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ok, so as many of you might know, my old account blu-fyre used to own the stormwings fantribe. i still own it but havent done anything on it. SO. im going to redesign them, maybe after i get back to school (we have school holidays for another week). you might have noticed the things on flood's legs in this picture below. i had an idea, where the stormwings get their charge from the storms, and these lights indicate when they are fully charged, and they can do their "shock bite". more ideas, maybe some lore coming soon. LONG LIVE THE STORMWINGS haha byeee Flood Pagedoll by RogueDraws
So many h to m gunna be away for like 16 days, I'm going on a really long drive through the middle of Australia with a couple of other fams in a mini busses

Her s the schedule sort of

First - third day, staying in Melbourne (today is first)

Third day, fly to Darwin (top of Australia)

Fourth - sixth day, staying in Darwin, doing a bunch of crap

Sixth - 16th day, driving back, staying at a bunch of places, like Uluru, Coober pedy, Alice springs

Soo uh that's all, I'm only gonna have wifi definitely up till the third day, maybe till the sixth if the place we stay at has wifi

I'll make sure to post lots of photos when I get back!

Love y'all!
Congrats Moonfiire on reaching 1000 watchers! gone join her contest its an awesome idea!


Please not I only draw dragons, but can give it a go at drawing other creatures, but don’t expect it to be as good

How to order:

Comment with this format


Commission type (fullbody, pagedoll, etc.):

Reference (which character would you like me to draw?):

Shading (soft or hard. Single or multiple cell shading):

Expression (happy, confused, etc.):

Scene (any certain background/ colour theme?):



Shading (cell shading doesn’t add onto the price of pagedolls, that’s because it’s easier for me to shade them somehow idk):


1 cell hard 0pts

2 cell hard 10pts

3 cell hard 20 pts

Soft 30pts (I don’t usually do soft and its harder for me, that’s why it’s more expensive)


Commission types:


Fullbody portrait 100pts:

Portrait of a single character, can’t do 2 in the one portrait sorry


 Cherry Blossom by RogueDraws Slowpoke by RogueDraws ball of sunshine by RogueDraws 

Headshot portrait 50pts:

Like the fullbody, except just the head. 20 pts extra for second character

Examples: (none yet hehe)


Pagedoll 20pts:

Put one of these on your page to decorate it or something


Royalty Pagedoll by RogueDraws   Flood Pagedoll by RogueDraws Rogue pagedoll by RogueDraws

Halfbody portrait 70pts:

Again, like the fulbody, only half. Only one character, sorry


Shatter by RogueDraws