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Actually ok art of a oc of mine by rogueassain Actually ok art of a oc of mine by rogueassain
I dunno I was bored and had time to kill anyways.

Character description:
Name : Ridley " Rogue " Asain
DofB: 03/18/93
Age: 1780 (It's really complicated)
Height: 6'1"
Eye color: Purple to Magenta. Original eye color was a light green
Facial features: Has a beard from time to time cat like left eye and a few scars across his face and a prodminent scar on his left eye
Hair color: Blonde
Clothing: A blue colth jacket with a grey shirt, a pair greyish blue jeans with tan military style boots and a custom made face mask he almost goes no where without
Brief background: ( oh dear lord get some popcorn ) Ok so bad evil magic man kill the family he tries to fight back and gets his eye slashed and is left with it blerf (off to an original start) he is technically cursed with immortality(The I can die but not from old age kind) and sent back in time to 239 A.D. in central America for ever bring stuck at the p he was discovered by the locals when he was on the verge of death for not having food for a week a broken arm and a in healed scar over his eye. Flash forward many years later he becomes an adventure of the European continent after stowing away on a Spanish ship after living off of the land after the collapse of the local civilization. Through the rest of his years of life he will have major influence in the shaping of the world yet he is never spoken about nor known of and that is where his story shall stay hidden.
(The rest of the file is covered in black ink and a stamp that reads RHS)
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