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Sonic dissected 10

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Thanks to :iconluke-the-f0x: as usual as my partner in crime.

And today's guest, :iconsalacommander:

Wasn't sure if I should name this an official dissected episode, since we talk a lot Around the Sonic games here instead of about it..Ah well.

So, in this episode, we answer some mail, talking about a wild variety of things.
Myeah, sorry it took so long, with Christmas and a whole ton of real life assignments I got I don't have that much time lately.

Thanks to Sega for most of the footage.
Additional credit to Nintendo, Depuis, Disney, Square Enix.
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Two years late to the party, but this is a fan-fudging-tastic series!  You see so many videos out there about how much Sonic sucks anymore and that nobody cares about his stories, but devoting an entire show to such THOUGHTFUL and INTERESTING analyses on just the stories is like an addictive substance for me.  Bravo!

I think this episode actually has the only thing I haven't 100% agreed with you on yet; namely, that the comic writers wouldn't work for the games.  There's a million reasons why writing games would be different from writing comics and if this was still the Adventure Era, I'd agree that there's no chance in Iblis that an Archie or Fleetway writer could write for the games.  The way the franchise is now, however, things seem much more flexible.

Sega seems to have given up on making Sonic relevant to Japanese players and seems to be focusing on just making him a Western household name by this point, even going so far as to get specifically-Western writers to give Sonic and friends a specifically-Western treatment.  Meanwhile, the Archie comics have become pretty much wholesale focused on making their comics more like the games, going so far as to dig up HUNDREDS of obscure references to old Sonic media and modeling characters closer to how they'd appear in the games.  With Sega's focus on Western audiences and Archie's focus on game media, it seems like they could probably work something out where the next game they design could actually benefit from a more focused and Sonic-educated writer (Archie only seems to have one guy writing all their Sonic stuff at the moment).  I'm sure the writer(s) would have to play by much different rules than they're used to "back home," but part of being a professional is learning to work with your boss's rules, so I can't imagine it'd be impossible for them to adapt.  The fact that Sega doesn't seem to care about what happens in the stories anymore and that comic writers are no stranger to having to meet executive demands don't seem to be bad omens.

Sadly, I don't know anything about the Fleetway comics, let alone if they're even still printing.  They may not be as good a fit for the games as the Archie crew, at the moment.

...Of course...You made this video two years ago.  The Archie Comics weren't as game-focused back then and your opinions may have changed by now...And there was that whole "Sega fired a bunch of their American employees and is completely refocusing their Sonic initiatives" incident only a few months ago...So, I guess this entire post was pointless.  Whoops.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
My opinion on the comics (At least Sonic universe and Ian Flynn's work in particular) has improved my opinon since making this video.
Indeed the dude definitly knows how the correctly write the characters and has a lot of respect for the past. Sonic universe has a lot of great moments.

Tough that's still one of the problems I have with the comics, a little to much respect for the past.
I mean , look at that Megaman and sonic cross over where they also throw in tons of other capcom and sega characters in there.
As much as I love the insane cross-over and all the characters, it's as I said, opening the floodgates.
Either you have to tie up 20 diffrent universes together satisfyingly or everyone is just there to look pretty. Which is pretty much what ends up happening.
Now of course that cross-over is a special exagerated case, but far as I'm concerned, it's really a thing that bothers me with most of the comics, it's just more extreme here.

But sure, get Ian Flynn working on a videogame, provided there's someone swatting his hand everytime he tries to get too many characters and events going on at the same time, and there's a lot of hope.

Compared with clowns like Pontac/Graff and Frieberg, i definitly have a ton more respect for most of the Archie writers.
Never the less, American comics are soooo focused, so obsessed with this idea that something shocking and amazing must happen every 10 pages that it's lacking the flow and breathing room for events to really have weight to it rather then to be a non stop parade of big revelations and shocking twists that only make sense if you have the 25 year history of Sonic ingrained in your brain.

Altough sure, there's a huge diffrence between spreading over your big story relevations over 50 minutes of cutscenes instead of 20 pages of comic.
Especially since you don't need to waste precious screentime on the action.
So who knows, maybe I'm worried over nothing and spreading out the content of a bunch of comics over a big wide open Sonic game is just the magical solution to perfection.

And compared to the current games where NOTHING shocking or amazing happens at all, I suppose too much of a good thing might be better then a big load of nothing.

So....I don't know.
There's definitly a lot of potential. Tough the Archie gang needs to be put on a leash.

Which Sega has done recently. Hooray!

And as usual, by fighting one extreme, they go into the OTHER extreme with the "No character development, Sonic needs to be invincible, etc." rules. And forcing the empty comedy of Boom on them, destroying the bad And the good from the comics.
Sigh. We're just bouncing from one extreme to the other, aren't we?
Maybe we need to get the producers and executives booted out of Sega before worrying about writers.
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I haven't read the two cross-over stories yet (they'll be my return to Archie's comics after a long absence), but I had the exact same fear of just how many series/universes they were bringing in.  I mean, Sonic and Megaman alone have big casts with a lot of characters fans like to see (especially Sonic with his Archie-friends), and it can be hard enough giving everyone satisfying screentime as-is.  When I heard that all of the Sega and Capcom characters were getting involved, the first thing I thought was, "If Wesker's there, it'll all be worth it."  Just a few seconds after that thought, I had another, "Is anyone gonna get real screentime, or are we just parading around cameos?"  As much as I love the energy I hear is coming from Ian Flynn and his comics (I think he's still the ONLY writer for all things Sonic over there), it's apparent that the series are falling under some unfortunate popular marketing trends.

Ever-expanding roster to pump fans up?  Check.
A story will continue in the next issue...OF A DIFFERENT SERIES?  Check.
Give a single character 3 of 5 series?  Check...Granted, this one's justified considering how big Sonic's cast is.
Event stories that "change the face of the world forever" every year or so?  Check.

On one hand, a big event story is awesome and helps people jump in on the series and really gets the creative staff's juices flowing.  On the other hand, TOO MANY of them becomes bothersome and you feel more locked out of the comics than you would if they just focused on TELLING stories every month and not SELLING them.  Still, your point of "Too much of a good thing vs Nothing good at all" is very valid and you can't fault Archie for wanting to breathe life into their series.  Hell, if anyone can pull off this kind of gimmicky delivery (and a universal reboot they had to do to avoid a lawsuit), I think it's Archie.  And if Ian Flynn can write 5 series at once AND put up with all of the editorial demands, I'd say he can handle writing a single game or episode of Sonic Boom once in a while.  Like you said, the games themselves would handle the fight scenes for him, so he could just focus on plot and characterization, which is where I think he excels anyway.

Segueing from a good writer to some bad writers, I really have to commend you for going SO FAR OUT OF YOUR WAY to look up Pontac's and Graf's writing careers, especially considering they're both so short and obscure.  Looking over what they've worked on, it really does make you wonder why Sega picked those two to write for their flagship mascot and widely-beloved hedgehog.  I can honestly see a kernel of potential in Pontac (like your video said, he seems like he has the energy, even if he had no idea what to do with it in Colors), but he really needs a better partner to bring out the best in him; Graf really seems like he probably didn't want to be there, let alone knew what to do when he got there.  It still boggles the mind how Sega looked at Madworld and Happy Tree Friends and said, "Yep!  Those are our guys!"'s that Pinball Theory you proposed, isn't it?

Sonic 2006: Too serious.  Make it light-hearted.
Unleashed: Too light-hearted.  Needs more cynicism.
Colors: We clearly don't care about this guy and don't think you should either...Apparently, this is the right way to do things.

I honestly consider Adventure through 2006 to be the "golden age" of Sonic for me.  I never really grew to fully appreciate the 2D gameplay, but I always loved how these 3D games took themselves seriously while still keeping things accessible for people who would say "Oh look, animals.  That's cute."  The series was lacking in jokes in a big way, but I was fine with that.  They believed enough in what they were doing and didn't let bum reviews distract them.  Unleashed onwards?  It feels like every game is a desperate attempt to fix what was wrong in the past and get people to love them again.  Going from Adventure through 2006, you'll largely recognize the gameplay every game (maybe a few gimmicks here and there, but the buttons always do what you'd expect them to do).  Unleashed, Colors and Lost World, however, may as well be from 3 separate series...I'm assuming anyway (haven't played Lost World and I'm going off your analysis for Colors).  I mean, you don't see Mario constantly change himself every game just because fans said so; he just does what he wants to do and people love him for it.

You suggested booting the Sega executives to start things fresh...I think maybe the execs should just throw in the towel and sell out.  Sega's been trying SOOOOOO HARD to be relevant ever since the Dreamcast passed away, but where has it really gotten them?  They have a good working relationship with Nintendo...Maybe they should just take it to the next level?  I can't imagine that access to Nintendo's resources and Nintendo's talented staff would be a bad thing for Sonic and whatever other series Sega still has (admittedly, I don't know much about Sega).  I guess Sega's Japanese scene is doing better than its American scene and they don't want to put all of their people out of work with a merger/acquisition.  And they can't simply "just sell Sonic" since, even now, a lot of their performance is wrapped up in him.  I don't know...Is it selfish to just wanna see Sonic return to Adventure levels of prestige again, even if companies have to buy each other out to do so?

I was hoping Boom would be the shot in the arm Sonic needed to shake things up again, but things clearly went weird there.  It's so weird how even the TV show manages to emulate Pontac/Graf's style despite them not even being on the show...Or any writer penning more than just ONE story on the show for that matter.  I'll shamefully admit that Boom-Eggman cracks me up 90% of the time and that I always giggle and clap my hands when I see Sonic and Tails hang out, but man...Flat jokes, horrible depictions of characters, episodes that totally avoid character development and endings that just....DIE.  A friend on dA once described this show as "more like a fan comic than a real show" and I have to agree with her.  It's just like how you pointed out the differences between "internet humor" and "TV show humor."  It really feels like the show barely understands these characters and just writes them in whatever way gets them to a cheap joke, not in any kind of way that makes us believe that they're real, likable people.  What's with all of the Sonic writers not liking Sonic anymore?
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Well I agree I wouldn't mind Sega dissapearing and letting other companies take over their franchises; with exception of the Yakuza series, none of the current Sega games really FEEL Sega and other companies like SUMO does a way better job in understanding what made Sega tick then whatever beaten down corporate slaves are still left there. All the big Sega personalities and heroes have long left that ship and moved on.
But I'm not sure I want Nintendo to be the one stepping in.

Sure, at least the quality of the game itself would be a lot more smooth, so the gameplay will be smooth sailing.

But at the moment I think Sonic's general presentation is more important, Colors and Generations already had the gameplay fine tuned and enjoyable, they just used it incorrectly (Especially colors)
I think Sonic needs a bit urban coolness and action movie tropes in their games and I never see Nintendo going in that route.
It doesn't seem to be in their DNA to be "cool".
They outright avoid trends and coolness to leave that for Sony and Xbox while they keep trying to find the new holy grail from a completely other dimension.
Which is good, gives Nintendo a new unique perspective and makes them worthy as an alternative gaming company.
But that's not the direction I want Sonic to go into. He's been innovating enough, bouncing from one insane idea to the next. Time to create a core.
I suppose if they approach Sonic like they do F-Zero or Star Fox, then I might have hope.
Altough..Let's first see what Nintendo will do with Star Fox Wii U....

But man, for example, I don't like squeecky clean happy New Donkey Kong Country.
The Snes games had that sense of dread and danger and intense adventure going for them that I don't see in the new games at all, it feels to much Super Mario starring Donkey Kong ish to me.
In style and presentation at least.
Kirby and Yoshi are both "the cute ones", even tough Mario himself is also already cute-ified from his more neutral origins. Donkey Kong is no longer intense but also more cute.
Everything is cute. Thank goodness Samus doesn't talk like a Pokemon yet, tough with Other M's presentation not having a great reception, I wouldn't be surprised if she's going to turn into Kirby's adorable little sister sooner or later.
I mean, cute is good, but if you have so many 2d platform series on one console, each having a clear identity is really helpful, like with the NES's main platformers, you have Horror (Castlevania) Neutral (Mario) Cute (Kirby) Futuristic anime (Megaman) Action movie (Contra)
With the Wii U I see nothing but cute nostalgia drenched Mario fests.

All their platform franchises get more and more stripped of their identity so that there's increasingly less personality and identity with each. Heck the fact Yoshi can just take over Kirby's Yarn side series with no problem is an extreme example of how all nintendo platformers are just merging into one.
So maybe I'm unfair again, but I really don't want Sonic to get the same treatment. He's already way too adorable in looks and too depending on shoving Green hill zone in our face all the time.
I've seen Sonic being Mariofied, it's Sonic Lost World. Outside of the parkours, that's not a direction I want to see him go.
Altough I suppose at least his nasty attitude would be toned down, so that's one plus side.

So uh, I don't know. I have no idea which studio I want to see tackle a Sonic game. SUMO probably, or the ones making that Jet Set Radio spiritual succesor, or the gang from Sunset Overdrive if they'd lay down on the pop culture and 4th wall jokes.

Hmm, I do think Sonic boom works on a diffrent level then Pontac/ Graff Sonic.
Pontac/ Graff Sonic is more cynical, arrogant and self obsessed.
With the stories not feeling like stories but merely a series of individual scenes, each with a diffrent purpose and point but none ever building from where a previous scene left up or building toward the next.
Just giving some story beats to give the illusion something's happening while in reality it's doing nothing but bathe in unearned self worth and pride.

Where Sonic Boom feels more like the celebration of Internet dwellers.
As your friend said, it feels like a fan comic, it's all about how funny and wacky it is to have no motivation in life, to be incompotent, to just want to kick back and relax and let all social conventions and demands fall apart around you.
Using comedy to create a shield around you so your character flaws aren't problems that need fixing but instead become something to be celebrated and enjoy.
Altough unlike with Pontac/ Graff, at least Boom's stories have a trajectery and do build on the same premise. As long as there isn't suddenly a random joke coming out of left field, they can usually flow from start to finish.
So Sonic Boom feels more positive then Pontac/ Graff, more solid and more honest.
Which is why I'm generally nicer to Sonic Boom. It's a decent comedy show. I had a few laughs.
It just has no bussines using Sonic.

But both Pontac/Graff and Boom Sonic is more about People, about internet nerd culture and how to feel about it, and merely using Sonic and friends as puppets and audience surrogates.
So I suppose that's why you lump them together.
Neither is interested in letting Sonic and co having adventures.
And indeed that remains a vital ingriedient painfully missing.
At least the Wii U sonic boom game tried.
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Oh, wow.  You just made me realize that I haven’t played a single non-Pokemon game outside of the SNES besides Metroid Prime, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess.  I totally forgot that Nintendo is 96% cute these days, but you’ve really opened my eyes.  My gut reaction was “Nintendo and Sonic have a good working relationship, so they’ll make a good game.”  I just assumed that they’d still write and treat Sonic as we’re accustomed to, but now I fear that a Nintendo-controlled Sonic probably would be cutesy and rainbows and grunting sound effects rather than dialogue.  That’s certainly not a future I want for the Blue Blur.

That’s a shame to hear about Nintendo’s lack of diversity too.  I remember that they were always hailed as the kings of diversity and ingenuity and, like you said, every game was a different adventure from the others, even if they shared several game mechanics.  The way you describe them now, it really seems like they’re just coming up with different skins packs to sell us Mario again and again (at least in terms of tone and mood).  Given that Sonic’s games are 2D anymore, giving him a home at Nintendo seems like an increasingly bad idea.

Sadly, I don’t know anything about game developers and studios, so I have no idea who I’d like to take the reins on Sonic.  I’d like to say that Big Red Button just had a fluke and they could get it right next time, but I’m not sure if they’re even still a thing, let alone if Sega will ever work with them again.  Maybe pass it to Naughty Dog itself, but I don’t know if they’re still around either and, from what I’ve heard, Crash Bandicoot has long since passed his prime.

Speaking of other devs taking over Sonic, I have a thought that’s been bothering me.  Why didn’t Bioware’s Sonic Chronicles work?

It knew the characters and the world they lived in; even took them seriously.  It gave us all the old things we love and plenty of new things to see for the first time.  They explored what these characters were like in the past and how they would behave in new situations.  The gameplay was actually good and thought-out and the studio was well-renowned…So why didn’t this game do well?  It came and went without anyone really saying anything and Bioware’s reputation apparently took a blow for it.  I mean, I recall not being 100% impressed with all of the different alien planet storylines and the final villain felt rushed despite some mid-game warm-up, but surely those alone shouldn’t have been enough to damn the game.  If a well-known studio playing Sonic and friends the way they absolutely should be didn’t work, is there any hope for us?  Was the game’s failing just a gameplay thing or did people just not care to see the real Sonic?

Man, after hearing everything you had to say on Colors, I really don’t know how to feel about Lost World.  I’m glad that Knuckles and Amy are in the story and that we apparently get to see a less confident and not-so-invincible side of Sonic but…I also hear that some characters pretty much become assholes despite it being out-of-character for them and I’m assuming that this game was penned by Pontac/Graff too.  If you wouldn’t mind, do you think I should even bother playing this game, or just watch the cutscenes and cry myself to sleep afterward?

To be honest, I actually thought of the Boom show as cynical, owing to my friend’s description of as a “fan comic” and your thorough examination of it celebrating flaws and internet mannerisms.  Hearing you describe the how as more hopeful and cheerful makes me even more disinterested in Colors.  But yeah, that’s a spot-on analysis of the show.  It always gets at least one laugh out of me and I do actually like some of the Sonic-and-Tails moments it has, but it has its flaws.  For me, I find that almost every episode has what I call a “Non-Ending;” there’s no build-up to the episode’s ending and it doesn’t answer any questions you might have.  The second they run out of plot, the episode just evaporates into nothingness and ends.  Like you said, a lot of jokes come out of left field (this seems to be 90% of Sticks’ dialogue) and I feel they always prioritize telling a joke over telling a story or exploring these characters.  I enjoy the show because it has Sonic on it, but it really has nothing to do with him.

I’d like to think that Rise of Lyric’s story was going to be as grand and ground-breaking (for Sonic anyway) as they said it was going to be and that something just happened and screwed up the production (I do seem to recall hearing about BRB laying off a CRAP-TON of people during production and speeding up their release date before they even had certain key positions filled), but I don’t know if that’s true or just wishful thinking.  I do, however, applaud it for being an actual adventure and character arc for Sonic; Hell, even with the screw-ups, this is probably the first game since the Adventure games where Sonic was shown as not invincible and actually caring and worrying about his friends.  I appreciated that this game actually built a world for Sonic to live in and didn’t just give him a vague outline of a world that just moved him from one stage to another and at least tried to build a supporting cast to hang out with.  All of the main characters had strengths and moments that I actually cared about and Metal Sonic even managed to get cool boss fight out of it (with subtle hints of Sonic Heroes-esque Metal Sonic down the road).  It fell flat on almost all of its promises, a lot of its jokes fell equally flat and I doubt we’ll ever see a follow-up, but I can tell there was a kernel of effort and, at least at some point in time, somebody cared about this game.

I only watched playthroughs of Lyric and still found it more interesting than personally playing through Shattered Crystal.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Nintendo has tons of variety in gameplay, just not in presentation.

Sonic Chronicles's DIALOGUE was very good and spot on.
Biggest problem I had with it is that it had tons of good ideas but they were all immediatly thrown out as soon as they were introduced.
The game starts wtih Eggman's death for crying out loud an it happens in a 30 second flash cartoon.
And then we IMMEDIATLY skip a year later so we don't even get to see anyone's reaction about it.
And they immediatly hint Eggman's probably back.
So here we have a giant plot element that's just immediatly thrown in and casually thrown out even before the game properly starts.

The first half of the game is okay and the ending is neat, but the space stuff feels kinda weird and pointless.
I don't know. I thnk the writers had a great iea and a great story but I have a hunch Sega meddled with it and told them not to go into tooo crazy directions and limited their scope halfway troguh production. So they had to quickly rewrite their story to be more generic and broad. That's my little theory.
But yeah, most people don't talk about it.

Here's the thing about American and Japanese writers, especially when it comes to Sonic:
Americans are Better writers as the story is technically better and more solid and it avoids doing things too stupiditly.
HOWEVER. Americans often play it safe and are so focused on telling a solid story that makes perfect sense that in the end it's "just" a well crafted story but nothing more.

Japanese are more crazy and intense, so when they screw up, they screw up spectacularly. BUT. Their focus is on emotions rather then logic and solid structure, so their stories always feel bigger in scope and more epic. So when they get it right, it's spectactularly right.

I mean, compare Kingdom Hearts with Epic Mickey for a pure example.
Epic Mickey has a solid and good story, but it feels very small. Outside of the relation between Mickey and Oswald, there's nothing much to hook you. It's a good but simple story.
Kingdom Hearts on the other hand is completely crazy and weird and you have noi dea what's going on, but damn if it isn't epic and at the end of the game you truly feel you had a giant enormous adventure of huge scope behind you, even if you're completely baffled about what it's about.
That's pure japan writing verus American writing.

Sonic Lost world has pretty much one really good thing about it, and that's Sonic's movement.
He plays great. The parkours thing is fantastic.
Too bad the levels are dull and linair and not fun to explore.
As for the story, it's the worst.
I mean, okay, technically it's better then Colors because Lost world tries and especailly right before the climax it's ALMOST good.
It has some moments where you're really invested and it seems to go somewhere.
But DAMN does it drop the ball at the climax.
That's why I consider it the worst. Colors doesn't even try so it's 100% what you see is what you get, Sonic and Tails being bro's mocking a sad and pathetic Eggman.
But Lost world comes so close in being a decent story that the Pontac/ Graff sauce on top of it is a giant punch in the face.

And hah, if you think Sonic Boom has a problem with endings where the story evaporates into nothing, then DEFINITLY stay away from the Pontac/ Graff games.
Colors makes a big deal out of Sonic's new sidekick Yacker being taken into Eggman's evil absorbtion machine and...Nothing, there's never a rescue scene.
At the end Yacker just shows up okay, presumingly saved offscreen somewhere.
Or the 3ds Sonic Boom game where Amy's kidnapped and put into a cage where Lyric mentions he'll torture her to get information....
And then it's never brought up again until the final world in the game where we see her in her cage where she's just trading puns and jokes with Lyric who never bothers with any torture of mindcontrol dvices that were brought up in the story. And then in the next cutscene Amy's magically saved from her cage without any rescue scene.
Seriously, Pontac and Graff are the king of stories evaporating into nothing.

As for Sonic rise of Lyric, well again, American story.
Decent, technically correct, has good parts.
But again, no spectacle, no fist pumping climax or any intensity.
Just a decent story with no real flaws but neither real joys.
Ian Flynn is slightly better in having the occasional fist pumping moments.
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DoodleTankHobbyist Digital Artist
Great job at keeping this show both educative (In a Sonic-ish sense) and funny. I've always admired your cartoons, dude. Keep it up!

You make a lot of decent points that a lot of people don't even consider. I'm really glad that this series exists.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Thanks, glad you like em!
DoodleTank's avatar
DoodleTankHobbyist Digital Artist
Anytime. You've always been pretty funny and I like your art style. :P
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the kids joining the army arguments falls depending on the  country, in  some countries children do join the army and are trown into the battlefield as fresh meat shields and history is proof of that. just saying that depends on what country cosniders what age you are considered an adult.
Rogerregorroger's avatar
RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
And do these kids in those coutnries also immediatly join the olympics, become special goverment spies and operate in their own 5 kid group squads of super soldiers infiltrating bases on their own?

Or are they just footsoldiers spending most of their time just training, cleaning and learning discipline?

So sure, you have a point. And I have no doubt there's plenty of kids who can kick some ass. Especially my ass.
But Sonic and pals are designed to be American ish, or Japanese at best and I don't think those are the countries you were thinking of. America at least waits until the kids finished elementry school before trying to recruit them.
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this made a little to much sense
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"Constantly being pestered about Skycrapers" Now you know how I feel when everyone got so sensitive when I said Jaguar in one of my Episodes of Forgotten Media. (came out like jagwire or something) I still find this to be stupid because I've heard people call it that, it's just another one of those both names equals the same damn thing.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
ah, intenet people, always desperately fnding places where they can share their wisdom and superiority.
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You pretty much did comics in a nutshell. The main archie sonic comic probably has 10000+ characters its hilariously irrelevant. oh and the ages sega gave the characters are totally random. Oh hey this two tailed fox can build and fix almost everything how old is he? Of cooourse EIGHT. Sega just loves messing with the story. I wonder how is it possible that sonic generations haven't caused a total time paradox. Nope screw that sega logic fixes everything.
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that was epic very nice video, the thing about amy at the first part of the video was soooooooooooo true, and serioucely i agrre sally cant be on the video gamme.... but i saw on a web site of sega, in sonic cd they want too call amy princess sallly but fan tunr her name into amy and since that time we know her as amy. Is that a true story? any way very nice video keep the good work
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manranganHobbyist Digital Artist
It was only done in America, I think it was for promotion purposes
mathieutrudelle's avatar
thanks for telling me :D
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
That is true. A very weird and desperate way to tie the games into the tv show. Ah well.
mathieutrudelle's avatar
yeah well that didn't work
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hey did you played Shadow the Hedgehog the game?

if yes, did you try stalling for 10 min in the final boss stage?
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
yes, no I watched it online.
SPINNIN3's avatar
so you know the extra dialog in the end of 10 min of that boss battle too?
Rogerregorroger's avatar
RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
yeah, that eggman assures us shadow is real and he saved him from space.
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