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Couple sketches will cost £12 per character. This is due to the fact that interacting couples are more challenging to draw.

Hey guys!

I'm sure you all know what these sketch commissions are, but just to elaborate, They're quick sketches of anything [mainly characters] with out a back ground. It's going to be in pencil form. Note that sketch commissions are purely just sketch, they are absolute and NOT MADE FOR REWORKING. So that means if you want me to fix certain areas, I can not do that because that defies the whole point of sketch commissions. That would come under normal commissions.

So make sure you provide good reference, I strongly suggest images over descriptions.

Here's how to send money via paypal. Just click the 'send money' tab on the top, and it should be straight forward from there. Remember to set it to GBP if paying internationally.

PayPal add:

So if any are interested, just send me a message entitled SKETCH COMMISSION. [Or click this commission journal, and follow the 'How to book' instructions:… ]. PS, It's very important that when sending your money, that you also include your DA alias... Because it gets very confusing when I start working on your pieces...

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Single Sketches
SC: Set 1 by Roggles SC: Set 2 by Roggles

Couple Sketches
Couple SC Set 2 by Roggles


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Is this still open? ;;