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Loving the 3rd Season so far, thought i'd give it a worthy fanart :)
Wow, I haven't cell shaded in ages!
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Amazing love the bright color of their eyes. And the overall pic is amazing. Love the color style and texture. What program and tablet did u use?
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I always love these guys. Their bonds and friendships, are nothing short of great.

Amazing job, on each of them. Great details, pretty colouring and wonderful shading.
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Awesome team with awesome characters
Szymanowsky7Husky's avatar
Amazing!!!! Very Love it!!
GentlemanOrdo's avatar
This makes me happy :) Nice!
MissFlight's avatar
Very nicely done; I love the intensity of their eyes-the colors really pop out at me.
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You should make a tutorial on how to color like this! D:
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its funny that Korra dated all the members of team avatar
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Yeah but she was only serious with two of them. Bolin was sweet and funny... wait, why didn't she get serious with him? He made a better boyfriend than Mako (though not as good a girlfriend as Asami)
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Very good artwork!! :iconbravoplz:
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Awesome work, mate! If I had done it myself, it couldn't be any better.
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It is beautiful :'D
I like their eyes.
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that's brillant!;) a very BEAUTIFUL work;)
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it has been some ride, I love ATLOK. man you are amazing !
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Love it! You got their faces perfectly!
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the whole team!!! very cool 
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Just awesome. *-*
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