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Just some things about myself ..


Just some things about myself ..

*This was originally a journal, but I want to be able to put it into a gallery folder do it won't get buried and lost. This is slightly modified from it because I fixed a lot of wording errors* - POSSIBLE TRIGGERS -  --Please try not to feel bad reading about the negative/sad parts, some of my history was a big misery. Otherwise maybe don't read this. Autism and "comorbids": I am autistic. The dynamics of my autism make socializing and understanding people are difficult. I have the socializing/social cues/body language reading deficits that seem common among autistic people. And I don't think or process things anything like the way other p


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My Bio
I am an eccentric weirdo. I see things with my alien lenses. INTJ. Socially clumsy.


I am not very good at art, but I try.



A few DA artists that inspire me: ... btw .. this list is very old ....

Dhacaahsvost: draws interesting original characters
Abstract-scientist: abstract-scientist.deviantart.… abstract and surreal
EclecticNinja: paints tomboys, MMA fighters
999demons: makes neat fantasy characters
LieutenantHawk: anthroish characters
MyWorld1: Egyptian character artist
MaevesChild: fantasy digital art
zMallister: fantasy, sci fi art
Kamazotz: art of mesoarmericans
tDub248: ancient history art
Gambargin: draws historic styled warrior women
JFoliveras: historic characters portraits, etc
ShumElkin: warrior characters n stuff
Lycanthropeful: werewolves and athletic characters
Tekka-Croe: interesting sci fi, Halo, Warhammer art
Mates Laurentiu: fantasy characters artist
NickRoblesArt: fantasy art, etc
domirine:… Elder Scrolls art
Michelio: Elder Scrolls art
VictoriaDAEDRA: Elder Scrolls art
kokomiko: Dragon Age characters, etc
LuckyFK: video game characters art
no1hellangle: fantasy art
Jangelles: character artist
Seraph777: fantasy characters
MrPlaid81: draws muscular superheroes
wraithdt: Star Wars n history art
Royaloakarmoury:… armor makers
farmer-bootoshysa: farmer-bootoshysa.deviantart.c… fantasy armor crafters
CPT-Crandall: paints lots of stuff
Bidass: aircraft artist
EmpPhotography: photographer
MilitaryPhotos: awesome military photographers
00AngelicDevil00:… digital scenes

List of cool DA groups I found so far..

Sci Fi Tech:
Star Dock ,
MechaDesigners ,
Art-Hammer (Warhammer art)

Warfare / History stuff:
Art-Of-War-Club… ,
HistoryReenactment historyreenactment.deviantart.… ,
Re-enactments ,
Medievalists ,
Scandinavia-Vikings scandinavia-vikings.deviantart… ,
Celtic Art ,
Mesoamerica-Arts… ,
Rome-SPQR ,
The-Commentarii… ,
World-Costumes ,
OldArchitectureLover oldarchitecturelover.deviantar… ,
TankAttack ,

Ancient historic n Fantasy character / warrior art:
Exceptional-Zeal:… ,
Knigths ,
Battle-Ready-Womyn battle-ready-womyn.deviantart.… ,
Real-Armored-Women real-armored-women.deviantart.… ,
DA-Swordsman , ,
Warrior Maidens ,
DwarvenHalls (fantasy ,
tolkien ,
Warrior-Spirit-Group warrior-spirit-group.deviantar… ,
BARBARIAN-KINGDOMS barbarian-kingdoms.deviantart.… ,
rebelsoftheworld… ,
HanfuGroup ,

Armories n Weaponry Arts:
Armourmakers ,
Firearmart ,
TheBowyerCamp ,
TheArchersParadox  thearchersparadox.deviantart.c… ,

Cool stuff for study n reference:
Action-Stock ,
jademacalla ,
kristinkk ,
Pose-Emporium ,
Chonastock ,
Elandria ,

More Fantasy n game n other stuff:
ScaleAircraftClub scaleaircraftclub.deviantart.c… ,
GryphonArtistsUnited gryphonartistsunited.deviantar… ,
ihatesnakes ,
CostumeMovies ,
Sands-of-Time-castle sands-of-time-castle.deviantar… ,
ByazuraByazura ,
ElderScrolls-Skyrim elderscrolls-skyrim.deviantart… ,
ElderScrollsFans… ,
Elder-Scrolls-Orcs elder-scrolls-orcs.deviantart.…
Skyrim-Fanz ,

My other Deviant Art accounts:

WarhawkPPC - My MechWarrior art and and mech gaming screenshots.
Naiyion - Miscellaneous photos of military, aircraft, nature etc.
swept-wing-racer… - Skyrim art, (orcs!) Skyrim screencaps, and screenshots of my Soul Calibur IV OC's.

These stamps describe me:

I am very Awkward by Fyi-Sus There is no way I can adequately emphasize this.

I AM GEEK by Ruby-MV Nerd Alert by missmarypotter Mad Scientist - stamp by martinacecilia Mohawk Stamp by BritishMuffin Uncool Stamp by quazo wrong reality by WolfcatStamps I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I'm not normal. I'm me by zaz14ispottermad Genderqueer by Inkiedo Source Code of Life Stamp by Belgarion270 Thinking Stamp by DaMoni Tomboy stamp by rogue-freighter Socially Retarded by Foxxie-Chan Coffee by coffee--monster Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-Forget Airplane stamp by Dinkysaurus NERD Stamp by Kojima2087 Camouflage FTW by Mintaka-TK Nerd 4 Life by iAkumu Neurodiversity by Atuin The Glitch Mob Stamp by Saflie Armin Van Burren by phantom Tiesto by phantom Joe satriani Stamp by SonderSays Joe Satriani by gigidelagaze Joe Satriani stamp by sandwedge Daft Punk Stamp by InuyashaServant
Star Trek Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang Star Trek TNG Stamp by KaizokuShojo Deep Space Nine stamp by Leeanix Star Trek Voyager by phantom

-------------------------- Edward Scissorhands by Mad42Sam---------------------------------------------

Favourite TV Shows
Modern Marvels
Favourite Books
maps, repair manuals, college textbooks
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
martial arts dojo
Tools of the Trade
hands, eyes, brain (in need of an upgrade), mechanical pencil
I am going to be offline for a few days.

Just some things about myself ..

Just some things about myself ..

- I am going to progress on the post with multiple saves so I don't lose content to browser issues, etc. - Please try not to feel bad reading about the negative/sad parts, some of my history was big misery. Autism and "comorbids": The dynamics of my autism make socializing and understanding people difficult. I have the socializing/social cues/body language reading deficits that seem common among autistic people. And I don't think or process things anything like the way other people do. My mind pretty much operated on its own 'frequency', completely different from what a lot of other people who seem to function somewhat more closer to each o

Page view counter being weird.

Page view counter being weird.

I noticed this a while back, and it is still persisting: the page view counter is tweaky these days. Every time I edit a page in the gallery, the counter goes up a couple numbers. ?? DA weirding.

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