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Some changes to the rules in terms of copyright infringement and source files. Please check the "What do I get for the price" section.

I will be opening commissions now, but only for booking, I am still working on old ones that I have. And I am only allowing 2 characters max (1 commission for every commissioner only) commissions for now due to workload.

Regards and happy booking!

Normal Commissions - OPEN
Sketch Commissions - CLOSED


First of all, you may ask; "what is a commission?". Simple answer to that is, a paid request. It's where you pay the artist to draw what ever you like, it can be OCs, Fan arts, etc...

Commissions and Info Rates

Hi, I will now open my commission status. The pieces will be in 200-300DPI [about 3000+ pixels] is the standard size for printing, you can make it to a poster if you like and it won't even lose quality.So yeah, check out my the rest of this journal, and I hope to hear from you soon ^^.

The Dos:

- anything you want me to draw
- 3 commissions at a time

    I will pretty much take on anything you want to throw at me. As long as the piece doesn't convey any offensive messages. So yeah, I will do artistic nude, or yuri/yaoi.

The Don'ts:

- Deadlines
- Offensive Message

    Deadlines are in the don'ts for a reason. If you rush me or any other artist in this case, it will be evident on the commissioned piece. It will look unplanned and quite mundane. So it's important to have patience and compromise with the artist.


Depending on the piece commissioned I will give you an estimate. It varies in time obviously. most pieces would maybe take 3/4 of the day. so i will charge 75% of the given price etc. Some pieces could take a day or two etc.

All General Commissions (line art, portraits, cell shade, soft shades, and layouts)
£170 per day Additional £40 for characters and props.

Painting (Illustration)
Daily Rate Estimation £210/day

What do I get for the price?
Due to copyright rules, I will now be exporting high quality Jpegs/PDF/PNGs. I cannot give you the PSD files because this allows distruction and changes to the original output. If the commissioner wants to make the changes themselves, Then either tell me or ultimately you will have to buy the PSD file.

Saying that, the files will be in 300 DPI the minimum for printing in different formats.

Method of Payment

Sorry but I ONLY to accept Paypal. I will start the commission as soon as I receive a payment. Do not pay me unless I confirmed that I will do your commission. If I have finished a commission while you delay the payment, I will show you a proof image. I will only be a small copy, not the full resolution ^^. Payments that are received first will obviously have the handicap of getting their commission first. I will be working in a "1st come, 1st serve" basis ^^.

    If you are paying through PayPal, please please please state in the note what commission you booked and your NICKNAME in DA, not your real name, because i get confused who the payment came from. Ok?

How to book

1) Send me a note with the subject; 'Commission' including details.
2) If you have specific needs then please suggest.
3) I will confirm your commission via my journals, or the note sent.
4) You send the payment
5) The finished product will be sent to you as a JPEG file or a PSD with separate layers.



Byakuya Kuchiki by Roggles Avatar Sketch by Roggles

Rosa by Roggles Commission - Baki by Roggles

Maru and Kakashi by Roggles Tsuki by Roggles

Black Star by Roggles The Strongest Shokunin by Roggles

Water Spirit by Roggles Syricel by Roggles


Lastly, thank you for viewing and please refrain from emailing me about requests and art trades. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

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