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ALIEN wallpaper

By RoguePL
Alien in wallpaper size, from my previous art :)


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© 2007 - 2021 RoguePL
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love it.... and ur avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Moja ulubiona :heart:
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WOW. Sweet, I love the lighting, and the drips falling off the Xeno's head.
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hi, your piece was featured here [link] ;]
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amazing work hun
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They aren't all bad, not all the time...
Can you remove the wordings below? It's effing annoying to look at -_-
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It's very cool, really well done. Though there is one thing that I don't like about this and it's the huge watermark for your website. Because it's so big and partially covers the tail it really draws the attention away from the art itself. Maybe it's an idea to make a smaller watermark somewhere in a corner, or on a place where it ruins the art then it's removed, like under the bow of the Xeno's tail for example. Just saying ^^
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Teraz codzienne będzie mnie witać na ekranie laptopa xD
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This is simply amazing!, any chance you could do a version in a widescreen format like, say, 1920 x 1080? [link]
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nice you succesided where many failed: the tail nice
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Cool, I have seen lots of Alien art here on DA, this is definitely one of the more elegant :)
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Awesome, although it can hardly be called wallpaper size, any chance of a larger version? I'd love to use it as my desktop. Great picture though!
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there are lots of Alien type stuff on Deviant Art but I think you have certainly captured the menace and agression of the Xenomorph with this picture...
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