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Portrait Break

EDIT NO JUTSU!8_D did color ranging, this worked best, just balanced out the color temperatures ^^'

*big sigh* phew 8)

erm yeah, i posted it here, because... i want a little break from all the commissions ive been posting ^^... so heres an image i kinda drew a just out of bordome ^^.... anyway yeah, ill c if i can post this in the other gallery too, but i dont really see the point ^^

yeah, here u go 8)

painted using a chalk brush (default brushes)
2 hours or so ^^''
i was gonna add a butterfly... but sod it... it has too many details XDDDD

enjoy 8_D
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The nose, my lord. THE NOSE. Lol, the nose and eyes are my favorite things about this pic.
Darth-san's avatar
great image ^^

looks like Shanoa from Castlevania though :]
Ni-G's avatar
omg u should sell prints
ryussei23's avatar

beautifully done!
asrneo's avatar
beautiful as always:) i love the colors you used :D
MyartMystyle's avatar
Love the colours and the detail.:D
Sugar-High-Otaku's avatar
wow this is amazing!
Sakura-Sennin's avatar
very very beautiful :D
daennah's avatar
putik! GALING TLGA! keep up the good work!
LudovicGarinot's avatar
S U B L I M E *___________*
demonko's avatar
NorngPinky's avatar
2 hours? Man, that's amazing!
Solar12's avatar
It's so beautiful! The hair is so great! It looks as if it's actually moving to me! Good job ^^
ctk86's avatar
omg-itbesora's avatar
So beautiful~! I love the lips and the reflections on the eyes.
samjudtsu's avatar
O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO FREAKIn' AWSOME MAN!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! :headbang: ROCK ON!!!!! :headbang:
AdventAddict's avatar
the eyes..the eyes!!

galing talaga!!
ArtSwitch-Engage's avatar
very well done. The entire picture looks great.
BoRn2DaNcEoNiCe's avatar
Beautiful.. I love the reflections on her eyes..
RV-TIDE's avatar
This looks real nice. The colours especially and tone.
WingsofOnyx's avatar
That's beautiful! I love it!
Yoraido's avatar
very good work!
Esthermolester's avatar

keep it up, dude. i love your work
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