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SC: Set 13

more 8)... the girl in the kimono is toph as an adult 8D

characters commissioned by:


to get one, check out my latest journal ^^
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I found my new fave artist
tobi1480's avatar
boa91's avatar
I wish I could see the steps you take to draw these! I love your style! I want to be as good as this or better!
Yuki-Midna's avatar
Wow.. Toph and Luppi look amazing!
brynkmeister's avatar
can you give me some tips on how to draw like this i know how to draw but how you make the lines so clean puzzles the hell out of me!
twincastX's avatar
cool character sheet!!
EmaCamU's avatar
battousai ninja xD
haitain's avatar
the guy on the uper left kinda look like sosuke from fullmetal panic.
steven07's avatar
AWESOME! How do you clean up sketch lines whenever you scan a drawing? Like how do you make your lines clearer instead of the scan look it usually has?
Bruno-Sensei's avatar
wow... such creativity to make positions
Seriachat's avatar
Wuah, nice draws =)
CrazyCherryPie's avatar
awesome like always^^
your OC very great and Toph looks pretty good too^^
My respect since a long time ~w~
simplyelizabeth's avatar
sasuke-is-awsome's avatar
Wow, Toph looks amazing! Your a great artist! :)
Galistar07water's avatar
Sweet! Luv the Toph one the best! :love:
whitebengal14's avatar
the upper right's dress is pretty! :D
the lower left is coolios. O.O
an the middle bottom is cool! ^o^ love his weapons...and his look. :D

Minato36's avatar
dood all of these r so awesome. r u like redrawing OCs?
bmd247's avatar
hey how do you draw the body of a character??? do you just draw it because you know the anatomy or the technique?? or take photos or some other way??? could i know hehe...
re-kii's avatar
toph is sooo pretty. :heart:
E-park's avatar
uwo, nice design! (love the girl in right-top)
ArticTiger's avatar
Awesome I loved how you drew Toph older I love that the best! :) I also love how you did both of my characters China & Vincent with his Chinese twin Dragon Fork swords :dance: :heart:
viewkemi's avatar
I luuuv swords!! (L)
Sharingan-Zero's avatar
I love adult Toph, also the girl next to her!
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