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Irish Duck by roguemarielebeau Irish Duck :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0 Guitar by the lake by roguemarielebeau Guitar by the lake :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0 Wonderland Brochure by roguemarielebeau Wonderland Brochure :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0
Mature content
Rogue-Raven 'Only One Road' :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 2 7
Ultimate Hurt
How can you say goodbye
When you’ve never said Hello
How can You End it All
When it Never Began
How can you Fight
When there’s nothing to fight for
How can you dream
When a Dream is Only and Illusion
To Walk
Without Feet
To Cry
Without Tears
To Laugh
Without Joy
To Sing
Without Voice
To Live
Without Purpose
The Ultimate Hurt
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0
Isabella 2 by roguemarielebeau Isabella 2 :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 2 Isabella 1 by roguemarielebeau Isabella 1 :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0
Mature content
Desperado - Logan :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 6 1
Desperado - Remy
Why don't you come to your senses
Been out ridin' fences, for so long now

"Ah jus don know what ta do with you. Ah can't understand why ya do tha things ya do. Why do ya love me? An why do ya take off right when ahm gettin comfortable?"
Oh, you're a hard one
But I know that you got your reasons

"It all comes down ta trust ah suppose. Ah gotta trust that ya do love me an that ya got yer reason fer takin off tha way ya do. Even tho it hurts me ah gotta trust ya with it."
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

"Every one says yer not good enough fer me. They say yer trouble. That yer jus gon break mah heart. What they don know is that ya already did. An ah don care."
Don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy
She'll beat you if she's able
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet

"Ya say tha Queen a Hearts is yer girl. Yer lucky lady. Ah can't tell ya how much that bothered me. That ya looked ta yer pack a playin
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 10 8
Me N Armand by roguemarielebeau Me N Armand :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 6 Buffys X-Men Costume..... by roguemarielebeau Buffys X-Men Costume..... :iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 3
Just Rewards Chs 8-10
Chapter 8
"The Truth Shall Set You Free"
For his sputtering Harry Recieved a smart look from Draco. It was one of those looks; smirk, glinting eyes, confident stance. It was all Harry needed to shut him up. Biting his lip, crossing his arms he looked ahead as they rode the elevator in silence. Walking past the hotel staff Draco ignored the looks they recieved as the left in silence. Draco waved to Fred with the information she had brought them obvously showing that they would be at the library. Much to Harrys surprise there was no arguement or comments as they left. Stepping out into the warm Los Angeles sun Draco looked up and tossed Harry the keys. "You Drive I'll give you directions." Draco was back to his commanding behavour as he got into the mustang and sat comfortably. It took them half and hour to go the two blocks to the library all the while Harry was arguing and nearly crashing the car.
As Draco stepped out of the mustang he felt his stomach lurch once again and shot a glari
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0
Just Rewards Chs 5-7
Chapter 5
"William The Bloody Makes His Mark"
A smirk spread over Spikes face, he hadn’t had food to play with in a very long time. Not since the bloody chip had been implanted by the GI JOE wanna bes. Spike examined the demonic boys neck thoughtfully, perhaps he would have to dispose of this one first. Such fine perfect skin, pale as mother’s milk. Deftly he raised a slendar hand to graze that perfect skin. His victim winced but did not move away. Spike grinned playfully as he watched the grey eyes flutter closed. He heard a distant gasp from the dark haired bloke but didn’t move his attention from the demon boy.
They all heard a scoff from the couch and they turned to look at the teen who had stood abandoning his precious telly to watch the real life adventure unfold. “Don’t mind Spike guys, He’s got a death wish. And that’s pretty sad considering he’s undead.” Harry paled slightly and rested his head upon his hand. Spike hissed at Draco a
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0
Just Rewards
Just Rewards
Chapter 1
It was to be the wedding of the century. The first public Wizard wedding in magical history. A grin crossed Neville Longbottoms face as he looked over the bleach white parchement with red and gold lettering. The coming out celebrations had not been planned to coincide with the Weasley-Granger wedding. However that is, strangely, how things had worked out, and Neville, ever the politician these days, wondered how all involved would be affected. His mind phased back to that first year where he, the class dunce, had stood before The-Boy-Who-Lived and his friends demanding that they stay out of trouble for once. A smirk played on his lips as he remembered his amazement at his winning the ten points, for just that act, that won Gryffindor the House Cup. Now here he was thirteen years later, a high ranking ministry official, second only to the Minister of Magic herself. Harry Potter, formerly known as The-Boy-Who-Lived, had finally, the year before returned
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 0 0
Angel Falls -WIP-
Pheobe Halliwell burst in the front door of Halliwell Manor waving papers and yelling something about doing some actual writing.  Paige Matthews sat in the parlor preparing a spell as her sister interrupted causing the redhead to jump and spill the witch salt into the holy water at the wrong time. Paige let out a disgruntled sigh as she looked down at her ruined spell.     "Okay Pheebs want to tell my why you just ruined my Job Improvement Spell."
Pheobe the advice columnist who had only gotten that job because of a witchy like fluke frowned at her sister. "You shouldn't be doing that kind of magic any ways? Do I have to remind you about the boobs?" She said with a smirk she was nearly bouncing up and down, "Well, you know how I said I wanted to do a little more writing? Well, guess what? Where is Piper? PIPER?"
The eldest Halliwell, Piper waddled out of the kitchen followed quickly by her husband and the sisters whitelighter Leo.  "Okay wha
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 2 0
Running For Home
The bike roared to life beneath her drowning out her tears and anger.  That massive purr that resonated against her thighs and shattered the silence of the campus was all that could soothe the raging wolf.  As the motorcycle surged forward an echoing voice behind her called out her nickname.   
"Wolfsbane!" Ororo Munroe called desperately to the frustrated young woman.  Six months from graduating with a bachelors degree in motorcycle mechanics Rahne had finally lost her temper for the last time.  Losing her temper however was the least of Ororo's concerns.  Rahne had definitely lost control this time.  Patience for the young womans violent behavior had worn thin and not even Wolverine and Cyclops strict behavioral training couldn't temper the womans wrath.  Ororo had no way of knowing whenWolfsbane would return this time.  Or even if the young woman would return to the Institute.  F
:iconroguemarielebeau:roguemarielebeau 3 0



Rogue Songfics

Journal Entry: Wed May 19, 2010, 10:40 PM

Alright so its been like two years since I wrote anything, barely keeping up on my IJ and LJ. Anyway while procrastinating on a Reagan power point presentation I managed another Rogue Song fic and started on a Wonder Woman songfic. I chose Celine Dion for these since the songs just seemed to fit both Rogues and my combined moods.  

I have noticed a lot of people lately are liking the song fics.  I really really appreciate your faves and if you want one go ahead and ask.  I mostly do Buffy/Angel/Comic/Charmed/HP fandoms.  You can also just ask for a narrative for a particular song. I could download the song listen to it, make sure I have the lyrics right go from there.  I have a lot more time these days until I get a job so I need stuff to do.

Thanks to BriannaTWedge for the Journal Skin

Anna Marie

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