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Snowy Landscape

Something I did in the office. Enjoy!
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Dude that is awesome!!!
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Looks great! I want to print it and place it in my house) 
Ohhh, this is gorgeous!
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Been following you for years and still glad to see amazing works from you every time! :) Keep up the good work~
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Beautiful! (:
What a vista
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the colors & brushwork are just wow <3
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OOh, the mountains look great, love the different light levels in each layer, the glow from the houses actually looks quite warm and inviting in the snowy surroundings.
The attention to detail is wonderful too.

You say this was in the office, do you work for a company or was this a commission?
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this was just a doodle haha.
I do work for a company now :)
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That's not a doodle, a doodle is something drawn in biro in the margins of your notebook, this is, like... a weekend's work or something.

Ah, what company?
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This may depict some fantastical land, but all I can think of is the Indiana Jones movie--where Marian is in Nepal.

Still, it's beautiful. I particularly like the light spilling out of the doorway and the setting sun illuminating the mountains. :)
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It's so beautiful.
My favorite details are the houses light.
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doesn't the focal point seem too close the center? maybe moving the castle off in the distance a bit to the right? direction-wise, the house with the tenant at the door would sort of lead up to it...
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Aren't you over thinking things...
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this is how i break down composition for a piece of art.

This is what critiquing really looks like.
really love the scenary
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Wow this is so dope man!
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