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Pai Sho

commissioned by :icongossymer:

Phew... took a while! The guys in their older state of course :)

But these designs were done way before Korra came out :P

EDIT: Fixed Toph's hand and removed the carpet.
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how can toph play if she can't tell apart the pieces? But i love it!

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GREAT JOB! It looks very clear. nice details!

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wuau what great work of avatar with toph vs zuko in pai sho with iroh in judge is awesome and fantastic one great work congratulations friend:D:)
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While Toph is by no means stupid, I think the fire prince will win. 1: He's pretty cunning 2: He probably learned how to play Pai sho from his uncle.
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Absolutely beautiful! :wow: (Also, it gives me so many good feels to see Iroh wearing his Book 1 outfit in a post-epilogue scenario. I'm not sure why. I just always liked his original "look" so much, and it makes me smile to think of him wearing it again, and of course spending time around Zuko in the Fire palace! :))
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But how does she see? I'm assuming the pieces are made of stone and she can feel the different patterns?
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This is so amazing! You should try making an animation, I'm sure it'd be great!
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I like how they look!
Toph's got Zuko in a tight spot...XD
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Awesome love the color, style, and design
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A weird moment:
I just revisitied this picture (for obvious reasons, its marvelous) while listening to "Radioactive".
Taking Aang's journey in account ... "welcome to the new age". Shivered down to the core.
There is no description how happy this artwork makes me.
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This should have happened in the show
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How would Toph tell the difference between the pieces?
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The pieces probability have their symbols carved on their surfaces so Toph can easily tell them apart. 
Xiangqi, Chinese Chess pieces are designed like that so even blind people can join in on the fun :D
(also for an easier grip)
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Ahhhh so pretty!
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I totally believe Iroh taught them all how to play before he died, and also taught them all how to make proper tea
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Can Toph distinguish between each piece?
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Uh, Toph? How can you even see the board?
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