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Sketches 2

x_D excuse me for being random... hehe

i was just lying on my bed and was ddodling 8( well, u knw... got carried away haha

theyre just pics of wat came into my head at the time xD
btw, that gaara and baki... dont ask about it, i ddnt really mean it, i just ddnt know wat to put on speech bubbles lol x_D

mechanical pencil
no ref (sketches duh)
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PoneAnimosusVia's avatar
Aahhahahaha! :D Don't worry Sonic- you look great!
The10Elites's avatar
This is amazing! Bah so jealous, always wanted to draw favorite characters straight from the head at anytime :[, oh well lol.
MariaPereira's avatar
Gaara looks amazing here *O*
JackKiller21's avatar
B-B-Q, that was the funny part
Musou-Enrai's avatar
Oh! What type was the lead? B, HB? :?
Musou-Enrai's avatar
MECH PEN!@? :jawdrop:
NO REF!?!?
Great doodles, I think Baki and Gaara need some more love in the manga, along with Shino. Adding Sonic was a nice touch.
Suiryuu-Hime's avatar
love the shading techniques xD!
cuerp0tierqo's avatar
pretty freaking sweet! READY! sketching-no jutsu!!!!
Douglasswolf's avatar
Very nice! I can't believe that you only call that doodles! BTW I think the swirly thing in the corner could be either Sonic or a Rasengan. Awesome drawing either way.
akiVinz's avatar
... "gyahaha! i'm dead!"...

... it puts me up in a good mood...

... anyways, you're awesome...
wow you did that in a doodle way?? awesome.
GlassMoonBeams's avatar
Hahaha omg so cool
lisalim8's avatar
lol gaara in sonic's so cute!
Geoponic's avatar
Man thats awesome.

I'll never be able to draw like this ¬_¬
Taragirl's avatar
<3 Gaara lol at the random Sonic
Lazzarrus's avatar
That's just wicked sick.
Vane553's avatar
i love your sketches ^^
jedday's avatar
woow its great ... i like ur style.. the drawings are fast sketches, but are the same time they are so elaborated :D
Kirra2's avatar
it looks so accurate, but how... :plotting: lol

Nice work :)
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