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Photos:Our favorite lace details for your weddingwe know that there are varying feelings out there when it comes to posting pictures of your new lefthand bling on facebook"Some do it as a wordless way of announcing their engagement;Some feel a little more private about posting it for all to see"And that fine.But regardless of whether you snapping a photo of your new rock to post for all 593 of your besties to see or not, chances are pretty much 100 percent that you are, in fact, going to snap one.Especially for female family and friends who don live near you, their demands to see the ring are pretty much a guarantee.That why we thought this cute little stepbystep guide on huffpo on how to shoot a pretty shot of your engagement ring"Conveniently, specifically with your phone"Was so helpful.It five quick steps to a gorg shot of your ring"And as a bonus, they threw in a slideshow of reader ring shots, because, let be honest, they fun to look at even when you don know the person.How do you feel about where shots of your ring do and do not belong?Do you just text them to family and friends, or did you post on facebook?Internet fundraising for homeless man who returned woman lost engagement ring reaches over $150, 000posted by carrie denny on 2/27/2013 at 1:28PM 1 CommentThis does not pertain to wedding planning, we realize, but it such a feel good story"And one that so many of you can relate to, concerning the idea of losing your engagement ring like this! "We just had to share for those of you who haven heard about it yet, and update the rest of you!A woman in kansas city realized, after she couldn find her diamond engagement ring, that she must have dropped it into the cup, along with some change, of a homeless man she had passed by earlier that day.When she found him again to find out if that was, in fact, what had happened, he confirmed it"And handed it right back to her.The man, billy ray harris, doesn think he deserves all this attention, simply for something that doesn belong to him, but the rest of the world doesn seem to agree with him.It just so lovely.Read more details about the storyhere"And donate here.Between now and sunday, march 10th, you will find discounts of up to 70 percent off on oodles of diamond jewelry and watches at both locations(1521 Walnut Street in Center City and Suburban Square in Ardmore)Of govberg which is, like, kind of a big deal.Included in the sale are diamond earrings(Studs, clusters, hoops, chandeliers and drops);Rings(Eternity and various wedding bands for both men and women);Bracelets and pendants;And semiprecious styles as well.You also find lots of timepieces on sale in a wide range of prices from many of their favorite swiss brands.All sales are final and special orders aren included in the discount, but it seems to us that you might not only be able to take advantage of this to scoop up both of your wedding bands, you could also grab him the lovely and traditional groom gift of a beautiful watch"And who knows, perhaps a little bling for yourself to wear on your big day, aside from the sparkle you already got on your left hand?Diamond earrings are, after all, never out of order.Photos:Gown, venue, bridesmaid dress, flower and cake ideas for a philadelphia ballroom weddingposted by carrie denny on 2/25/2013 at 1:58PM 3 CommentsBelow, find ideas for a gorgeous ballroom wedding in the city.Not that we think you should put your wedding in a box, of course.But chances are you at least… have a feeling when it comes to your big day:Will it be a swanky formal affair in a candlelit room with a marble rotunda?An airy soiree where your guests sip cool drinks from mason jars with fields of wildflowerdotted wheat in the background and cottoncandy clouds overhead?Whatever your vision for your wedding day, we here to help you plan it.In the following pages, you find ideas for five different types of weddings"Not just for gorgeous venues in the philadelphia area, but for your flowers, gown, cake and bridesmaids dresses, all from local vendors and shops.Just find the one that feels like you, and you on your way.

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