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Hello everyone!

It's been such a loooooooooong time! I apologise for the lack of updates. But here's one just to keep you guys informed.
First of all thanks for the support that you've been giving me, i could not thank you guys enough for it.

I have been going through a roller coaster ride with my work at the moment. It's all positive, but its been so stressful.
I've moved jobs and i am currently directing a game which is due to release very soon (April). As you know I now work for King, and the pressure is high!

I hope to post some work stuff here as soon as im allowed. But yeah been a bit stressful, running a team, and giving talks etc. Managerial work is tough I tell you that! But it's been a great experience. Been having some personal problems as well so just the icing on the cake if anything haha.

Future is looking bright though! I hope I can relax for a bit after the game is released. I strongly apologise to my clients as well, i havent tended to them in so long. In fact I havent logged in or checked deviant art for about 3 years now.

You can see some of my new stuff here:

Theyre all work material though. I have some ideas for personal projects so hopefully I can get on to that. I just need to iron a lot of things out for now.

Take care everyone, and see you soon!
(going to be going through the messeges! D:)

Hey guys I wrote a brief answer to this question someone asked me, and something that has bothered me for a long time as well :)
hope it helps you budding artists out there!…
Hey guys, i have just updated my system.

add me if you wish to play pokemon or bravely default (just bout this one)


First of all thank you everyone for your support and persistence to follow my artwork. It has been a loooooong time since I have joined this community, and I have grown up with a few of my fellow deviants here. I have to say, this site has a changed a lot since I joined. Its still similar in ways but most things are definitely different. I myself have changed in what I post regularly. I apologize for the lack of fan art I used to post here.

Ever since I went to uni, my life has changed quite a bit and my view on art is also quite different. Dont get me wrong, i still love Naruto, and I wish I could do more fanarts of it, but its been such a shift ever since I started working. I went back to studying painting and color in my free time, and I also did my dissertation in my final year in uni about color and light. So what I am posting here is just another quest for improvement. I've always loved manga, but I am very particular about what style it is. The reason I was drawn to Naruto was because it had a style that was quite accurate in terms of anatomy. This really helped me when was a uni because it made life drawing much easier to approach. Not sure if you have noticed, but even though I was drawing a lot of manga, I was still trying to paint things as accurate to the real thing. weather this be anatomy, or material. I think it was a good thing for me because even though I paint in a realistic approach, I can still stylize what I am painting.

I feel like cell shading was definitely one of my goals when I was doing them. Trying to understand what the masters in Japan do, how the animators approach them and trying to achieve it to its best. If I cell shaded something now, I think it would look quite different (not trying to achieve the screenshot look but my own style). But yeah, I have been super busy with life lately, specially with work etc. Its already 80% of my life. So trying to better myself at that is an ongoing mission. My goal is to be a good art director who has a broad knowledge in what I do, and this is what I am trying to showcase in my recent posts.

But yeah, thanks for the support everyone! If you have any suggestions on what I can post/paint next, let me know in the comments.

(praying to be more active here...)

Regards, and all the best,
Online now
come join the fun!

please feel free to ask questions whilst your at it! (ill do my best to answer!)…
Hey guys, I use to have one of these but I took it down because i never visit it, but since I have joined the spit paint community, there have been a lot of people trying to add me on facebook, so it would be great if you guys could be redirected here.
I tend to keep my personal facebook separate.

but yeah, feel free to give it a like or follow :)

Thanks guys!…
Anyone have the game?

I have added everyone who has commented on this journal btw :)

Im currently looking for a larvesta/volcorona with good IVs, any one wanna trade?

1676 3972 6166
Follow me on twitter to find out more about what time I'll be live. I'll also update here.

Live stream: rogiecustodio
Twitter: rogiecustodio
Hey guys, I will be resuming my commissions for people that have booked next week. Thanks again for being patient. I have been doing the live stream just to test out some new painting skills I have learned in my own work. I hope to apply this into the commissions I will be doing soon!

Thanks again! I will be more active here from now on :)
Doing some morning warmups (online now)

Going to be dual streaming with :iconaarongriffinart:

We both work in the same company and I thought it would be fun to do the dual cast again. Come join us on my live stream page then. I hope you will enjoy it :)

Also, if people would like to submit art for critiques, do so!!! would be cool to have a QA session again.


see you there!

Twitter: rogiecustodio
livestream: /rogiecustodio
Hey guys, I am holding a Q&A on my tumblr page. Just message me there if you have any questions about tips and trades :)
I will do my best to answer them!…
Hey guys, thinking of doing a live stream at some point. I hope my computer is fast enough to record itself... But yeah, we'll see how it goes, I will post up a notice as soon as i get it set up!
Or bettter yet, Maybe someone could submit an art for me to critique? I dunno, what do you think?

Hey guys, I am currently trying to get my set up right for a teaching course I am trying to run. Is there any particular area you'd want me to cover?

I will be planning this out, and it is going to be a paid program where I mentor you and give you personal feedback, just like how most online courses work.

I have been teaching for a while locally and at work, so now I would like to broaden it out to the Internet and to you guys! I would like to help people improve so that they could get an entry level knowledge of how to break in today's industry.

Let me know your suggestions, thanks!

I will be with you soon!


Hey guys, I was just reading through some of your comments. First of all, thank you! They were really helpful, and I can now set up a structure around the topics you have provided.

So here is the list as follows:

Cell Shading

As a graduate of animations, I have learned all of those from Uni, and have also developed through out the years working independently and in the industry. Whilst I have done courses online as well such as Schoolism, (I have seen about 5 of those courses and how its run) They only cover 1 topic. The same with the CG hub courses.

If I were to cover the topics above, the course is going to be intensive and it will be for serious learners! Just like existing courses online, I will be doing a section per week and set a homework that should last the rest of the week and after all homeworks are submitted by the end of the week, I will critique them individually for each person.

Obviously people will be in different levels, so I will cater to what they need. This feedback will be in a form of video where the other students will also have access to their classmate's feedback in order to see different critiques.
I have been looking at pricing and courses that only do 1 specific thing cost about $600-$1000. So, I will try to match the price range considering I cover more things. It is likely to be about 700$ and only 600$ if you recommend a friend.
This way, you are getting more for your money!

I think I will only take 15 students at a time, and later on expand so more people can join.

At the mean time, I will try and sort out the structure, and a website that will cover all of this.

I hope you guys are interested and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you all!
Hey guys, just an update journal because some people ask me if I'm in any of the networking sites. Answer to that is; yes I am. But if you addme on Facebook, please don't be offended if I reject you. It's just that Facebook is a more personal website haha.

Anyway, here are some of my IDs

LinkedIn: rogiecustodio
Twitter: @rogiecustodio
Instagram: roggles

I have been instagraming a few times lately! So if you've got an account, I could follow you back :)

More stuff to be posted soon! Sorry I have been super busy, I am currently working on the new bejewelled game soon to be released later this month. Our company also just released the first game app on Facebook that uses real money to play, it's been all over the news. It's called "friendzy" if you fancy looking it up.

That's all for now, ta!
Hey guys!

Thanks for the birthday messages! I had a great time during the day.

Anyway, small news, just a heads up following up on the previous journal entry, I will be back this weekend to work on stuff, so expect plenty of posts from me! in the mean time, I have posted some character designs that I have done at work on my Behance portfolio. Go check them out here:…

See you guys soon!
Hey guys, just a heads up, I have booked the second week off work so I can work on commissions and post all of them :)
hopefully that would be an active week for me :D

Some people have been asking me what games have I been working on; Not sure if you guys have seen it before but I posted an image of an alien?
I had to take it down because the game is not released yet, but its going to be a facebook game. I also just worked on a slot machine game with an underwater atlantic setting.
And now, I am actually the designer working on the new Bejewled Cascade game (not sure if you guys play bejeweled blitz on facebook).
I am also working on a minigame that goes on our website's chat screen called; Whack a bird, where you whack black birds that come out a pie. (it looks like cooking Mam-ish)
They're all flash based, but as a designer, just to let you know, you have to create all the assets for it... So its quite a handful. But Im getting there!

Thats about it,
I will see you guys soon!

Also, Legend of Korra is finished; Thoughts?
I personally thought this series was a lot weaker than the old ones. Its too fast paced, and not much character development, theres a lot of big things happening, but then were endede in the following episodes.
But the ideas and concepts on the otherhand, great!
So sorry for the lack of update guys.
I just cant keep up at the moment due to work... I have been working on two games at the moment and the pressure is a bit heavy... I cant even find time to go out etc.
I will be responding to emails very soon. Sorry about that and my sincerest apologies to :iconroyallycrimson:.
Im just trying my best to do well at work because im still a junior position and I basically had no weekend free to work on my own stuff (dying!)

I promise I wont fail to deliver! You have my word.

I will post all of the stuff soon. I have been working on them but I just have to keep post poning due to work load. I will take a break from work soon, so ill see you guys soon!
Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone out there is in search of a good table? Immselling mine for £100. I had this since it came out, and if anyone wants a novelty item from me? Haha my actual tool of trade to create my digital paintings!

Btw it's A6. The smallest. They're quite expensive to get hold of.
Hey guys, me and a friend are planning to start an online course, I will be teaching Photoshop Basics of painting and he may be teaching caricature and painting. I've had the opportunity to teach some schools and museums last year and was a great experience. I thought I could carry this through online as well.

This course will feature me live painting and going over the basic tools in painting, from creating line art to painting. This means you'll also get to learn how to cell shade like me! :D And I will be setting assignments and will give video feedback as well. The course could run from 3-5 weeks (its a weekly thing) perhaps depending on what to cover. But yeah, for all you aspiring concept artist or people who'd want to go into advertising, design, and concept art.

For now this is just a plan we have, but its likely that we are going to start it in July/august. It could would cost around £350 - £700 (depending on the level) for the full training.

I'm just wondering who would be interested for now before i set up the course. But as I said, its still in the works :)
Hey guys, we are looking for a potential starter for our company :)
If you guys are seeking opportunities, I would strongly recommend this!…

Such a great company to work for.

Just use me as reference if you want to apply :)

Look at what I work with :)