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Come hell or high water

"We came ashore on an awful day, on such a day when the sky itself lashes out and whips you with wind, and rain, and ice. Whips man to bow his head and shiver to the bone in awe and fear of the heavens. The stallion is unwavering, the stallion treads on."

Another little something! I´m stupidly happy about how this one turned out, from the idea to the execution!^^(I very rarely feel happy when finishing art more like "Meh, move on to the next one" but this one I really like) I was hoping to have this as a part of my submission to this event… but not sure my workflow of photo bashing is accepted, either way, these two will be an addition of characters to my Courier project and the Craic stable!^_^…

very much inspired by Peaky Blinders and their epic slow-mo intro walks!
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for horse…
for soldier………
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This is indescribably beautiful and so detailed and unique that it’s almost lifelike and appears as a still moment in time. It’s very realistic and moving, thank you for sharing your radiant piece of artwork!

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thank you! <3 i love the dark and dreary kind of mood^^

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*Cues music* Take a little walk...

This. Is. So. EPIC.
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I can hear the music....ah yeeeaahhh~ and thank you, epic was definitely what I was going for XD
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Woah, Nice art! happy new years!

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happy new years and thank you!

That's beautiful, i like the colors, the light and landcape... i think the picture represents a lot of emotion, fight for life!!... it's how say "you can do it"

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yes!! All the fighting spirit! I have about 100 of songs in my playlist that could fit the theme, that "fuck it, let´s DO it!" feeling
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One of the most beautiful images I've seen in a very long time!!
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oh wow thank you so much!<3
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Breath taking, and I can totally see the Peaky Blinders feel to it :D you make me want to also draw epic images of my characters haha ^^
Roiuky's avatar it..DO IIIIIT!!!!<3
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/.. I SHOULD :lastare:  ahah thank you for the motivation though!
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Wow, I can feel the rain.
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right? pattering on your shoulders and stinging your face<3
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The feeling you get when looking at this artwork...
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Like when you get up out in bed in the morning and the room is too cold? ~
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Well drawn, love it!
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