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Sonic Dissected 8

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Okay, I don't like this Dissected.
Coutner argument against adventure 2, but I the arguments here are weak. Should have put more effort into this. Ah well.

Media used from Sega/ DIC/ Nintendo
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Galao-MooseStudent General Artist
No the reason he's called the ultimate life form is because "he can't get sick"
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Bexster674Student Writer
Sonic Adventure 2 answers my question as to why the Sonic world relies on adorable forest creatures to save it from evil. It's because the military is so terrible!

G.U.N is willing to crush many cars (possibly with innocent civilians in them) in order to chase down Sonic, despite the newsflash showed a hedgehog of completely different colouration! I also wonder why they did not give Sonic a fair trail before chucking him in prison, particularly as they should have recognised the black and red prisoner who they themselves had captured many years before.

I know Sonic Adventure 2 was meant to take a more serious turn but if G.U.N had not killed Maria I wouldn't have been able to take them seriously. I actually just despise them now because even though Maria 'got in the way', killing an innocent child is pure murder.

I still agree that Sonic Adventure 2 has one of the best stories of the series, but like many other game plots, it has it's flaws.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
I assumed the footage of the bank robbery was vague and grainy, or darkly lit, that Shadow coloration didn't pop out.
Altough yeah, that theory doesn't add up with the actual footage we see.

Tough as for why Sonic didn't get a trial, perhaps they were going to get him a trial, but then he escaped from the helicopter mid transaction.
And after all the chaos and damages that chase caused he ruined his right on a fair trial?

Yeah, Maria's death is iffy. I really wish they went more into detail, or introduced a character who was part of GUN from that 50 years ago incident, and was a clear villain or traumatized guy.
Especially since in Shadow's game, we see Maria and Shadow were walking around the Ark helping GUN out right before the tragedy. So now it's just a weird "goverment consipracy" thing in a game that doens't really go into "Goverment is evil!" directions during the rest of the story.

Ah well, Sonic adventure 2's story is not perfect. Altough because of that, they could easily elaborate on the story in later games.
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Bexster674Student Writer
I agree, I guess I have to assume none of the G.U.N numbers actually saw the real news footage.

That's probably true, even though they would be hypocrital since the G.U.N truck also destroyed many (probably expensive) cars. But then again the Sonic world probably has less logic the the real world.

Me too, the character who killed Maria probably wasn't 100% right in the head. I know SEGA probably wouldn't want to go into that kind of detail 'because of kids' but it would have been better than having to assume the whole incident was just a 'tragic misunderstanding'. If they had explained the whole thing better, maybe in Shadow's game, I would have probably had more respect for G.U.N overall. 

 Writing a good plot can be tricky but if SEGA looked back at the Adventure games they will certainly have the potential to write another likeable story. But sadly I'm not sure if that will happen any time soon because of a few of the more insane classic fans who bombard SEGA to keep the games 'simplistic' and who are not willing to give 3D Sonic a chance.  
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How long was Frobman recording his semantic on Transformers for?
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
About 2 minutes
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AggressiveBagelStudent General Artist
My character is original looking :)
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Person of unrivaled sexual attraction, charisma and outright perfection.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist
The strange thing about me is that when I play a videogame, I don't focus much on the gameplay but on the characters and story. Unless it's really starting to bug me, I don't pay attention to the gameplay too much. I don't know if that makes me a bad gamer or what. Meh.

Anyway, looking at Sonic Adventure 2, I would say that has the best story. But the thing that makes me angry is that fans of Sonic when it came out wanted it all to be light-hearted and some put down fans who like the new games that have a serious storyline. I played the first two Sonic games and I liked them. I've looked back over the other games on places like YouTube and Wikipedia to get their stories and I like the ones that have a slightly more serious story. Characters actually learn something and I feel like I've walked away with something worth while. Except Shadow's game, I mean it did have it's moments but it was pointlessly dark and out of theme.

I've been watching Digimon lately and I found that Sonic and company could tell a story like Digimon (specifically Digimon Adventures 1 & 2). You know, corny dialogue, funny jokes to lighten the mood when needed, yet serious when necessary and lots of action. I'm sure everyone could find something that they like in that. Sonic and his friends can tell serious stories but in a comic relief way. Of course there are certain things you don't add because Sonic is a kids genre, but remove all consequences and the story and characters are boring.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Story can be vital in gaes, look at rpg's or stuff like Phoenix wright. We huans are story driven minded beings, after all.

I hate how the fight is always serious story versus silly story.
I like both, but most games feel at either. Colors is just painfully cheesy and dumb, Shadow too eager to please. Again and again, it's not What you do, it's How you do it.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist
This is true.

One game that I can think of is the Legend of Zelda series. The stories flow together with minor plot holes. I know that most of time you're going through levels to progress through the game (but you do that in all games) but you can also see how characters interact with each other in the levels.

Even the story mode in the Super Smash Brothers Brawl game was creative. Had no dialogue but it was epic!

Like you said in you're first video, you need balance not just in characters but also in story.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Hmm, I never count Zelda as having a story, it's more just setting up a universe and general atmosphere and letting the gamer make up their own story.

Every single time they DO set up a story or try to have any kind of contuity, it immediatly causes endless plotholes and trouble.
I especially LOVE Ganondorf's origin in Skyward sword
Ohh, so he was created out of Demise's personal hatred and anger at Link? That makes all the times Ganondorf runs into Link in the process of stopping his plans and then ignoring him even more stupid.
----End spoiler---
But whatever, you don't play Zelda for the story.
Unlike Sonic who has a bigger emphasis.

Heh, Smashbros Brawl. I'm glad there was no dialogue in there. It's written by Square Enix guys, they're good in making up big crazy visuals and over the top battles but not in dialogue.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist
Still, I love Legend of Zelda, my first videogame series so it will always have a place in my heart.

I'm not saying that Sonic should have complete nostalgia but at least fill in some gapping plot holes and show how events all work together. Also, establish what is part of the main story arc and what are spinoffs. Unlike Zelda which takes place in several different generations, Sonic and friends are the same generation.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Heh, All of the sonic games even take place in the same 3 years or so, considering their ages.
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This entire series is BRILLIANT!!! :worship::iconrogerregorroger:
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Heh, thanks!
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Numbuh1234Hobbyist Writer
Gah! It took my d: as a :) due to the end brackets!
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Numbuh1234Hobbyist Writer
It seems like Shadow has a high sense of identity. While him calling himself 'the ultimate lifeform' so much might seem like boasting at first, if you pay attention, he never (if not, rarely) says it in a boastful manner, and everytime he says it, it's always right after his name, so it seems more like he feels it's part of his identity, and when Sonic calls him 'Faker' (because he's to cool to say imposter), it takes a blow right at Shadow's identity, and he can't stand for that. Also, Mephiles can time travel (and I guess has a poor sense of logic d:) and Metal Sonic had time to study, so that could justify them saying it.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
okay, could be.
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
I never noticed how everybody kept calling him "ultimate lifeform" weird....
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Zidane-Lee-TribalStudent General Artist
Roger, I'll just agree with ya on this one, this IS your personal Sonic '06 until the bugs are fixed up.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
... With you I always get the weird feeling you're parroting my own words and not giving an actual opinion..
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