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Follow the gravel road until it ends

By Roiuky
There you will find the house with the blue door, guarded by weeping willows. Do not go inside.…
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This is so beautiful, I`m speechless.

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I would definitely be tempted to follow this gravel path. I suppose it's lulled me into a false sense of security? Those are some lovely weeping willows and the house looks so quaint. And subconsciously this makes me dimly uneasy, so great job!
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thank you so much! i love playing around with beautiful/serene but with a hint of something being wrong/too perfect or uneasy about it all^_^
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oooohhhh! i love the colors and the foreboding vibe the house gives off!!
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thank you hun!!^_^ of course we need a little dread to go with all the pretty!
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you've created a impressive atmosphere in this scenery :clap:
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thank you!^^
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Oh wow! This is incredible! Love it! I can't imagine trying to paint something like that. Love all the details in this
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thank you, and this is created using a workflow called photobashing, where you cut an paste a ton of pieces of photos together then paint them over to match and create something new, so some of the details are down to phototextures^^
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is this a painting or a photo?
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it´s a mix, first in the base there´s a sketch, then there are roughly 20 photos matched and mixed and then there is painting over it^^
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Then why are you guiding me there?!
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Because there is something magnetic about dangerous places..:3
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Well, I can't argue with that... I hope there's a lot of loot passing all the ghosts and witches, at least.
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Hell yea i'm going inside
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I’ll just hang back and peek in through a Window to see if you live before I decide if I follow...
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it kinda looks like its not painted is it painted or not? :D especially  the trees
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It’s photobashed, then painted over for workflow! So a mix:) great for gritting rendered results quickly and I def recommend it, so much fun!
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