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Dissecting Sonic prt.2

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And part 2. Looking at the blue blur himself.
You think Shadow and co inspires Gar Stue's and recolors on the internet? Let's look at our hero to see that they aren't even needed.

Part 3 has a slight delay as I have to replace some of it's material and will come later or tomorrow.

Sonic and his games are owned by Sega.
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GrandMetroViperHobbyist General Artist
This is what I meant by "physical macguffin" in my comment to part 1. Sonic can only act according to whatever newly exist in the game because that said macguffin has to will it into existence. Elise (for example) gave him an artificial romance because that's what she was made for. His character can only react when there's this newly made up invisible force that makes it so.
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RoseDuelistBBSHMProfessional Digital Artist
Wish I could get in on the debate here, but I really haven't played very many of the Sonic games.
The only reason I'm a StH fan is because of the three American TV series: Adv. of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog better known as SatAM, and Sonic Underground. (Sonic Boom is kind of a different animal, I've only seen a few eps.)

So when it comes to characters and personality, these TV shows are pretty much the only thing I can base my opinions off of. I :heart: Jaleel White's portrayal of Sonic! Jaleel's Sonic IS cocky, but he also gets hurt, he IS flawed, and does indeed show emotion (see SatAM). And the supporting cast is great! Sally is everything Sonic is not, which is why her character works well with his, while Amy ... well, she's pretty much just a fan-girl.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Amy differs from game to game, tough sure, her period from Heroes to Generations is pretty mindless.
Yeah, Jaleel is great as Sonic.
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You summed up my thoughts about Tails in Colours perfectly.
The story might actually work better if Yacker was the sidekick. His biggest advantage is that wisps don't talk.
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I just read an interesting article about what you said on TV Tropes.
It is called Out of Character is serious Business.
You know shit is about to hit the fan when the cocky hero gets emotional, the comedic relief gets serious or the sidekick/girl take matters into their own hands.
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yasmyn64Student Traditional Artist

Well, thats true...


And i feel bad about tails...

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RavenTchuStudent Digital Artist
 I so much agree ho much he is a dick about shadow who was supposed to be DEAD... Uhg I love these videos
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krystalxfox12Student Writer
Would It Not Be Confusing That Sonic Had So Many Roles Like For Example Sonic And The Black Knight He Was A King and A Ruler Then The Next Game Bam !!! New Story New Characters Is All Just crap You Know What I Mean ? I Think Sega Should Focus In There Previous Game And Give It A Part 2 so There would be an awsome Epilogue
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Arudi2Student Digital Artist
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Actually, there's one thing I don't know if you addressed by I think you should sometime. Sonic in Sonic and the Black Knights was essentially a villian if you think about it. I was always off putted by it, really. I mean, the girl just didn't want her world to end, and she didn't seem very hostile to Sonic himself. Until he jumped in and tried to kill her that is.

The worst thing about the story in that was Sonic defeating her, saying "sorry, but every world has to end! Never mind that I prevent that all the time in my universe... well bye!", leaves and changes the title of the book to make him seem more awesome.

It kinda makes the Mary Sue thing worse.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Not to mention Sonic's first act as king and ruler of the land is too immediatly abondonn them.

Okay, I received my ego boost, praise and worship. What, obligations? yeah screw you, I'm out.
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Pizza-and-FandomsHobbyist General Artist
These are wonderful! I'm not a huge sonic fan, barely a fan at all actually, and just listening to these give me joy!
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Cool, great to hear!
Glad you enjoy them.
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Miss-Shiki-ScarletHobbyist Writer
Another wonderful installment~
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DigitalPearHobbyist Filmographer
Hmm, I agree. Except, sure, the modern era rarely has games that even give Sonic emotion, but I think Sega would've been better off keeping the main ideas for Sonic 06. Sonic saves a princess, high point. She gets kidnapped again. Low point. Sonic chases after and catches, high point. Silver stops him and gives Sonic a good whooping. Low point. Sonic relies on Am- ok, I think you have my point. If Sega realized the only reason people hated Sonic 06 was the fact that it was practically in BETA when it was released, then the story would be a lot better off. Sonic 06 had a good story, but too many complaints made Sega tug their tail and not do anything at all slightly like 06.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
I agree that Shadow's story was a great piece of story telling.
Sonic'sbit failed a bit tough, it was too distant from teh main plot and saving the princess fails to be exciting if it happens 5 times in the same story AND Sonichas time travel powers to boot.
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DigitalPearHobbyist Filmographer
Shadow's? Yeah, his was the best out of the three... but I think Sonic's went a little wrong after Sonic basically became Amy by saving only one person and let Silver save the world while he runs around in an empty field with his precious princess. Sonic wasn't plot related at all, but hey, at least they got the roller coaster going.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist
I have tried writing short stories with Sonic as he is in the games and he was a pain in the neck to write because he has a certain image to maintain now. He has to be cocky and in control all the time so there's no room for him to grow beyond that.

That's why I like Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic actually had low moments and emotional times.

I'm not saying to throw Sonic's cool demeanor aside completely otherwise he wouldn't be Sonic, but don't be afraid to have him have weak moments. It raises the stakes in the game if there's a story anyway.

Quite honestly, I'm not a big fan of the latest games like Colors and Generations because it's too simple and the consequences are completely gone. At least in games like Sonic Heroes there were consequences. Metal Sonic transforms into a monster and the characters react to it. It might not have been big but a consequence was there.

Of course I have a respect for every Sonic game as well, but I do wish that the stories would be better and the characters weren't poorly written. Then again, it goes back to there might be something else going on behind the scenes that we don't know about.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
The key to writing Sonic is that you have to pair him up with a more dynamic and emotional supporting character.
Sonic on his own is just perfect from start to finish, just a guy that punches robots and looks great on the cover.

Like in Sonic secret rings he's paired with Shahra who snaps back at him and has this bitter relationship with Erazor Djinn, forcing Sonic to deal with betrayel and death.
If Shahra just threw Sonic into the arabic book and let him do this thing, you'd hate that story as much as the new games.

Sonic never makes choices, he never learns, he never has to sacrifice things or deal with any consequences. He just punches robots. That's why you need strong characters like Shadow or (An active) Knuckles and Amy to be there to interact with him.

But in recent games he only hangs out with the mellow Tails and if Knuckles and Amy are there they're just wall flowers. They just let him do his thing and hang in the back.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist

The reason why characters are hated is because they aren't perfect like Sonic is from start to finish. Personally, that's what makes them my favorite because they at least have some normal human qualities.

That's why I love Secret Rings, it's one of the recent games that has a deep story.

Sonic Team has proven they can tell emotional stories with these characters but for some reason they go back to stupid story lines with dumb jokes every time. I think Sonic would get better reception if they would use more characters when necessary and use jokes sparingly for comic relief moments instead of throughout a whole game and have Sonic be all powerful.
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
I just realized now why I don't admire some characters as much as Sonic. Someone should post this to SEGA.
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EliseLowingHobbyist General Artist
What irritates me about the other characters not being used as much is this: SEGA isn't making an effort to build on them.

Take Raidan from the Metal Gear series. At first, he wasn't well liked but they didn't throw him away. Instead, the Metal Gear series took an effort to build and let the character to grow. Now I hear he's pretty popular.

I'll give an example of Sonic. Let's take Silver since he is widely viewed in either a positive way or negative way (personally he's my favorite). He debuted in a game that people weren't happy with (and in some way understandable) and he's mainly associated with it. And Sonic Rivals, I think they made his character (and all the other characters for that matter) bad on purpose. What if they put him in another game as a main character with a smaller cast and built on his character so he grows up a little. Instead, they just use Sonic and Tails.

You know what that tells me, Sonic Team is somewhat afraid to use a large cast because of ONE bad game. Granted, it's considered the worst game and it was rushed so I can understand why they would be hesitant to do that again. But if you don't take risks, how will you know if it won't work or not.

Of course, you still have to work within the limits of a kid's game since Sonic is ultimately a kid's genre. But if you tone everything, you lose the thread of the story and it's boring.

However, one thing I've learned from being in writing classes is that you can't be afraid to let your hero(s) get hurt. In fact, you should LET your hero(s) get hurt. It raises the stakes if they get hurt and still have to fight because the world will be doomed if they don't. And kids aren't idiots, they know a dire situation when they see it.

As for posting these to SEGA, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. I mean, I know these videos are mainly to inform the fans and I do think that SEGA needs to know these, but like any big franchise company, they may not take criticism in the way we would like. What I mean is that they might ignore it since a big company usually has a policy not to respond to things like this.

Sorry for being a misery, but I just want to be realistic.
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I know. Sometimes I'm a misery as well. Maybe the fans who read this will learn and write better future games, hmm?
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