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Welcome - F2U by CrySammie

We are a fan group dedicated to the pairing Roxas and Namine from KH series! We are currently the most active group on dA as of summer 2018 as the group has passed ownership! [By active, we mean we hold contests and discussions if wanted, and various other things rather than just accepting art. We also are affiliates with the top active rokunami blog on tumblr!] We also look for the newest fans from across the site and invite them to join us! We may be one of the smaller groups, but we do indeed have the latest content! So please think about joining us!

Keyblade icon by CaptainStorm~ rules F2U by CrySammie~ Keyblade icon by CaptainStorm


Short version:

* This is a safe zone - no mature or nsfw allowed. Minor blood/etc okay.

* Anti content not allowed. This includes bashing any pairing or hinting it.

* Keep graphic edits and official art manipulations to a small number. dA is an art site so we want to promote fan art. Wallpapers/Stamps/etc are okay as long as it's shown to have effort put into it.

* Art must be your own work, unless commissioned by others/or you have permission to upload it.


TWOSIDES-A Sokai and Rokunami Charity Fanzine
2019 Rokunami EVENT







March 14th: We are under construction temporary. Just updating and giving some new decor to the page. All the basic info is indeed up though! Remember, March 28th! Rokunami Day! We're hosting a giveaway, and if enough members permit, an added giveaway! Check out the group's journal for details!

Two Sides Fanzine

Gallery Folders

all i'll ever do, it'll all be for you by fairyveil
RokuNami - you are all the colors of the light by fairyveil
RokuNami - The Turn by fairyveil
RokuNami - your grief is a sea of everlasting red by fairyveil
Art Trade with LeLumy by CottonLambs
White Witch by melodiiousnocturne
Blank by fruniyuni01
Kingdom Hearts Avatar 7 by KaMoonDNA
No One Would Miss Me by kirstenmarquisart
Precious gift... by FirecoreArt
roxas kh 2 opening by doioakina
Dej 8   Lift by KittysJiri
Roxas and Namine
Nobodies by Shiko-k
Miitopia X Kingdom Hearts Roxas And Namine by TheNerdyKairi
RokuNami Kiss by SmoothCriminalGirl16
Happy Valentines Day! by KittySundae
Namine by Marluxia-Kasumi
Namine'-Color me in by CalamityStudios
Roxas and Namine love by Rei-Asakava
Dearly Beloved by spitefulsixth
Writing Works
Royal Flush Preview by UsagiYogurt
Kingdom Hearts Chibis: Aqua, Roxas, Namine by LegendaryFrog
KHII: PartsOfAWhole by TsubasaNoUmi
Roxas: waiting by chibinis-chan
RoxasxNamine stamp :3 by RanmaGirlSaotome
RoxasXNamine Stamp by RanmaGirlSaotome
RokuNami-FC_Icon Contest by DUZKhere
RokuNami Stamp by Freya03
2019 Rokunami Day Event
Seashore (Rokunami day 2019) by Lady-Shosha

Core Giveaways!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well!

We're updating to announce our first group event since founders have been changed! :dummy:

March 28th has become known as Rokunami Day within the Kingdom Hearts fandom for years! Since we are not far off from the date, we want to host a group raffle!

All this month, anyone who contributes artwork with Rokunami Day as the main focus will be entered in to win 1 one month CORE membership (or 400 points, the equivalent if you so choose)

You have until March 28th to submit your content~ and on March 29th, I will use a random generator to choose one lucky winner! :eager:

To add to it, everyone who enters will be featured on my art account, the group journal congratulating the winner, AND the group's front page!

But that's not all! We are also giving away another membership if the numbers are right! The second membership will use a ticket system.

Here are the general rules to be entered into the main give away:

*You must contribute content to Rokunami Day. This includes writing and art!

*Because we want to build up time and let the everyone know it's going on, this event will be held from now until the 28th of March. If you submit early, you can simply state it's for the 2019 Rokunami Day event in your comments and we will count it.

*Art and Writing MUST feature Roxas and Namine as the main focus, other side characters/couples are allowed as long as there is focus on Roxas and Namine.

*You must be a member of the group to join in.

*You must also SUBMIT your work INTO the group. I state this because I will not know if you intended the piece or not to be in the group. If it's not in the "2019 Rokunami Day Event Folder" or in the group at all, it will NOT be counted, regardless of being a member or not.

For the Second Giveaway

we are using a ticket system! Think of this like an extra thing added on to the main giveaway. You can earn tickets for doing various activities to help activity in the group and overall support of the couple! The ways are listed below:

- If you entered any creations for the event, you're automatically entered into this. [4 tickets right at the start]

- Submit more than one creation for the event. (3 tickets per art)  [up to 3 pieces]

- Invite members to the group [joining member *must* put your username in join request for it to be counted! So remind them if anyone chooses to do this] (2 tickets per member) [Unlimited]

- Tell us why you love Rokunami on our group's front page! (1 ticket)

This is our first event since the group has been revived! ^^ While dA has gotten slower/smaller over the years, it's really been a pleasure to bring life back to this group and slowly reunite fans of the couple. I want to thank everyone who has accepted invites/submitted artwork/and generally took time out to help with everything. I hope we can continue to grow over the years! So thank you! If you have any questions on the event, please let us know!
More Journal Entries


+ Let Me Be the Only One II + by SaraFabrizi
^Featured Art by Sara Fabrizsi^

Upcoming showcase: 2019 Rokunami Entries

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mayuralover Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love RokuNami because I want to believe in soulmates, and whose hearts are closer than those of Sora and Kairi's? And the Nobodies created from them have such tragic stories - of not knowing what his purpose is or of only being a witch to be manipulated - that I can't help but fall in love with their relationship. Especially a relationship that is so fleeting and only has a handful of lines between them:

"See? We meet again, like we promised."

"You said we'd meet again, and when we did, we might not recognize each other.

We got to meet our original selves."

"So we can be together again!"

It's just so pure, and that's why I love them. 
Lady-Shosha Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've loved Rokunami as a couple since I was a child :heart: I grew up with them, I loved the pairing since then and I don't think that will ever change :la: Both characters have a special place in my heart and so does their relationship to each other Love Pink The scenes Roxas and Namine shared in KH2, their interactions, their dialogues were always some of my favourite parts of the whole game :love: For me, these two have a connection that no other KH characters and couples have. They're unique Love 
a54321 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2019
I fell in love with the RokuNami pairing almost immediately after Kingdom Hearts II. The Nobodies in general fascinated me a lot regarding their development of emotions in spite of a lack of hearts. In that regard, an interest in romance with them was pretty much inevitable and, as it happens, Roxas and Naminé just stood right out 9for obvious reasons, being such important characters). They also just seem so adorable together and the interactions we do see of them just make me want to hug them both really tight!

Also helps that Roxas is my favorite Kingdom Hearts character.
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