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Equality vs 'Getting Even' by Rogue-Ranger, literature

Patience for Repentance by Rogue-Ranger, literature

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Let It Go by Rogue-Ranger, visual art

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You Can Make It by Rogue-Ranger, visual art

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Fruit of the Spirit by Rogue-Ranger, visual art

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Peace Begins with Communication by Rogue-Ranger, visual art

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God is Love by Rogue-Ranger, visual art

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  • June 22
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My Bio
I'm here to share art, inspiration and have fun! I'm an easygoing guy who likes to meet new people, share ideas and discuss interesting topics. I also give advice when I'm able and try to understand others from their perspective, even if we may disagree. My goal with communication is understanding each other and others, not agreement. I have an open heart and mind, but I'm far from perfect. So, if I've said or done something to upset you, please let me know so I can learn. Never forget that things can get better.

My interests are all over the place, from drawing to photography, writing stories and essays, making crafts and figures, photoshopping images, collecting cute things and all kinds of other stuff! Be sure to check out my encouraging folder if you're feeling down. I'm often willing to let my work be shared elsewhere without credit, so just ask! Thank you for visiting the awesomeness that is my DeviantArt!

More about me and my interests/beliefs:

Don't be afraid to be different stamp by kas7ia God Loves All by Plastic-Stamps 
<da:thumb id="429201085"/> Cats Stamp by Rogue-Ranger DA Stamp - Complexity by tppgraphics
BULLY PROOF stamp by TheLanka Love God's Way (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger 
Children Are People, Not Possessions by Rogue-Ranger Forgive As God Does by Rogue-Ranger
Tom Nook Stamp by Maru-Kaite-ftw I'm Here For You by Rogue-Ranger I Survive Stamp - Self Harm Awareness by el-Jimmeister
<da:thumb id="603992861"/> Rogue Ranger Animated Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Family Not Pets Stamp by Rogue-Ranger
Kindness not Weakness Stamp by PianoxLullaby This Sentence Is A Lie by Rogue-Ranger Stamp: Count Your Blessings by delusional-dreams 
Friendly Christian by DanileeNatsumi Thank You (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger Stamp-Fruit Of The Spirit 3 by Jazzy-C-Oaks
Stamp: Kindness is Never Wasted by Southrobin Adoption: The First Option Stamp by Rogue-Ranger <da:thumb id="498706120"/>
<da:thumb id="214588717"/> Let Go of Guilt by Rogue-Ranger Stamp: Do Good by 8manderz8
I'm sure about it. by FelixV94x <da:thumb id="339743021"/> I have an OPEN MIND - Stamp by NessStar3000
DA Stamp - Nature 01 by tppgraphics Imagine Stamp ~ by Lill-Devil-Melii
Animals don't care- Stamp by SynthianFate Thank God for Nature by Rogue-Ranger I love nature stamp by luckylooke
Pro-Life Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Cam Watanabe Power Rangers Ninja Storm Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Life is a Painting Stamp 2 by dehydromon
 God Loves You (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger Seasonchanging by electr0kill
LOVE. NOT force. by OnWingsOfBlue Pro-Life and Birth Control Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Tori Hanson Power Rangers Ninja Storm Stamp 2 by Rogue-Ranger
 Patience by prettystarz4ever Smile Stamp by Rogue-Ranger Kindness by LostKitten
I Believe by Suko-chan  Forgiveness by Roseyicywolf
Belief in Higher Power by DanileeNatsumi Optimist Stamp by Melody-Chaos Animal Lover Stamp by Spilled-Sunlight
Being Christian Is About A Relationship by Rogue-Ranger Christianity Is About Love by Rogue-Ranger Without Love, Faith Is Nothing by Rogue-Ranger
What makes a Christian by HarmonicSonic <da:thumb id="268991830"/> Extraterrestrial Life Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
<da:thumb id="606870468"/> I Judge Actions Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn Aliens Stamp by f-foxboy
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by ashesto
Someone Cares stamp by katamariluv You Can Love Your Friends by Rogue-Ranger
I Love Cute Things by Kakiwa Happy Stamp by Seiorai Support by Buniis
  <da:thumb id="189479585"/> Shane Clarke Power Rangers Ninja Storm Stamp 2 by Rogue-Ranger
he doesn't by DestinysGrace Stamp - You Are a Work of Art by Moth-Doll hehehehehahaha (remade) by XxDiaLinnxX
Count yourself in - STAMP by Creativeness You Matter (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger Rainbow Stamp by Kakiwa

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Favourite TV Shows
Power Rangers, Doctor Who, Star Trek
Favourite Books
Every Day by David Levithan
Favourite Games
Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, Sims
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3DS
Other Interests
reading, writing, drawing, making crafts, helping others

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Hi! I sent you a note before and I don't know if you replied or not ^^;

Anyway, welcome back!

I've replied now. I'm sorry for the delay, but I was away from DeviantArt and then I wasn't feeling well and didn't finish going through my notes.

It's fine. You need time to get well at all :)

Hello Rogue, I'm not sure if you still go on DeviantArt but happy late birthday!

Thank you! It says it was still June 22 when you wrote this comment, so it wasn't late. Though I'm late in replying. Sorry, but as you suspected, I haven't been on DeviantArt for a few months. Really, I hadn't been doing anything social online. I'd collapse in bed after work. But I'm changing things, so we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping to improve my health and with that my creativity, as physical and mental health are connected.

I understand! Glad to see you're still doing okay. I hope all goes well for you, and that your life and health improves. I'd love to hear more from you but take your time with everything.

Well, I have more time than I had before, as my solution was to quit my job to focus on health and finally getting back into creative things. I'd been thinking about it for a while, but it took the whole mandated shot to push me to act. I should be okay financially long enough to recover and hopefully come up with a way to make a living from home writing or something similarly creative. If I can do that, I'll have a better future, as someone in their 20s being worn down by a job that really isn't that physical doesn't give me hope for a future down the path I was on. I used to write journals with updates on my life, but those became less frequent until I finally stopped. I may do some updates, through do you think I should leave out the whole covid/vaccine thing, as people can get upset with that topic?

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