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Sonic rivals in 2 minutes

All my current projects are halted because of lack of voices, so you know what that means. Crappy one day with no voice actors project! yay!

Originally i had a lot more scenes in this movie, but I lost interest, so I kicked all none important and not directly to do with the game scenes out, and it went a lot more smoothly. Sorry to Zody who nimated party of the metal gear solid scene for naught ^^;

So yeah, hope you enjoy ^^

Also in this series,
Sonic adventure 2:[link]
Sonic battle: [link]
Sonic riders:[link]
Sonic rivals by sonic team.
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I guess will never puting on Newgrounds.

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Sonic Freedom Fighters 2 in 4 minutes
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So Last Infrit its based on Sonic Rivals 2?
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Why did Big went super\hyper on TV?
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to icnrease inteligence so he doesn't sound stupid anymore?

Actually i have no idea why I did that.
Must have been an in-joke with one of the voice actors.
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yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa its my favorite yea
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waiter:what's your order sir?
sajad:Vimto,tang,vimto,tang I CONFUSED AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! 
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What is the name sonic and knuckles go to eggman Music?
and music race?
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Weird al cavity search

William Tell overture
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cards cards woohoo cards
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I can't changevmy deviant name cause that Sonic dumped me I like shadamy cause shadow comforted me and he's kind and gentleman and hot
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Yeah, I can see how that removes your ability to change usernames.
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Heh, that was a sarcastic jab. Sorry if it confused you.
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Oh my that was great xD Knuckles punching everyone while confused is plain hilarious xDD
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After watching this flash years ago I go 'soup?salad?soup?salad?' in my head when I'm confused. That and I get the urge to punch stuff. o.o
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Ah, sorry about that.
That acn't act well in real life. ^^;
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I have the game and when I was learning how to play. I got my butt kicked (no helpful instructions in the book) this is really funny and I agree with Knuckles XD
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