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October 9, 2013
altair by ~rogner5th
Featured by MidnightExigent
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fanart of Katou Kotono's <Altair ve Savaslar kitabi>(将国のアルタイル /Shokoku no Altair) ,a very interesting manga!!!I'm so sorry for this pict is not finished but I want to upload this pict totay to celebrit the Volume #13 's out.

Many thanks of warm comments and favs!I'm deeply moved!
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catloveparamecius's avatar

Wow ... simply, wow. Everything is perfect ... the clothing and the expression and ... wow.

RomarovArt's avatar

Wow! Brilliant work!

XzovyArts's avatar
That is amazing! I love your art. So much details to discover, the wonderful smooth colors!
ChiisanaHoshi's avatar
I haven't login to dA for years, but seen this on twitter and just must add to favorites!
Amazing artwork! :heart:
Tane-P's avatar
Hi! I love this art a lot and it's been in my favourites for years since I was a kid basically haha I was wondering if there's anywhere I can buy this work as a print like redbubble? 
CR05S's avatar
Amazing FanArt wonderful !!! Congratulations !!!
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As the last three commenters of 2017 here, I feel the same! I saw this years back, and instantly hit the fave button! and now that I saw trailers of the anime, I'd like to watch it. And I remembered this and came here again so I could look at it --beautifully done piece! It has none to envy to great oil painting pieces!
DiabolicalChainsaws's avatar
Oh god the first time I saw this three years ago, I had to do a triple take because it was so beautiful and well-done and Altair is such a tiny fandom.
FyraNuanser's avatar
When I first faved this years ago I had no idea who this was, then  when I started watching the recent anime and I recognised him :) I still consider this one of the most beautiful works I have ever seen on deviantArt and it means a lot more to me now that I know his story :)
KJandDDM's avatar
I thought I might come back for another look.  After four years it is still my favorite image on DA.  Exquisite.
rogner5th's avatar
thank you so much!!
KJandDDM's avatar
The praise is well-deserved.  As I mentioned in the past, if it was an oil painting, I would love to have it on any wall in our home.
MarthaSchwan's avatar
it is so beautiful - it took my breath away ;))
vico2000's avatar
Is this actual painting btw or is it digital?
vico2000's avatar
Shoukoku no Altair is one of the best shounen of these last years. And yet, it is so little known!
Great work! :)
alithking's avatar
Amazing and cool art work, congratulations! Clap :D (Big Grin) 
Alfazil's avatar
That looks amazing.
thats some 'fanart' o.O Wow... 
TheKucing's avatar
This is really stunning! I love your brush strokes and color palette so much!
bigvictor666's avatar
This is the most beautiful picture that i've ever seen
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One-Percent's avatar
This is heaven! So beautiful!
MKGuu's avatar
Your work looks like an old painting in many ways (character colors, clothes, technique...=> and it's really beautiful!) , yet somehow at the same time, it feels like there is something more to it (maybe because the background is made differently, giving the whole pic a very attractive vibe). It's really beautiful!
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