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I just wanted to let you know that I'm still breathing. I haven't been here for a while, I'm not comfortable with my gallery and this site feels very distant to me. English has started to feel very difficult and I'm super frustrated how my art looks after scanning or taking a photo. I don't know if I should just keep going, post more art here, do things, whatever, or just take a huge break and give zero fucks about publicity.

I've moved to another city and adopted a dog. I also fell for someone who came to live with me with her cat so it's four now. No school or work, just randomly hanging and banging my head against the wall. I've had to call ambulance twice this summer for someone else, the cat ate all our flowers, my dad's new fiancee kicked me and other kids out of our home, my eating disorder and gender dysphoria are getting worse and blaa blaaa. Life is a bit mess right now. I think it was like this a year ago and will be the same after a year, too.

Let's see what I decide to do.

Take care you little pumpkins.
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// thank you all for your interest! now i'll focus on these three pictures but you can message me anytime even though i wouldn't have announced anything officially 'cause i'd love to do more art trades and commissions

To be honest, I'm really getting tired of people around me but I'm super excited about fictional characters so I thought that it would be awesome to meet your OCs and get to know them better. Would anyone be interested in doing art trade with me? I'm usually willing to draw whatever but right now I'd love to focus on only OCs. If it seems that no one is up to this right now and you would like to do a trade with me but you don't have any OCs then just leave a comment and let me draw you or your friend or neighbour or your favorite cartoon character or just who ever, it doesn't really matter, introduce someone nice to me and I'd be happy!

So if you think that it would be cool to draw one of my OCs and you would like to receive a drawing of someone from me then please leave a comment and let's do a trade! :heart:
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Smells Fishy by Roihe<da:thumb id="663374804"/>
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Pretty Sinner by Roihe [Art Trade] Lari and His Pup by IisaDewshine
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Be Careful / colors by Roihe 
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Hi darlings,

just to make things clear:
If you see stuff in my gallery that you have seen uploaded by :iconsimpppa: as well then just hold your horses, okay. I'm not stealing art or anything, Simpppa is my old account. I felt like creating a new profile but not leaving all my old stuff behind so here I am.

peace and such,
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