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OC dump meme-ish II
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I found some nice drawing prompts from Tumblr which I wanted to use. Thank you all the lovely human beings who share drawing challenges and prompts on internet - I own you my life for making it better.

That blond frizzy guy is my OC Samuel, he's pretty precious to me (just to say in case you haven't already noticed that by yourself). Little grumpy pants with kitty umbrella is Samuel's sister Iisa. She hates when it rains and getting wet. Sam as a nature loving barefoot hippie wouldn't care less even if tsunami wiped him out, he would just feel honored being noticed by mother nature.

traditional lines / digital colors
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Hina-Monoko|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These are funny :D
I like the last outfit!
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Cool, thanks!! I think this is just totally random but it's always good practise to draw your OCs differently and just spend some time with them :>
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Hina-Monoko|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Agreed :D
Also, by putting them in various situations you can come to understand them more.
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