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***This is a character voice exercise by Luna--Rose (see description for link). I decided to do it on a whim with my four main OC's, even though they're not in a story together. When another character's voice was needed, I sometimes used myself (Roku) because I'm the only person they all have in common. Please see the description to view deviations of each person!***

1. Another character asks your character to come to a birthday or other party... in honor of a person your character doesn't particularly like.

Roku: Hey Luc! There's a birthday party going on for Lil. Are you gonna go?
Luc: Lol no.
Roku: Did you just say "lol"?
Luc: Indeed I did. Please tell me that was a joke.
Luc: Gurl, please. You wound me. *looks at Roku disapprovingly*
Roku: Oooookay then...

Roku: Hey Daiyuu! There's a birthday party going on for Soujuu! Are you gonna go?
Dai: *deathglare*
Roku: I'll take that as a no.

Roku: Hey, Ichigo! That lady you hate from work is having a birthday party! Are you gonna go?
Ichigo: Oh! Well...I...I don't know if that's a good idea. I don't particularly like her, you know.
Roku: Oh! I didn't realize that! I'm sorry.
Ichigo: That's quite alright, dear. I hope you have fun!
Roku: Well, I don't want to go if you're not going...why don't we do something together instead?
Ichigo: That would be wonderful! I'd enjoy that.

Roku: Hey, Spyrill! There's a birthday party going on for Siren. Are you gonna go?
Spyrill: Dude, why would you invite me to HER party?
Roku: I take that to mean you don't like her.
Spyrill: You didn't know?! I thought it was obvious.
Roku: don't want to go, then?
Spyrill: Hmm... I'll check my calendar.

2a. Your character has a big due date coming up soon and is trying to finish their project, but another character keeps coming and bothering them.

Luc: Will you quit it? I'm trying to work, here.

Dai: *siiiiigh*
Roku: What?
Dai: I kinda have a deadline to meet.
Roku: Sor-ree mister crabby pants!
Dai: Did you just call me...nevermind. Just go.

Ichigo: Roku, I understand you want to talk to me, but I'm very busy right now. I have a huge order that needs to be completed and shipped by tomorrow, so I really need this time to myself.

Spyrill: Hey there! Soo...yeah, that's nice. Uh, listen. I have to study for this huge test tomorrow, so...we'll have to do this later. Capicse?

2b. Even worse: this character is not leaving.

Luc: Jesus fucking Christ, woman! How many times do I have to tell you...*sigh* Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm an asshole. Look, I really need to finish this thing. Can you just leave me alone for awhile longer? You can talk to me all you want when I'm done, I promise.

Dai: Ugh! *facepalm*

Ichigo: Roku, I'm losing my patience. Go away. I'm sorry, but I'm very stressed right now and I can't talk to you.

Spyrill: Dude! Seriously! I have this huge test tomorrow and I'm freakin' out!! I need to study!

3. Your character comes home after a bad day to see that one of their friends or relatives made them their favorite food as a surprise.

(Um...I don't think this would ever happen with Luc because he's not a normal person, but I'll try.)
Luc: *walks in kind of angrily, way too quietly for Luc*
Roku: Are you ok?
Luc: No.
Roku: Um...have some fresh bloody hearts?
Luc: :dummy:!!! Awww yay*! For me? You shouldn't have!
*Yes, this grown man says "yay" when he damn well feels like it.

Dai: *walks in the door* Fuck me.
Nori: Nii-chan? Is something wrong?
Dai: ...It's a long story.
Nori: Well, you'll never guess what's waiting for you in the kitchen!
Dai: ...Should I be afraid?
Nori: No, silly! C'mere and look what I made you!
Dai: :wow:!!! Katsu-curry?!!? AWWWWW YESSS.

Ichigo: *sulks as she enters*
Sakura: Welcome home, Miss Ichigo!
Ichigo: *fakes a smile* Thank you, Sakura dear. How did everything go today?
Sakura: It went well. We just finished making a surprise for you.
Ichigo: Oh? A surprise? What kind?
Sakura: Come into the kitchen and you'll see!
Ichigo: Oh my! You made chocolate-covered strawberries!
Sakura: That's right! We both know how much you love them, and the little one wanted to make something special for mama Ichigo.
Ichigo: Oh, that's so sweet! Thank you, dears!

Spyrill: UGHGGHHHGHGHGHGHG *slumps against the door*
Nadie: Ummmm dude are you ok?
Spyrill: *without moving* Not really.
Nadie: Bad day?
Spyrill: You have no idea.
Nadie: Well, that's a coincidence.
Spyrill: *looks slightly horrified* What?
Nadie: I just found this cake sitting in the oven just now.
Spyrill: HOO! CAKE?!
Nadie: Yep! Do you want some? I made it just for you!
Spyrill: *jumps up* DO I WANT SOME?! IS THAT A TRICK QUESTION?!?!

4. Your character is lost in an unfamiliar city, and it looks like they'll need to ask a pedestrian for help.
(No, they don't have a cell phone or any other method of escaping this.)

Luc's train of thought:
Maybe I should ask someone for...nah. I got this. I'll figure it out. Yeah, I bet it's on this corner...or not. Shit. Where am I? Ok, backtrack. I walked along that road and...yeah, I should be there any minute. I'm not lost. I don't get lost in cities.
*an hour later*
Luc: Hey. You. How do I get to State Street from here?

Dai's train of thought:
No god no god no god no please don't let me be lost... Please please please don't make me ask some random stranger for directions...
*an hour later*
Dai: Fuck me... *goes home*

Ichigo: Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the train station from here?

Spyrill: 'Scuse me! I'm a little lost. I'm trying to find this street you know how to get there? Haha! This is a little embarrassing, because I live in a city, ya know...yeah I'll just shut up now.

5. Your character notices that a friend or relative of theirs is sitting on the stairs, crying.

Luc: Hey, hey! What's with the tears? Tell me what's wrong.

Dai: Uh...are you ok?

Ichigo: Oh! What's the matter? Please, tell me all about it.

Spyrill: Dude, what's wrong? Did something happen? Do you wanna talk about it?

6. Your character wants to go do something fun, but someone reminds them that they must clean the house... before the guests come over this afternoon.

Luc: Aw yeah! Party time tonight!
Roku: Luc, don't forget! We have guests coming over in 2 hours!
Luc: *whine* Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why do I have to clean?! It's not my house! I don't even HAVE a home!
Roku: Here's the broom. Start sweeping.
Luc: UUUHGHghghgHGGHGghg *drags the broom into the kitchen*

Noriko: Don't go yet! You need to clean before Ichigo gets here, remember?
Dai: *looks at the room horrified* Clean? What is this "clean" you speak of?
Noriko: Don't be funny! Get to it!
Dai: *stands there paralyzed* I think I'm gonna cry...

Ichigo: Oh no! I forgot! I need to clean first... Hmm. Well, I suppose I should get started.

Spyrill: Aw maaaaannnn, I totally forgot I had to clean! That sucks. Oh well. *starts cleaning*

7a. Your character is walking through a public place when they notice that a creepy-looking man keeps watching them.

Luc's thoughts: Who does that fucker think he's looking at?

Dai's thoughts: Is that guy staring at me? What the fuck.

Ichigo: *asking a stranger in a hushed voice* Excuse me, but do you see that man over there? Have you noticed him acting suspicious? I think he's watching me.

Spyrill's thoughts: Ew! Creeper alert! I'd better avoid eye-contact...

7b. A while later, they notice the same man watching them again.

Luc's thoughts: I'm gonna kill that sonofabitch!
Luc: Hey! What's wrong, old man? You never seen a fuckin' demon before?

Dai's thoughts: Is this guy an axe murderer or something? What if I'm his next victim...*imagines a gruesome scenario of his own violent death*

Ichigo: *gets up and leaves*


8. Today is another character's birthday, and your character is about to present them with a gift. Your character then reaches into their bag/purse/pocket and discovers that the gift isn't there.

Luc: Happy birthday, Roku!
Roku: Yay! I'm so glad you came!!!
Luc: Yeah? Guess what I got in this bag? :D
Luc: We'll see! Um...shit. Where'd it go? COME ON. Where is it? Oh no, NO. It's gotta be in here! FUCK. I'm really sorry.
Roku: Don't look so sad D: It's ok Luuku.
Luc: *sigh* But I REALLY wanted to give it to you...

Dai: Hey...happy birthday!
Roku: Yay! I'm so glad you came!!!
Dai: Um...
Roku: What's wrong?
Dai: I thought I had something in my pocket...but I guess it's not there.
Roku: Oh. Well, I'm sure you'll find it eventually.
Dai: Yeah...maybe.

Ichigo: Happy birthday, my dear Roku!
Roku: Yay! I'm so glad you came!!!
Ichigo: Wait just a minute! I have something for you!
Roku: A pwesent for me???
Ichigo: Mm-hmm! I hope you like it! Now let's see...where is it? Oh no! I hope I haven't forgotten it. I'm sorry, Roku. I can't seem to find it. How embarrassing. I'm really sorry.
Roku: It's ok, Ichigo! I still love you.
Ichigo: Aw!

Spyrill: HAPPEEE BARF-DAY!!!!!!
Spyrill: Me too!
Roku: YAY
Spryill: Where should I put your present?
Roku: I'll take it :D
Spyrill: Ok! Just let me get it out of my giant purse. Hmm. It's in here somewhere! Hold on just a sec! Hold on, I got it! *starts holding stuff in her mouth* Ish probby behind dis shtuff! Hold on! *starts dumping crap out* Where is it?! C'mon! Hold on, I got it! *purse is empty* WHO STOLE MY PRESENT!!! It was here, I swear!
Exercise by `Luna--Rose

This is part 1 of a 2-part exercise. I'm not sure if I did it the way the creator intended, but I had a lot of fun anyway! It's been a long time since I wrote random dialogues for my headbabies.

They are...
Luc the crazy demon guy :dummy: [link]
Daisuke the gloomy masochist [link]
Ichigo the fashionable lady [link]
Spyrill the anti-girly girl [link]

I'm sorry if it's a little messy. I'll update it later if it's too hard to read. I need to get to bed, and anyway, I figure the only people who might actually potentially read it are `Luna--Rose herself and ~AaronBSam. orz

I put a moderate warning on this because my boys have potty-mouths. Not sure how this is going to look since this is my first time using the mature content thing :lol:


I finished part 2 but didn't upload it because it wasn't as entertaining to read :lol:

Here's my analysis:
~How different are my characters' reactions?

Fairly different, but sometimes they're the same because of the way I interpreted the scenario. I think they're different enough, though.

~How polite were they?

Ichigo was definitely the most polite, almost formal in some cases. Spyrill wasn't polite per se, but considerate of the other person's feelings. Daisuke and Luc were both blunt, but Luc was deliberately rude in some cases. Dai was sort of shy and avoidant sometimes.

~How casual were they? How elevated was their diction?

Again, Ichigo was the most formal, but I think Spyrill was the most slangy. Luc and Dai both swear, but Dai didn't swear AT people like Luc did.

~How fluent was their speech? Did they trail off, stammer, or hesitate? How comfortable did they sound in various situations?

Daisuke trailed off a lot. Sometimes Ichigo would stammer. Luc was always very assertive and confident in what he said.

~Were their responses typically long or brief? Were they ever unnecessarily so?

Some of Ichigo's responses were unnecessarily long, like when she was apologizing for the vase. She was so embarrassed and wanted the other person to know that she meant no harm and was very sorry. Some of Luc's responses were very short and to the point, like a simple and assertive "No."

~When they were happy, sad, irritated, afraid, etc. how did these emotions manifest themselves in their speech?

Luc got kind of mean when he was angry, but was compassionate toward children, which sort of surprised me. When he knew he was in the wrong, he was very apologetic. Spyrill was goofy and funny when she was happy.

~Did they speak very differently in different situations? Did they sound very different among strangers than among friends? (This is especially common in shy people.)

I think Daisuke was the only one affected by this, and he just avoided talking to strangers as much as possible.

~Did their responses sound abrasive or warm? Could the person(s) whom they were addressing have misinterpreted them easily, or did they make their meaning clear?

Luc was very abrasive at times, and Ichigo was always warm and friendly. I suppose someone might have misinterpreted some of Spyrill's reactions as being short-tempered and cranky.
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