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My Bio
I'm a lonely crazy cat person from Sweden, and I like to get creative in almost any way possible. I have made a lot of things of Fimo clay, especially things with a 'skeleton' of wire and aluminium foil inside, but I haven't had that much time for that lately... Nowadays I'll mostly just crochet things. That's much easier to put away if you don't have the time to finish it in one go.

Any rude comments on my profile or on my deviations will be surgically removed, dug down in the garden and eaten by the worms!!

Occupation: Full-time employee, and in my free time I'm somewhat of a treasure hunter and patron saint of roadkills
Operating system: Windows 8.1
Camera: I use my phone for that most of the time now
Mp3-player of choice: Sandisk Sport Clip
Pets: Three felis silvestris catus. I used to have a canis lupus familiaris, but sadly he is a ghost now.
Skin of choice: Heavily tattooed
Favourite music genre: My taste in music is too varied nowadays to mention just one genre!
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield, or maybe Spongebob
Favourite font: Old English Text MT
Fears: Heights, fire, spiders, frogs and (weirdly enough) mushrooms

Favourite Visual Artist
Sara-Li (the tattoo artist who did the one in my new avatar) and also Patricia Piccinini
Favourite Movies
Taxi Driver, Det sjunde inseglet ("The seventh seal"), Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Child's Play
Favourite TV Shows
Judge Rinder, Dr G Medical Examiner, Breaking Bad, South Park, Mythbusters, Spongebob Squarepants, Cow & Chicken, Courage The Cowarldy Dog
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
They Might Be Giants, Arthur Brown, Scooter, The Prodigy, Pet Shop Boys, Sonata Arctica, Sabaton and also lots of video game soundtracks
Favourite Books
A series of unfortunate events, Harry Potter, Don Quixote, the Dexter books, the Belgariad
Favourite Writers
Myself. Is that egoistic in some way?
Favourite Games
Anything Pokemon! Except from that, I like puzzle games and fun platformers.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS, 3DS, PS1, PS2, N64 and Gamecube
Tools of the Trade
Mostly yarn and my crochet hooks nowadays
Other Interests
Taxidermy, skulls and skeletons, tattoos, watching heavy metal concerts, video games, computers, animals, writing short stories, sculpting with Fimo, drawing, painting etc.
Let's just start by saying that I've been thinking about this for a long time now. And I mean a really long time, as in several years now... In case anyone reads this: Yes, I'm still alive, and yes, I'm aware that I haven't uploaded anything on DeviantArt for a very long time (I still log in every now and then to look at my pageviews and to see if anything has happened, though).   No, I'm not having any sort of crisis in my life, it's just that after having found two of my uploaded pictures (both of them being of Fimo clay figurines of animals in jars) on websites other than DeviantArt, it kinda made me lose my motivation to upload any mor
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~aqua-bplz ( :iconaqua-tplz::iconaqua-oplz::icontransparentplz::iconaqua-mplz::iconaqua-rplz::icontransparentplz::iconaqua-aplz: :iconaqua-aplz::iconaqua-nplz::iconaqua-dplz::icontransparentplz::iconaqua-mplz::iconaqua-rplz::icontransparentplz::iconaqua-hplz: No, I'm not telling what this is about... :) Happy Friday 13:th!
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Somehow it feels like I want to say that I'm sorry for that last Journal entry. That just doesn't feel right anymore, it feels like I was just trying to find something to blame, and it just happened to be DeviantArt itself that "got in the way"... Things are changing now, and it feels like my inspiration (and/or motivation) is slowly coming back to me. I don't want to talk too much about personal things here, but I'll say this... Different people to work with! Different things to do! And a really important letter in the mail! I have actually started on a new pony to customise, and it's looking good so far! Maybe I'll even go so far that I'l
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Hey you! Yes you, random guy in DA!

3 things:

1. The Book of Biff rules!
And 3. Pls, donate (at least) 1 point to a fellow, random, Biff-ian!

OK, just wanted to say that :3
Have a nice day/night/whatever time is it when you're reading this
Thanks so much for the fave!
You're very welcome! :la:
Thanks so very much for delivering the very encouraging llama :iconllamatruckplz:

Thanks for faving "You are beautiful..." & "Feed me - now!". I feel I may have made a libelous accusation against the first bird - it's really scratching its head and not looking at its reflection at all but that would just spoil the fun  :laughing: 

                    ....and have a great Christmas  :iconsanta-plz:

You're very welcome! I hope you'll have a great Christmas too! :iconasnowmanplz: