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This is my most recent deviation that I've submitted. But I promise you it's only a taste of my gallery. I draw colored and sketches; and of different things. Browse my gallery to get the complete setup!



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Y'know. I remember a few years ago I got into the SDL, and I wanted badly to learn how to do sequential art.  I was always really weak at art because I had no formal training, but I loved it regardless.  After my character being stabbed in a one-hit-kill during a cameo appearance in another person's duel, she was considered "Dead" by the SDL.  I was mad at this for years, as she was my only OC I really wanted to use; I did not even finish the duel with Tsubame I had due to me being so upset.  Hell, this also stands with me not drawing for a good period of time after someone I really loved said I draw "Like a 12-year-old girl" and effectively killed all passion I had for trying to draw.  If it wasn't for my best friend encouraging me I doubt I would have even started back drawing again.

Well, years later I have the opportunity to come back and try my hand, I have learned to draw better this time around.  However.... trying to get this comic done has been agonizing, just as agonizing as trying to draw when that girl I loved made fun of me simply because I was not enjoying doing it; it felt more like a chore at this point than having fun; which is why I signed up in the first place.

Y'know, I remember scrolling and seeing who I was going to be fighting, and I was disappointed in more ways than one.  I thought I was going to be dueling another samurai based character since it was the SDL, but I get someone who uses African stick fighting... that was pretty lame (Why call it Samurai Dueler's League if your person isn't going to at least be Samurai in some form?  Why not Samurai Era Fighting League then?  Or something).  Next, was the fact that (Visibly) me and the guy was the only black (Dark Skinned) characters represented and we "Randomly" got matched?

Someone explained to me how the random process worked, but still, why did THREE CHARACTERS with no fighting style end up in a 3-way duel?  Apparently one of them did not have a duel because their opponent's sheet was not put in properly (Why would you even make the brackets without all the fighters being properly registered?).  Next off, why would he stick him in there instead of randomly selecting the people to whom he would be fighting the three way with?  Why select those two if it is RANDOM?  Why should someone be able to request (He said he did request there) where they go in a "Random" tournament?  I don't know, this does not bode well with me at all.

I honestly think they selected duels based on what they thought would be most interesting for the people who are in the SDL to see in order to try and get more people interested (Since they said participation had declined), and that could have possibly influenced the decisions.  At the same token, it could have been completely random and it just so happened that the only two visibly black characters and two characters with absolutely no style happened to fight each other.

Y'know, I have had a very bad habit with things I REALLY want to ignore them and let them blow over; though, that isn't right, and it isn't right now.  I voiced my opinion and whether-or-not they think it is legitimate is fine.  Also, if they want to take it as an "Excuse" for me not doing my side, that is also fine.  But I was hype at first, and I even told people on Facebook about the duel, made a little "VS" flyer and everything.  But I did talk to my friend a couple of times about how the only two black characters had to fight it and he was like "Man, sure that was random?".  I was not entirely too sure myself, especially after seeing that three way (I explained how I feel about that earlier), but I did not like how all this panned out and it is a horrible first experience after getting back into the SDL.

I'm just going to forfeit this round, hopefully my opponent did not do anything because I would not feel fair to him/her, and that's the only reason I would actually feel bad.  I'll have to figure out some way to just make it up to them.  As far as the SDL, they have a bad taste in my mouth right now.  I am thinking about just doing the long way to audition (If they will even let me do so after this, but it's whatever) so I can be an official part of the league and just challenge people and have them challenge me, avoid all random battles and tournaments so I don't have to worry about this happening again.  Also, I know does something like this, but they do not have restrictions like the SDL so I can give Bionca her modern fighting attire, which may actually work out better, who knows.

Depending on how much overtime this week, you can also expect some art from me.

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A serious gamer & hardcore otaku who loves anything gaming, anime, or manga. I also write editorial and review articles on these subjects for my blog! さよなら!

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