EarthBound 1.8 up!

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Man, did THIS version get out of control. It covers a lot of holes in the game. So, what do you get with this version...?

* Added the French Foreign Legion.

* Added Random starts.

* Added Churches and Indulgences (i.e. Sister Maria saves).

* Changed a couple of pictures out (see if you can find them).

* Added ships (no having to dump all your controlled articles to go to another region).

* Added Pacifica region (you'd better like ships, since there arn't roads here, kids!)

If you already have the link, you're good. Otherwise, here's your doorway to roped passion...

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looking forward to new pirate options

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Up and in testing. Now that they are out there, the pirates can't seem to catch me.

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Was really waiting for this one... did you manage to get all eleven ship events to get inside and working, which you mentioned below 1.7?

will try it out tomorrow

keep up the good work :)

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Yup, including the island, which is an adventure in itself. And how did this work out for me? The crew and I tried to fight off giant squids but they seized us and sucked us all dry. Now without hardly any stats, the angry crewmember broke into my cabin and tortured me and won - and the next thing I knew, I was her little ship-slave. Oh well.

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Come on man...can't add a rope charmer but you added cannibals? Really?

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Well, the problem with rope charmers is that they are an Indian thing. The cannibals are on the island path and it makes natural sense to find them there. But can you imagine walking through, say, downtown New York and finding a rope charmer?

Maybe I need an exotic marketplace (sorta like a ChinaTown) with several differrent cultural references. Let me ponder that one.

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And Kaa babies!

You can't have things exclusive to India but you can have cannibals exclusive to the island? And why do we need a forth snuff ending?

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Well, I wasn't sure what to do with cannibals otherwise. It's a little hard to think that they are vegetarian cannibals...

You know, you did get me thinking - maybe I'll remove ALL snuff endings (or still let you die) and then have a big angel thing take place. You die and you go to heaven (or hell - possibly I'll keep score of things you do) and then you try to get out of that. Lots of golden chains. Lots of feathery angels. Then, if you lose again on your attempt to escape, well, you're already home.

I kinda like this. Going to ponder it a bit. But trust me, I'm a bit burned out on coding right now. I coded for over a week to get this version out.

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Why cannibals at all DX

Arabia needs a sexy genie too

Awesome bro

Been buzzing for this update!

Thank you (:

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I've played a couple of full games while playtesting. It's so nice that I can keep a lot of my loadout now (if I'm willing the risk the dangers of the deep) and not fly. And Pacifica is fun - no roads so you gotta go by boat between the cities.

I'm still thinking trains in the game, and possibly China as a new place, but I need to take a break for a bit.

Thanks for the kind words.

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