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Rogue Skies OCT
Ladies and gentlemen of Clockwork City, may we have your attention, please.
This is the moment you have all been waiting for.

For one full year, our Sky Pirates have done battle in the skies above Clockwork City.
Through smog and steam they have duked it out, ship to ship, man to man, until only one remained.
Today, we announce the winner of Rogue Skies.

This last round was a long one. Many extensions were given to allow for a grand conclusion to our humble tournament. And now, in the end, one person has risen above the clouds to take their place as
your Master of the Skies.

The Winner of Rogue Skies is
Her Final Round is brilliant, heartwarming, beautifully drawn and colored- a product well worth the wait and an amazing conclusion to RS. Oly is a talented artist and a brilliant writer, unraveling mysteries and tying all the pieces of her story together to a wonderful conclusion.
And keep an eye on Oly! The end also provides a great lead into her original story, Trivially True, that we're dying to see!
Congratulations Oly-RRR!

Her opponent, Bilious, was sadly unable to finish her round, being. While this is definitely unfortunate, it's also understandable. We must remember that life should always come first, and these contests are meant for fun!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Rogue Skies. Huge Thanks go to our judges, true troopers who helped us make make our way through some tough and heartbreaking rounds!

Special thanks goes to the many people who provided us with advice and tips, especially in the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who watched, cheered and supported us along the way!

And of course, an OCT is nothing without an amazing array of writers and artists, and we were privileged to have you all! It's been an honor and a joy. Give it up once again for all of our competitors,
:iconoly-rrr: :iconbilious: :iconekuneshiel: :iconqueengwenevere: :iconcarico: :iconemcaco: :iconcookiebaker: :iconcsujake: :iconk-lynnette: :iconleftiesrevenge: :iconmr-tea-and-crumpets: :iconnerinokukai: :iconpepperonideluxe: :iconsonopants: :icontoshiful:&:iconginchael: :iconfrancoslavic-banter: :iconbjhu: :iconelixia-dragmire: :iconinknpaper::iconmeoshira:&:iconshazmatthews: :iconxtacitusx: :iconrentabby:&:iconpageboy: :iconr-e-v-e: :icongabiiiiiii: :iconshadow-hedgehog: :iconyuukisaragi: :iconzarathepirate: :iconartistsblood: :icondeficientatlife: :iconfalingard: :icongreymattre:&:iconellipsis87: :iconpersekore:

Prizes will be sorted through and the final four will be contacted this weekend!

And now a very minor but special thank you from Liamous

I can't even begin to express what an amazing experience this was. We saw an amazing cast of characters, remarkable and memorable comics and a great community that helped Rogue Skies shine!
To the chatroom dwellers in the early months, your guys's input made this thing work! Your support kept us going!
To the fans and participants alike who waited patiently between rounds!
To the judges, especially those who we called in, often on short notice! I apologize for putting you through that!
To the people who donated Prizes! Especially those donating their time and artwork for our silly little OCT!

And most of all, to my co-host wallabri
She was crazy enough to agree, nay, to ENCOURAGE, and assist in setting this up!
She matched me drink for drink in the dark hours of prompt making and judging!
She kicked me ass when I forgot a due date.
And again when I forgot it's extension.
I can safely say that without her Rogue Skies would have never happened.
Cliff notes: Walla is amazing, and you should all worship her. Do it.

So again, thank you, all of you.
Your humble Skymaster.


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MorganTerror Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009
i wonder how many final deadlines there will be.
endshark Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
stmpnk Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009
I have to say, after stumbling across this series (and the deviations along the same vein that others have made), I think I've fallen in love. I <3 Rogue Skies!! :D
lignamorren Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2009
I'm somewhat new to this. Where do I start reading? Are these going to be put in order on a website somewhere?
Bilious Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009  Professional General Artist
If you go into past journal entries they'll have "round one" an "Two" etc posted as they go! Also they're in the club's favorites in files organized by the rounds. That's as much of an order as they get. X) Best bet is to find the original lineup and read your favorites from the beginning!
rowan1364 Featured By Owner May 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

I was looking foward to Ekuneshiel and oly-RRR going head to head for the last match!

Well, at least now I know who I am rooting for! Good luck.
Bilious Featured By Owner May 15, 2009  Professional General Artist
Guess it's my goal now to win you over. ;) It's okay, I'm rooting for Oly too.
ginchael Featured By Owner May 14, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow uhm.

That was kinda rude.
Demon-Gut Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009
GAH why do the good ones always slip by me!? i hope ill be able to catch an entry next time (if there will be a next time)
Bilious Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009  Professional General Artist
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