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Sonic dissected 5

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Again, this is the twin brother of chapter 4, so it's mostly Sonic adventure 2 versus unleashed. Oh my.
Biggest chapter yet, so be warned.

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GrandMetroViperHobbyist General Artist
Simplicity is a wonderful thing but handled poorly can make a deviously misleading. Flaking off any semblance of seriousness in turn for comedy doesn't make a simple story it just makes a boring mess in my opinion. That's the ONE problem I have with modern Sonic stories especially with Sonic Boom for example. 

Now with plottwist I see it the same way with an annoying character......the audience needs to be less aware of the plot twist for it to have a greater effect. Just throwing them at you with no warning is also a VERY bad thing because there's no build up in addition to them no being plottwist in the first place.
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Galao-MooseStudent General Artist
He said Monkey D. Luffy :iconsuperw00tplz: ONE PIECE REF! FTW!!!
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I'm not a fan of sonic unleashed. I remember my first impression was «oh okay wherehog, ahemm.. okay punching monsters....Why did they create the wherehog thing when knuckles can do the same things ??? » So, they could put knuckles to replace the pointless wherehog (who we doesn't know where he comes from and it's never explain in the game). I know that replace the werehog by knuckles would make the story totaly different and incoherent, i'm talking about gameplay. ^^ Punching monsters could me the echidna's job.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
would have been a neat alternative, yeah.
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Listening to these, you kinda remind me of my professor from my harry potter lit class. And when we were going over the differences between the movies and the books and how the earlier movies aren't as good as the later ones because they watered them down too much in order to make them approachable for the general movie crowd that don't want to think, they just want to be entertained.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Sure, Harry Potter can also be analyzed into the smaller details, why not?
Very smart of a professor to teach students trough pop culture. Lord of the Rings and Metal Gear Solid can equally be analyzed like you would with the bible/ Shakespeare.
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We basically analyzed HP with regards to the hero archetype, the reason behind certain numbers and such. The same professor also held a Mythology class, which I took, as well as a Lord of the Rings and I think a Star Trek one as well. Those two I wasn't able to take since I had all my credits to transfer.

I have to say, taking that class, and then looking back on my HS english lit class, everything was much much clearer.

Anyway keep up the good work! I'm keeping track of these story telling rules for my own little projects.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Sure thing.
And thanks
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the best one good job it was funny. that why i love your video it good. i saw some crittic of other sonic game and is was boring it was like(HA SILVER SAID IT NO USE TTHAT A BAD GAME) but you have argument and funny stuff that why i like your video. just one thin is that relly bad the cartoon sound effect?
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Nah, the sound effects aren't bad on their own, just in when you use them.
When you hear the sound effects, you think of old bugs bunny cartoons and such, that doesn't work well when the scene tries to be dramatic.

It's all about context.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist
I've watched these and I see you actually make some good points.

I started to noticed that the Sonic games are actually steering away from the Sonic adventure games. At least in Sonic '06, you were feeling something for the characters and it was painful when something bad happened to them.

Shadow's game was just messed up and made his story needlessly complicated. Leaving more plotholes than filling them. I mean it did have it's moments but I still don't like it.

Now the games are starting to become more like just useless funny lines and the characters are becoming invulnerable. That does make a story boring.

Of course the gameplay comes into affect. But I believe that to have a successful game you need a great story, firm gameplay, memorable characters, character development as the story goes on, and make the characters multi-dimensional with personality yet have weaknesses and obstacles they have to overcome.

Another thing that the games should do is show valuable lessons that will mean something to the younger generation. A lesson learned in an adventure or experience is memorable and valuable. If you have a character overcome and obstacle and learn something of themselves from it, you have a good story.

I'm an aspiring writer and I want to write for Sonic games in the future. I wrote out a sample script with Sonic in it based on how he is in the games now. I showed it to a friend and they said that he thought Sonic was just goofy. That's when it clicked with me. Sonic is just becoming a goofy character in the games, not the same hero we used to know. At least in the earlier games he was still cocky, but multi-dimensional.

With the characters, don't steer too far from their original personality but also let them grow up a little.

But I'm still learning about story telling and videogame script writing so I guess I shouldn't judge anyone.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Ah, the importance of lessons and morals in stories.
well, good luck with that. Keep in mind lessons and morals in stories work the best when they flow naturally out of the story. Let the characters be led together or toward the moral and you'll do fine.

But if you have to make the story come to a grinding halt and have the characters wag their finger and stare at the audience while explaining the moral, you failed.
Which is sadly how much japanese games including Sonic usually handle their morals. "But Shadow, if you work hard and never give up on your dreams, your heart will open!" Yay.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist

How I right stuff is that I try to have characters actions define themselves in their own words. Because actions define a character. I want the audience to remember what these characters are striving for but not beat it to death either.

Of course, if it's all just action then the story can also get boring. You have to find that fine balance between actions and dialogue. Some things only action can tell, some things only dialogue can tell, and some times both are required to tell a scene.

Also, when I add stories twists, I try to do it when they are needed, not random. I try to imply to them but not come out and say them. A sense of mystery has to be involved if you want to keep people engaged.

When I incorporate valuable lessons such as friendship, courage, love, perseverance, and self confidence I try to find ways to keep them aware in the story but not make it a mellow drama. The balance is hard to find but once you do something just clicks. Once that happens, things just fall into place and the story becomes quite clear.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
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Maiden-ChynnaStudent Digital Artist
Watching these things have taught me important notes on story telling and just may save the comic i'm working on!

Thanks alot!

And It's also really interesting hearing the critiques of these games.
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
I understand now why you like games like Sonic Genesis and Shadow the Hedgehog, they fulfill that rollercoaster theory, right? After this, I realized how many plotholes the games had, but I still like Sonic Unleashed. Have you ever considered e-mailing this to SEGA? It's a fun way to learn.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Sonic genesis? That one doesn't have a story.
As for Shadow, it's hard to say since that story is so fragmented.

I like SOnic unleashed's gameplay. At least the Wii version's, te playstation/xbox version is slightly too difficult for my tastes.
It's only story I'm talking about here.
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I meant to say Sonic 2006, or Next Gen. I must have been typing in such a hurry that I accidently wrote the wrong name.:worry: You the one with Elise in it...? ANd yeah, I prefer the PS2 version of Unleash as well. the Xbox/PS3 ones have too much platforming.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Oh that.
The ironic thing about SOnic 2006's story is that it indeed fixes every complaint I brought up before (Other then Eggman being dumb)
However it fixes it by going too far into the other direction.
It does have a rollercoaster structure, sure.
Sonic is vunerable, Eggman is not a clown.

But instead, most characters are kind of..boring.
But I'll get ot Sonic 06 in either nthe next chapter r the one after.
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it did have that structure, but it did not fully complete it by becoming too serious, I mean, Sonic's death is heavy. Hope the next chapters come out quick. :D
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
I hope in the future that you become a writer for SEGA, and then, Sonic will actually be loved once again.
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Too bad you guys aren't writing for SEGA...
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sonictopfanHobbyist General Artist
Man did I tell you that I love you? Seriously your scale in my book has increased after watching this, well done!
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