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Kushina Uzumaki

lol my perception x_D....
erm yeah... tayuya came to mind...>.>
anyway... yeah... i wonder why she has the uzsumaki name not minato... weird X_D o well..

lets see...

i drew her that way cos...
- i was thinking of tayuya
- her eyes and outfit are similar to naruto's
- i knw shes not from the leaf, but i dont know where the hell whirlpool is or what the symbol looked like so i just used the leaf head band
- lastly shes a tomboy... so yeah... 8_D cant really give her a girly layout... plus short hair makes her more boyish i guess...
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This is one of the best Kushina pictures on Devaintart. :heart: great job.
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I found it again!
I remember seeing this a nearly a decade ago right after Tsunade and Jirayia talked abour Naruto's mother the first time and thought OMG this is a perfect depicture of Kushina. I held this image in my mind while continuing reading the maga, and when Kishimoto finally introduced the real kushina, I was dissapoited in the lack of tomboyishness he displayed. Needless to say, I like your version better, even now after all these years! :)
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Very beautiful !
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Kishimoto said she was a tomboy, but he drew her to be really girly-looking!
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Tayuya was Kushinas daughter? I didnt know that.
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doesn't look like her at all...
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hair should be long))
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I love how you did this pic of her it almost looks life like!!!
It's been forever since I looked at this picture and I still wish this is how she had turned out in the Manga....I adore your design of her.
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Hey! Awesome pic.

*spoiler explanation* She moved to the leaf when she was young to become to nine tails kyuubi and the Eddi clan, where she is from, is symbolized by the red circle on the back and sides of all the Konoha Jounin jackets. Konoha uses it as a symbol of their treaty and alliance with the Eddi clan and whirlpool nation which no longer exists because it was destroyed due to their sealing abilities which made other nations fear them.
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the whirpool is the simbol uzumaki lol(my sister said that)
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Actually, Naruto has the last name Uzumaki because the Third and the advisers and such thought it wouldn't be safe for Naruto to be known as the Fourth's son, so he was given his mother's last name instead. So that's why he's Uzumaki Naruto and not Namikaze Naruto. Also, she moved to the Leaf durign her Academy years so she would've graduated as a Leaf ninja, so the headband's right. :P

But yeah! It looks really cool! :D Great work. I like how she looks more boyish and has short hair. Although there is a short chapter in which it shows her in her genin years. :P (I think this looks cooler).
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she looks amazing
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Well? Can I add this to my list?
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May I add this to my fav list.
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hmmm.. this might be irrelevant... but i really like the grass and the background. it makes the picture really natural xD
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shweet! love her hair! :)
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she has Uzumaki as her last name and not Minato's last name becasue they weren't married when they had Nartuo, but nice picture
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Whirlpool doesn't exist anymore. According to the manga and anime it was destroyed in the war.
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i LOVE this! The pose, the hair, even the konoha leaf symbol is right on. i mean, land of whirlpool doesn't exist anymore, so maybe she had to become a leaf nin. who knows!? but this is awesome!
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I think it's so they could give Naruto her last name. (So that people wouldn't know Minato was his father- that would probably cause a bunch of problems....)

And it's possible that Minato was so busy doing his Hokage duties & Kushina was so busy doing her shinobi duties (+ helping Minato with his work;)) that they never had the chance to officially get married.
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