with me only to switch/change/alter or redo an rp within the first few hours of asking me to RP a particular situation. If this happens, I will tell you to step away and take a break and really think before coming back to rp again. It may sound like I am being rude, but I’d rather spend my time rping rather than switching up plots and rps and stuff, it gets on my nerves.

This is a AU meaning the timeline stops about season 4 of the The Originals.
I will do both OC x Canon and OC x OC lets talk~.
In recent years there's been an explosion of powers in humans creating what the government has branded as 'Post-Humans' due to maybe fear or more sinister reasons the more powerful Post-Humans have been oppressed and kept down by agents to keep the "people safe from dissenting elements"

One group seeks to change that, HOPE. Hope was founded by various misfits, trouble-makers, or just those who are sick of the way the world has gone, they want to bring the concept of superheroes into the real world and prove that being Post-Human doesn't make you dangerous.

We're a brand-new Discord server looking to bring new people in and create a fun, welcoming, and plot driven RP so come and join us!
Cargo: Star Wars RP
Era: either the clone wars or the galactic civil war.

3rd person paragraph style.
Can play multiple characters.

Plot: on a remote space station orbiting the planet Ryloth, a vital shipment of cargo has been scheduled to depart. Marauders and pirates, no doubt working for the Hutts have been known to hijack shipments passing through the star system. Assigned to protect the cargo at all costs its our job to see to its safety. Failure to deliver the shipment as instructed would lead to dire consequences. Do you accept the flight plan?

We can discuss the plot as we go. Side quests on distant worlds. Cantina night life. Hutt parties. Run ends with smugglers.
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Role-Play Chat

Here at Role-Playing we'd like to offer our users the opportunity to chat with one another in a free-environment to find better rp's and roleplay in real time with with their fellow peers.

The best place to do this would be

Or alternatively you could use the DeviantArt chat,…


Our founder and I agree we should have done this sooner.

About our group:
As it says we are a Role Playing group. We will accept art of original characters in the gallery as well as stories as long as there is at least one OC. So if you feel like contributing go right ahead.

If you wish to RP with anyone in the group feel free to note them. Even the founder and I will RP with anyone who asks.

No mean or hateful coments on eachother's art. We want everyone who joins to have fun.

try to make it clean as possible and fun

Please do not ask our founder to do yaoi RP or suicide. (Read info on him to know what he likes)






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Gormott Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  New Deviant
Okay so... I've had several dAs before in the past, all of which are inactive as I had been in a bad crowd on almost all of them. 
However that isn't why I'm commenting here. 

Has anyone here either the actual founder or any of the Co-Founders noticed that a LOT of stuff goes into the "fan-fiction" folder that maybe doesn't belong? 

All the folders my stuff applies to (so Artwork, maybe featured like the older days) are ALWAYS full, and none of this is maintained. 

I hate putting my stuff somewhere it doesn't belong, but we can't put it anywhere else, because the folders are full! 
I know there was an "artwork 2" folder, but people can't even SUBMIT to that folder! So, quite literally, the problem was not fixed, and I don't know if anyone's going through the folders that have things in that shouldn't be there and is sorting every day, putting the art in the right folders, but it's really annoying as a person who doesn't like to submit incorrectly, to have to do so because there isn't an available folder. 

If someone can fix that, please do.
It makes me uncomfortable to submit in the wrong folder, like I've said tons of times. 

Thank you.
surlimhnv Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018
Looking for Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Teen Titans (alone or, if possible, crossover with Young Justice), Last Airbender, Korra, Ben 10, Detective Conan, Digimon, Ninja Turtles, Code Lyoko, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fairy Tail, Gintama, Gravity Falls, Shaman King, Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Big Hero 6, Ladybug

*DA Chatrooms, Skype, Kik, Discord and Google Hangouts. NO: Through notes or comments. For other methods, please ask.

*I'm open to OCs. However, I'm looking for partners that CAN CONTROL CANNON characters as well.
ZiaTimeTwist Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018  Student Artist
Hi guys I am interested in a Fantastic Beasts (OC x Canon) RP! Anyone Interested note me~!
milkshakelover Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018
Just now
Would anyone like to do a RP with a goth boy and a blonde cheerleader girl who are completely opposites but are also best friends? Like their daily life as bffs

I also have fandoms and other ideas if your interested. Note me!
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