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Five nights with Trevor

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They should have stayed offline.
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That look either says hmmm... did i forget to turn of the coffie machine

or slow night tonight wonder if thing gets netflix or at the very least porn
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lol just noticed that, yea that's pretty harsh burn. i might move this to the top of my favs.
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It goes to show how much Trevor must HATE Freddy Fazbear's.
He's even eating dinner from a different fast food chain, while he's still in the Pizzeria.
2000daggers's avatar
this is a rare treasure, bretty gud dood.
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Hey, this just spawned an idea for me.
Can I write a short story about this?
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There's a VERY good chance he's gonna axe the guy that left that phone message once his shift's over.....
slowusaurus's avatar
Nah... he's gonna rape the guy first, axe him and then gives the remains to the Altruist Cult.
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lmao and where is golden freddy
Foxyfan195's avatar
Poor foxy, he got stabbed in the head
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I smell weed and drugs
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never fuck with him
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Course this would happen!
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Meth is one hell of a drug
I love how he just stares nowhere with his hamburger on hand ^^
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Trevor is one of my favourite video game characters of all time, and this is the reason why. He's nuts!
TheSmashWaffle's avatar
I wonder how triggered the rest of the fnaf fandom was when seeing this...
S0nKakarot's avatar
Very triggered, I assume.
Mickey051089's avatar
That face on Trevor says 'weird night but certainly not my weirdest'

Trevor doesn't even like pizza he bought Mc D's just for spite
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