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Juho Shoshiken

here we go, did it lol...

yeah, its her new technique in the manga ^^'
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Love it! Too bad we never see its effect.
you seen chapter 700?
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Dunno, why it reminds me of this: [link]
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Or this: [link]
Funny, he even has something like the Hyuuga clan symbol on him. :rofl:
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This is epic!!! :clap:
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holy shit! awesome
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I love how you motion blurred her arms! It looks like she's coming right at me!
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it's cool and you r good painter, but I don't like this pic...
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how did she do that? and where the hell did she learn to do that? and what the hell does it do?
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cool picture
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One word: Epic!
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Yosh! Hinata-Chan! :w00t: she's awesome! I just love the detail & the colors are amazing too! :D
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I love the use of the focus and lightning!
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Still looks good as it did the first time I saw it. :) Only her forehead looks a bit too big. I know the small hair bangs are foreshortened but nevertheless.
Did I ask how long did it take you and was it completely digital? :?
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And with this technique, Hinata officially became the most bad-ass female ninja in Naruto, IMHO.
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omg, if her chakra can turn into lions, thats a strong move
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Awesome!! :la: Your so good at drawing!! :heart:
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Hi I wanted to know if it would be okay to mention you in the inspiration meme that is going around. The fact that you have your own style but have learned so well to use the original styles of the characters you draw is something that is challenging to develop, especially since it is hard to keep your own style separate, It inspires me to learn to do the same.
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yeah sure ^^,
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