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Been a long time since I uploaded anything new or updated my journal but here goes. I've missed it.

Been awfully busy the last few months. Between University course work, always demanding, and keeping up with my own projects I've somewhat neglected my Deviant page. On top of writing a new novel and various other little projects coupled with the plethora of course work that's demanded of me I have also now moved into my own flat with my girlfriend (whom I love very much)!

The new space has afforded me much more enthusiasm and inspiration, which I'm trying to make the most of.

So seeing as it's been a while I've recently finished a new image of a familiar character of mine and thought it would make a good point in which to start trying to upload more frequently.

Anyways, I'm keeping busy and not looking to slow down :)
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Well...haven't been on in a while. Been both busy with a hefty amount of University work, stressfully so but it's coming together in the end and with good results so all is good. On top of that, been dealing with a lot of personal troubles that have sapped me of a lot of enthusiasm and energy. But I'm on the steady slope out of this abyss now so hopefully I can egt back on track with things.

So, first off, there most likely will be a lack of any new material for a while. The afore mentioned troubles have limited my time and energy so I've been unable to produce anything. On a more positive note,  have been working on and am continuing to d lots of concept art, script writing and planning for an animated comic I intend to do and upload here. If it's good and I'm happy with it, I'll expand the first episode of it if you will and produce more episodes to continue the narrative. More on that soon.

In regards to other stuff, I've little to show sadly. Might try my hand at some more photgraphy soon so we'll see how that goes.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a better time in life than I right now and I'll be sure to show off the fruits of my most recent work as soon as I can.
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Having now completed a bucket load of course work (some of which I've uploaded here) I'm now free to go on and pursue my own projects, though most of which involves writing scripts. Despite that, I still hope to have some more images uploaded soon, covering various stories of mine.

Journey is the comic I produced as part of my course work, it's a ten page adaption of Journey to West, the old Chinese novel but brought into a Science fiction though nonetheless fantastical setting with space ships, laser beams and glowing eyes...
Anyways, hope you enjoy it.

Now I'll be focusing down on scripts and images which I hope to upload before I return to Uni in over a weeks time.
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Well, it's been a while since my last journal post, guess it's about time I kept folks informed.

I've been busy in both my social life as well as University, lots of course work to do but interesting stuff nonetheless. Might post some of the finished stuff up here.

As for other aspects of my life, I've never been happier. Met the girl of my dreams a year ago and it took me that long to realize she was real. We're very happy together and this good energy is fueling my current boost of creativity and effort. She's such a wonderful person.

As for my projects, been working on so many it's hard to keep track at times but I've made progress with most, some stories are getting a script finished or some initial concept art done...all is well. Some of that progress I've uploaded here for your viewing pleasure.

Anyways, updates may be scarce over the Christmas period as I head into Uni work overload but January should see the fruits of my labors uploaded here. And in case I don't get another chance, Merry Christmas and a happy new year! (Or whatever festival you celebrate over the winter!)
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Well, people may have noticed I've uploaded quite a few drawings this past wee while and that's simply because I can't get myself to focus on any one thing so it's easier to just be eclectic and work through all these ideas in my head and get them out there so I can switch focus.

It's kind of worked but I'm taking a break from working on anything before I come back and set my sights on some heavy development on my projects. Hopefully the work I'll produce will be more consistent and far better in quality. Here's hoping! :D

But I've also worked through some emotional crap in my head and this should help in keeping me clear on what I'm doing. Hopefully...

Although this has left me a little bored the last few days, the arrival of Halo Reach soon should provide an ample distraction till I'm ready to return to my work (shouldn't be long lol). Good times.

On top of this, I'm starting Uni again soon which should mean lots of course work but I anticipate parties, socializing, trips and laughs. :P Regardless, I intend to get plenty of work done on my own projects, in spite of whatever work load I am given.
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I was tagged…

1.Post these rules
2.Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselveson their journal
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So, as per her request here are 10 things about me!

1.My name is Sam
2.I live in Scotland
3.I like video-games, a lot.
4.I addicted to and easily swayed by Science Fiction
5.I have nothing but good friends.
6.I can be quiet lazy but I'm dedicated to my work.
7.I'm am atheist and lover of science.
8.I consider myself to be an optimist.
9.I love writing fiction and telling stories.
10. I also attempt to be a gentleman at all times.

SO there are ten things about me. Now as per the rules, I tag these people. Sadly, I don't have ten friends on deviant art but I hope I'm exempted :)
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Just wanted to make a post about how incredible a film Inception is, absolutely mind blowing. Director/Writer Christopher Nolan continues to prove how intellectual he is in his great and original film making. The plot intricate and of fantastic construction, the cast are all great actors, the special effects are stunning and the action sequences jaw dropping...from start to finish, one of the best films I've ever seen and something very original that I think everyone should give a chance. It's complex, requires your full attention and will make you think but it's no less entertaining. Go see it now if you can.
  • Listening to: Torchwood OST/ Faith Yang
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  • Watching: Inception!
  • Playing: Coma
  • Eating: Buttered toast. Again :P
  • Drinking: Cup of tea :)
As some of the powerful observers of you out there may have noticed, I have begun trying my hand at photography as means to better (and in some cases more easily) illustrate aspects of my story, as experiments in style and tone. Thus far, I'm fairly happy with my attempts, so in amongst my continuing artwork I'll also try and produce more photographs and experiment in what I can do with them.

The first lot of photo's I uploaded are really just stylish and over-dramatic means of seeing how convincing and how interesting I could be with make-up and how blood and bruises could shape a characters story and emotion. It's gruesome, and fairly convincing so I got that part right.

Second, I did some photo's about fighting the darkness, a central plot and theme in a story I'm working on, in both a literal and metaphorical sense. We'll see how that goes but these photo's certainly fit the style I wanted this element to have.

So there we go, I'll continue to work on it in future and see how I get on. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! :D
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Well, in the last few weeks I've enjoyed the benefit of not having much in the way of work or responsibilities so I've been able to dedicate not only some heavy duty time and effort to The Knights of Cydonia (which is coming along nicely) but also to doing some nice artwork for my other projects, a lot of which I still have to upload.

I doubt I'll be uploading much of The Knights of Cydonia anytime soon as most of what I'm doing is going straight into the comic but rest assured I'll continue to upload a steady stream of sketches, artwork and character designs over the next month or so.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! :)
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Finally, I have not only finished the third(and hopefully final) draft of my script but have managed to establish a consistent drawing style for which to use in my graphic novel. To say the least,I'm relieved and happy.

Now that Uni is winding down and my work load reduced, I'm finally going to be able to commit some serious time to projects of my own.

First of those is The Knights of Cydonia, which I hope to begin and maybe finish drawing over the summer. Wish me luck!

Secondly, I have started a new and exciting(at least for me)project, which to make an adventure film. Its a few months off but I'm hoping to get a script written over the summer, as well as create any necessary artwork, props and costumes ready for filming.

So, those two projects should keep me extremely busy over the summer and hopefully I'll have something to show by September.
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Well, now I'm full steam ahead on everything! With multiple projects on the go, in between Uni work and I'm enjoying letting my imagination roam between lots of ideas and concepts.

First off, The Knights of Cydonia is coming along with my third draft in progress as I get feedback from the previous one. I plan to keep re-drafting till the summer when I'll begin drawing the finished product.

Secondly, I've taken a recent fascination with the works of H.P Lovecraft, especially his mythology, and I'm interested in some sort of adaption using his mythology as the basis for a new story. Right now I'm reading all his short stories as research to understand his tone and style.

Then I am also doing sketches and working out ideas for other projects,(all sci-fi) some for completion in the far future and some sooner depending on circumstance. Hopefully, they'll come to fruition some day.

I plan to upload some new sketches for The Knights of Cydonia soon, including a rough draft of a planned front cover for the comic/graphic novel/story-told-in-pictures.
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Well after a long Christmas period if doing very little I have finally went full steam ahead on the first draft of my script for my story-with-pictures-in-it and have almost completed it. So far I think it's good, though there are parts that are terrible and need a great deal of fixing but that's what second drafts are for. Anyways if all goes well by the end of summer this year I'll have a finished story-with-pictures-in-it for folks to read and I can look to getting it published. That's the plan anyway.

So since I'm real busy writing I probably won't be uploading much stuff for now but hopefully I'll start again once I've finished a few drafts.
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Having now got some of University course work out of the way I've returned to writing my script for my graphic novel which is about half finished now. That also means establishing my characters better and the four character portraits I've uploaded were an attempt to try and capture the mood and attitude of each of the four main characters. You decide whether I've succeeded.
I have also done some brief sketching and writing on three other projects which are way back on the burner for now but I'm going to add to them every so often til I can get the time to dedicate to them.
And since its Christmas eve I'll finish by saying Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a great end to the year and try not to worry about what lies ahead. I've had a great year and I look forward to the new one. See you all next year!
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  • Drinking: You know its tea.
I've started writing a script for my graphic novel, a project that I'm focusing on over the next years or so. However long it takes. As a result, and because of the demands of University I've started some early concept work to establish a look and feel for the comic, something unique that allows me to put in lots of detail but maintain a simple and distinctive look. I think I've made the most progress in my character design, tracking the Lead's different iterations, change of clothes and colour schemes has come quite a bit and now I've settled on a final design, now wearing white trousers I like to call astronaut pants. Soon I'll start working on final designs for the other characters. I need to work on landscapes, people tell their good but I have no idea why, their too simple and devoid of detail, though that may help when I'm trying to focus on characters and narrative.

I've also gathered some materials and references for two other idea's I have on the back burner but given how time consuming both University and my devotion to my graphic novel is, it may be a while before I do anything for them. In the meantime I'll try and upload some more character concepts as well as locale's.
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I've finally completed my four main characters in what will be relatively their final designs. From here I plan to move on and draw other aspects fo the universe, namely other characters, weapons and vehicles as well as locations to set the scene for the story I'm writing.

I should be busy for the next little while.
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I'm approaching the finish of my four pieces with the first two uploaded and the third on its way, all of which will create the Knights of Cydonia my sci-fi project about freedom fighters on Mars.

I'm still working on some sketches and concepts for some other ideas I have, all sci fi related and I hope to get started on them once these four pieces are completely out of the way.

Until then I'll continue working hard on the last two pieces and will upload them as soon as possible.
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Suppose I have to start sometime, this being my first entry. Anyhow I'm working on a new Knights of Cydonia piece, four pieces to exact, each depicting a character in custom pose with an overhaul of detail. I hope to have it finished by next week.

In the meantime I'm beginning to move my Transhuman concept from some mere sketches to a complete piece ready for show. I've also started doing some ideas for another upcoming project involving, bio-metals, time travel, destiny and coincidence. Fun.

Not sure who will read this but one day I can look back at the artist I was and see the progress I've made.
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