Finally the competitions have begun! We have started Signature of the Week on our forums. If you would like to enter please sign up to Rogue's Website:

SOTW can be viewed here:

We are extending the 1st weeks due date to a 2 week period right off the bat, as its our kickoff weekend.

You must enter this contest via the Forums. Good Luck everyone.
Our forums have gotten a facelift!

We will feature artwork and resources that may not be available through our DA group.
Be sure to check out and join if you havent already.

I'm sure many have seen this group has been inactive lately. I'll tell you, keep submitting, and one day soon i'll be back into the swing of things.

My wife passed away unexpectedly last week, and left behind our 3 beautiful children and myself. I've been having a very hard time dealing and coping. Internet has been the very least of things on my mind.

Thank you for understanding
Hello fellow members.

Just a friendly reminder that we do have a forum at your disposal located at

We are currently looking for moderators, resource teams, teachers, and of course active members!

We have also decided to open our resource section to everyone for the month of February and March. Ordinarily you would need 25 posts to view this section.

So if you like the content we've been giving you on da, why not join our forum and engage in some conversation with the people in this group?

Hope to see you guys there!

xkeepher and syndrome-x

Also, our January 2013 Tagwall is now online - be sure to check it out…
signature details ----
Signature Size -150w 400h
Style - vertical smudge
Due Date - wed jan 16, 2013
Battle Details - anything goes, just make sure it follows the style

Signature A :…

Signature B :…

First to 7 votes wins!! Simply comment below which one you like best

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