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Kingdumb hearts 14 days pt.2



part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]

Great, missed the deadline and it's less footage then I said it would be, go me. Intern work and Evil doc work banging on my door tough, so it'll be a while again before part 3.
So this kingdumb hearts movie will be 4 parts instead of 3. Guess that means more music video's, yay?

Problem with the in between parts is that they don't have a clear beginning or ending, so it's just a bunch of little sketches instead of a full story this time. Ah well.

Right, kingdom hearts 358/2 days issues dealt with in this installment:

Mickey mouse. Okay, this plot hole is so big, I assume I just missed out the magical answer kingdom hearts itself gave.Still I don't get why does Mickey thinks that wearing the organisation XIII cloak disguises him? Roxas immediately notices that a cloaked Riku doesn't have the same body lenght as the others, so if he is spotted as an impostor, what kind of chance does Mickey have?

Also good to have confirmation that Mickey really was hired to guide Sora and the gang in Kingdom Hearts 2 after they woke up.
Riding a train and assuming the sunset citizens notice it and start talking to a random stranger about it. Jup, much better way to guide Sora then say, leave a note at his sleeping pod or give him a cellphone.

So Sora's a huge important element in both Xemnas and Mickey Mouse's plans for the future, and yet they guide him on his mission by pointless trying to kill him or assuming Sora's stupid enough to be rushing towards whatever citizens are gossiping about in town respectively. No wonder those two are such highly regarded leaders.

Then there's all these barriers organisation XIII drops on the planet to keep Roxas within the mission section. I thought the organisation was supposed to do their work in secret, putting giant "Don't enter this section, we're conducting illegal business here" signs everywhere doesn't seem to be all that stealthy to me.
Even funnier when Roxas's sent off to a training mission that's inside Beast's castle. Smashing vases inside your enemy's castle, that'll definitely not ruin your secret existence.

I don't get most missions you get anyway. First Saix is worried that a world will be destroyed by Heartless, then he's worried that there's no heartless. Why do we need to be involved with the planets all the time anyway. It's impossible to remain a secret organisation if I have to kill a heartless that just beat Beast senseless, he might start wondering why the invading heartless spontaneously disappears. Good thing Roxas and Xion are stealthy standing right in the doorway when Beast is asking around about what happened, so no way they'll find out about the organisation.
You'd think the best way to collect hearts while remaining hidden is by mostly fighting in the desert or in the forest, but then we'd miss out the exciting "There's strange and weird mysteries going on in Halloween town! What could possibly have happened?! Ah, it was the heartless that caused it! That was a totally unpredictable and very exciting solution!" subplots, and we wouldn't want that, would we?

I'm also getting a bit tired of Xaldin's endless mumbling about how he's going to steal Beast's rose and Belle.
yeah, very subtle foreshadowing for his great scene in Kingdom hearts 2 where he steals the rose and then just randomly stands around until Sora walks up to him to shove a keyblade in his face. Truly worth all this build up.

Speaking of pointless subplots, what's with Pete? He's making Hook dig up stuff.. and wants the lamp..too..and.. nothing. I suppose there would be some half assed explanation that this has to do with Malificent's revival in the next game, but I think I missed it.
Ugh, I know every decent rpg needs a sub main villain that moves the plot forward until the real villain steps in, but Kingdom hearts really sucks in that regard.

Heck, even the main villain is barely involved in the plot, other then be in the usual "haha, everything that happens without me having any control over it is somehow according to my brilliant plan, I'll just continue to sit here mumbling evil things until the final battle randomly happens to turn up here" villain mode.
Except in this game, even that final battle is missing.But I'll come to that.

Tough what Kingdom Hearts 358 days was mostly missing were more scenes with Axel Roxas and Xion just being friends, doing fun stuff, having a breakfast together, that kinda thing.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking; But Roger, why would I want boring mundane stuff happening in my exciting epic rpg story?
Well, if this game actually had a epic journey quest thing going on, I could see your point, but the thing is, there really isn't any plot or villain in this game untill the final 10 missions or so. It's not a plot centered story, but a character centered story, yet they rarely have an actual cute moment together that sticks out.
Mostly just their stiff "this ice cream is sweet yet salty!" ritual and that's it.

Besides, most people want this game to live a year with organisation XIII, yet we still don't learn anything new about them. Do they eat, what's their actual motivation, how's daily life? We can't even explore their castle freely, despite this being the very first time ever that I saw a villain's evil headquarters that seems to have actual beds and furniture, instead of endless rooms with deathtraps like normal villain castles. Incredible.

I suppose they want to keep all the answers and satisfying details for the future games, although I'm worried they're going to pull a Harry Potter 7 and either/both accidentally forget or quickly kill off all their subplots.
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