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Two Kingdoms

realised I never posted these, very rough speed photobashes I made over lunch at work for a week(the fifth I took home and work a bit longer on so it will be a submission of its own) but these are roughly 30 min, and just trying to not stop and think too much, and then actually stop when I run out of time (like I didn´t have time to properly light the snowy village or make puffs of cold breath in the air) as well as not bothering too much that the perspective is off in the third one. I´m experimenting on how much material and what kind of art I need to sell a fictional setting, so wanted to show typical living spaces for the two kingdoms Graah(viking/namibia mix) and Ilioku(japan/french rococo mix), as well as the most common ways of travelling/roads
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Wow. I can't put into words how beautiful this is. I don't really know how this 'photobashing' works but those pics look so real and surreal at the same time. Kinda like something I would see in a dream or something. All four pics look so peaceful... I'd really like to be there, especially the first one looks like the perfect place for me to just sit there and listen to music. ^^
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Beautiful work!

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wow amazing, the color values and hues are so beautiful! :3
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What delights me about your art is the sense of scale; everything feels so large and real, as though you could step into it. :heart: Then the extra little details are even more enjoyable because they're extra unexpected. The chandeliers in the third piece and the muddy hoofprints in the top one....all the little details just invite you to stay a while in the piece!
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"Son, let me tell you something. We have two kingdoms: The Scry Kingdom and the Leaflet Kingdom."

"What about the Kingdom with cliche magma and volcanoes?"

"We don't talk about that one."
It's a photo? Ah ah ah it's verry amazing
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it=s photobashing, like a mish mash of numerous photos mixed with drawing^^
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Beautiful detail in each scene. I really like how peaceful all four are and how they tell a story about the land and the people (like the ones in the snow scene).
💜 beautiful work!
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thank you!<3 
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Really awesome concept mattepaints :oops:

I always wonder about your technique... I can not understand how you archieve this perfect looking mix of photos and painting.

Let's take the fouth one: did you paint over the whole image or only in parts?

Did you ever thought about a speedart video? That would be so nice!

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