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RotMSB 10 ApocalypticConclusion
Return of the Magic School Bus by RogueDragon
Act 3: Save the Day
Chapter Ten: ApocalypticConclusion
The work-study program was ideally intended to be jobs with a lot of down time so students could earn money, do school work, and learn responsibility or some other nonsense like that. As handy as computers are for research and school work, they should have realized that having a computer at a dorm receptionist desk would mean that, over-the-top security filter or not, Lowtown University was pretty much paying Scott Moxley to goof off.
Traffic in and out of the building was pretty constant and unremarkable for a Friday night. Scott was so focused on beating one of the day-shift guys' Minesweeper score that he didn't notice a group approach his reception desk and wait expectantly. Noticing something amiss out of the corner of his eye made him lose concentration and lose the game. Finally looking at them, his first thought was that most of them looked a tad young for college. His second th
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 4 8
RotMSB 9 Marge95531
Return of the Magic School Bus by RogueDragon
Act 3: Save the Day
Chapter Nine: Marge95531
It was a simple enough idea, really: access a database that could track down the people they needed to find.  It might not have been his idea to begin with, but Ralph Tenelli was the person bursting with ideas on how to make it happen.  So at some point, he apparently took the wheel on the endeavor.
Mr. Shu and Mr. Ruhle didn't feel terribly comfortable with the law-breaking implications of the plan, so they opted to sit this one out.  Principal Ruhle went home, it had been a long day for him, and Mr. Shu, his bus, and his ferret went back to Standerton.  Moonvalley Humerus also had to head home, taking Liz-Bot; but Janet and R.U. Humerus did join them, however, being eyewitnesses and all.
Friday evening at the Walkerville Police Department bustled with activity. A school bus in the shape of a housefly went unnoticed as it worked its way into a room with several desks and comp
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 3 4
RotMSB 8 Things Get Complicated
Act 3: Save the Day
Chapter Eight: Things Get Complicated
Janet took Miss Frizzle to Walkerville Elementary where Principal Gordon Ruhle had not yet left for the evening. He saved almost all of his principal duties for after school, making his first priority the class that witnessed the kidnapping of their teacher. He was so relieved to see the frizzy red hair, even if it was on the head of a multi-colored mostly-magenta parrot (he still wasn't used to actually seeing the magic stuff first hand).
She was sure to express her utmost gratitude to her boss and friend. He truly went above and beyond the duties of a substitute. The kids had even organized her closet for her. He apologized for any intrusion and explained that they initially were searching for evidence of threats made against her. The kids needed a way to try and help.
It was so orderly that the classroom looked barely used. It seemed rather lifeless and desolate without a class or the class pets. Liz and the two dwarf hamster
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 3 2
RotMSB 7 Spy Bug
Act 2: The Magic School Bus Gets Rescued
Chapter Seven: Spy Bug
The last few hours had been rather tense waiting. They'd had to formulate a plan, arrange a couple of meetings, and had to get Tim down to Walkerville with Shu's bus. Now they were hitch-hiking in the car of the enemies; there wasn't more to discuss but to wait and see.
The ladybug bus only had three rows of seats on each side. It was more than necessary, but it probably sensed that some of its occupants weren't feeling cozy with each other. All conversation within was hushed, although it was doubtful how much noise people half a millimeter tall could make that regular-sized humans could overhear.
The silence was broken by Marge who was driving the car. "I don't care what Dave or Jerry say, I'm glad to be rid of that bird! I just hope we can trust that girl."
"I think she knew as well as we that the authorities can't be dragged into this," Scott commented, "All she has is a talking parrot with hair; nothing more than a sid
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 3 1
RotMSB 6 Meet The Henchmen
Act 2: The Magic School Bus Gets Rescued
Chapter Six: Meet The Henchmen
Janet Perlstein's parents trusted her to be responsible. She was almost obsessive about serving her community and trying to gain a favorable standing with them. They weren't sure whether to be proud or nervous about her natural affinity for politics, but they were supportive nonetheless. They assumed the reason why she was endorsing her cousin for next year's student-body president, instead of herself, was so she could still have time for her community activities.
That's why they let her borrow the car all of the time.
They may be more hesitant if they knew that she was currently standing by herself at the back of a Wal-Mart parking lot, waiting to meet someone who contacted her over the internet.
She waited outside the car, having told whoever was to meet her to look for her curly red hair. She had been waiting, leaning against the car for ten minutes and was starting to feel nervous. As a defense mechanism, she m
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 2 0
RotMSB 5 A Place to Start
Act 2: The Magic School Bus Gets Rescued
Chapter Five:  A Place to Start
Carlos had blatantly sat down next to D.A. during history class. The last few years he hadn't avoided sitting next to any of his old friends, but hadn't gone out of his way to either.
On the outside, Carlos Ramon was a social butterfly. The charismatic, charmingly, and oft times completely wacko Latino seemed to be friends with the entire school, but if you were asked to name a specific individual as a friend, you might not be able to pin-point anyone in particular.
After establishing their project partnership yesterday, Carlos had intended to be more chummy with D.A. than usual, but now his demeanor towards the blonde was as if they were life long friends just catching up. They had set up a plan for their project pretty quickly and had been reminiscing for a while.
After a lull in the conversation, Dorothy Ann asked, in a low voice, "We haven't learned anything new about the... Frizzle situation yet, have we
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 4 0
A Gaggle of Goslings by RogueDragon A Gaggle of Goslings :iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 9 0
RotMSB 4 A Gaggle of Goslings
Act 1: The Other School Bus
Chapter Four:  A Gaggle of Goslings
"What is wrong with everyone?" Tim grumble as he and the seagull Carlos flew high and fast toward the far end of the wildlife preserve. "So much for that cohesive unit Miss Frizzle believed us to be!"
"Eh, we all got our issues I guess," Carlos responded, nonchalantly.
"Seriously?" Tim guffawed, "somehow I thought a group of kids who survived crazy adventures as third and fourth graders wouldn't let something as petty as teenage angst hold them back."
"Crap happens, man" Carlos responded evenly.
"Yeah, but I had always wondered what it would have been like to have you guys around as support." Tim said, "What we went through with Frizzle defined us, no matter what we may think. There's no one in Standerton who'd get it. You're the only I ever talk to that's been there too, but e-mail seems rather lame."
"Would you like the come to my house sometime and lay on the sofa while I wear a silly mustache and listen to your pr
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 6 0
RotMSB 3 A Field Trip of Their Own
Act 1: The Other School Bus
Chapter Three:  A Field Trip of Their Own
Tim had contemplated for the entire drive from Standerton to Walkerville how he was going to start this conversation. Even now he had no idea where to begin. "Miss Frizzle is friends with one of the history teachers at my school," Tim gestured to Keesha and Arnold to come closer so everyone could hear him without having to speak too loudly. "He found me and told me she needed help. He got a signal on a frequency only the two of them use. He says that after some S-O-S it simply said 'bus and I captured; find my class."
"What about her class?" Dorothy Ann sounded uncharacteristically panicked, "my sister is in her class!"
Other questions poured in. "What happened?" "Why do they need us?" "How can we help?"
Tim felt overwhelmed, and exposed as other students passed the group with confused expressions. "Look, guys, I'd rather explain this on the road. Can we get on the bus and we'll discuss it on the way."
"What, th
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 4 1
RotMSB 2 Too late to Stay Home
Act 1: The Other School Bus
Chapter Two:  Too late to Stay Home
At first, Arnold thought it was only his imagination that he heard his name over the announcement system.
"Hey, Arnold, didn't they just call your name to go out front?" Arnold's girlfriend Tiffany nudged him with her elbow.
"Did they?" Arnold asked nervously glancing at his cousin who was busy with the student government meeting. His boredom and growling stomach signifying a missed lunch made him a little too anxious to flee the room.
Tiffany giggled softly, "don't worry, she can't make you stay."
"Doesn't mean she won’t try," he responded with a grateful smile, getting out of his chair in a way to cause the least amount of disturbance possible. Unfortunately, he'd have to pass Janet on his way to the door.
"Where are you going?" Janet hissed at her cousin as he tried to sneak out.
"The front office called for me to come," Arnold insisted.
"I told you this meeting is important!" Janet failed to whisper, "If you
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 4 1
Return of the Magic School Bus Chapter 1
Return of the Magic School Bus
Act 1: The Other School Bus
Chapter 1:  Suspect Coincidences
Mr. Shu had been grading midterm papers in the morning before classes started when a honk outside his window disturbed his concentration. Most of his fellow teachers had not even arrived, let alone any students; so it was unlikely to be someone simply causing a ruckus. Coming to the window where his class pet ferret had also come to glance out in curiosity, he saw the only vehicle in the near part of the parking lot was the history department's school bus, which, for some reason, had its hazard lights flashing.
Climbing onto Shu's shoulders, Mr. Funk, the dark brown ferret, accompanied the World History Teacher down the stairs to investigate. The near-dawn air was slightly cold and damp somehow adding a mystical, yet foreboding feeling. The normally fearless ferret wrapped around Shu's neck and chittered nervously.
"Take it easy, Funkmeister!" Shu laughed, but his confidence wavered. Climbi
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 11 2
Scouting by RogueDragon Scouting :iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 3 5
Mizatir's Tale, part One
I don't know why you want me to write this down, Nasha. I prefer to reveal my past with an intoxicating beverage in my hand, but last time, as you know, didn't go too well. You had better not be compiling a biography on me, because you haven't known me long enough to get the full sob-back-story. In fact, I have never known anyone that long; but we have had a few near-death experiences together in which you helped save my vabo more than once, that and I like you, so why not get the story of how I ended up on this ship?
It all started with a bounty. Now this wasn't the sort of bounty that gets posted publicly; a select few were invited in on it. The UNION is a powerful, mutli-world crime syndicate. Some bounty hunters would be flattered for an invite to one of their special bounties, but I was there for the money, nothing else. I had been doing random odd jobs for a while, some more legal than other, protection detail mostly, but I was looking forward to not having to live job to job for
:iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 1 7
WVCrew Chibis by RogueDragon WVCrew Chibis :iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 3 1 Mormon Convent - Comic Idea by RogueDragon Mormon Convent - Comic Idea :iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 4 4 Mormon Convent - Stress by RogueDragon Mormon Convent - Stress :iconroguedragon:RogueDragon 4 5

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So you can search google by images, here's how:

go to Google's image search: and in the search bar click on the camera icon (I've only gotten firefox and chrome to actually show the icon)
From there you can either paste in the URL to an image (you can copy that url by right-clicking on your image and clicking "copy image URL") or upload the image itself.

Most of your results will be deviantart since it'll show it's thumbnails under "more like this" and favorites lists.

I found my Toph Jedi Toph Jedi by RogueDragon here… ; I thought it was kinda funny!

The real unexpected kicker is for this piece: Age of Mythology by RogueDragon
I found it in several HD wallpaper places! It was never intended to be a wallpaper!…………

And I apparently even got an honorable mention in a contest I never entered.…

At least the wallpaper sites still credit RogueDragon... someone named Jerry Kale on the other hand appears to have claimed my work as his own.

Man, plagiarism still sucks. I need to remember to sign everything I put up.
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