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yeah... just decided to do a bit of painting XD...
havent done it in a while 8S

hope you like it ^^;

sorry this piece wasnt planned at all lol... so it looks rushed.
i might make another version once i get my head around xD....

EDIT: fixed color temps
EDIT2: worked on it more, flipped the image horizontally.
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DANG. I have seen arm cannons in my day, but that puts Cobra, Samus, even Megaman to shame. I can't imagine the recoil on that thing--must be why he's bandaged his shoulder, right? :-D (
In all seriousness, I love this pic. The atmosphere and the guy's attitude are perfect.
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When I saw this I really thought this was from an anime, I really wanted to watch this anime, but turns out its not an anime, lol, but awesome art!
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His clothes look like Rempo's !! (In Avalon Code, don't know if you played this game !) Anyway it's BEAU-TI-FUL !
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oh i really dig this one
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COOOOL looks like renpo in avalon code xD
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This here is Epic thats what it is
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Oo rushed!! tss I cant see where its supposed to look rushed!! man you are too modest °°
looks just great!! and the scenery alone!! Oo maaan!! that light I loove such pics!! great work!!
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i just love it n_n
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ahm still here sigh
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Can't stop looking at this drawing...
it gonna make me dead
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Magicall!!! * 0 *
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This is awesome. It kinda reminds me of that one character from .hack//Roots
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Wooowww! it's amazing man! I wish i, too, could do "a bit of painting" like this.

keep on paintin'
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I love the concept and the painting is beautiful... but something seems off with the person. Head too small? Legs to long? mmm maybe the legs... /shrug
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So cool! Love your art, man.
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Honestly I like your work but it seems to "Rempo" "Avalon Code" in the dress!

But yours looks better!
Frazzled-Niya's avatar
very cool...the background is impressive too =3
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*bows before your awesomeness* Wow...if I had half that talent. Amazing as always ^_^! How ya been?
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That's an incredibly awesome character design, and I like how misty their surroundings are. Great job on the lighting and the vast amount of details in the character. :D
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