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Gravston Chapter 11 Cover

One of the biggest changes to the reboot of Gravston is the central romance of the story. This wasn't planned, but evolved organically in a strange way. 

When putting together the reboot, I wanted to have Samuel's bisexuality (something always a part of his character but never highlighted) be something important. I wanted to have it brought up by mentioning a previous relationship with Tan. It was meant to be throw away, but then the idea germinated in my head. Suddenly all these conflicts and storylines came up, as well as some interesting character ideas for Tan himself.

Slowly I realised that this relationship was one I found too interesting to shove off to the sidelines. I wanted to put it front and centre.

How it develops, I'm still not sure, but I am very, very excited with some of the ideas I have coming up.

Just goes to show how adding a little touch can open up lots of avenues for ideas.

You can read Gravston on or Smackjeeves.
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