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Dissecting Sonic prt.1

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Well damn. This month and next month will be more hectic then I anticipating with ton's of apointments, not to mention some serious hicking training
So Kingdumb Hearts wouldn't have made it this month.

Instead I present the first 3 chapters of my super duper secret project instead. Been playing and collecting things for this since the beginning of the year. Like the Dissidia "review" before, this will be a analysis of Sonic the hedgehog. The entire series. Well, of the story and characters anyway.
As usual I have nothing much to say about the gameplay other then Sonic 3& Knuckles/ Generations/ Adventure = yay, Sonic 2006, Sonic 1 GBA and Sonics magical school house = boo.

I want to bring new information to the table tough. Some things I noticed and things I like to dissect. I hoped to have chapter 1-3 in one package, but Deviantart won't take files that are too big, so I guess I have to upload them chapter by chapter.
It's not completed even after chapter 3 tough. I think there will probably be 12 chapters. I'll just upload one or two each month.

Brought Luke in as my co-host, as I figured hearing my droning voice non stop would put anyone to sleep, and having a co-host provide coutner arguments makes for a more smooth flow.
Don't worry, I keep the gimicks and self indulging sketches to a bare minimum.
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yoshisoStudent Digital Artist
never knew you were on devianart btw great animation and i love the -insert sonic game title here- in -insert time here- yea those animations on youtube
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Jup, I'm here.
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GrandMetroViperHobbyist General Artist
my main problem is exactly what was bought up here..............balance. Like you said the amount of characters is NEVER a problem in anything so long as balance is introduced to make them relevant. I'll bring up anime for example because a great chunk of some of the more notable shows you find a a HEFTY number of characters at the disposal. The only difference is you're happy when the enter the scene and satisfied (in a good way) when they leave because you know they'll pop up or at least be relevant again. Where Sonic drops the balls is characters are introduced and most of hte time NEVER mentioned again or at least they're only here as a physically mobile plot macguffin. 
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Heh, and this was made years ago before Lost world and Boom made the side characters into even more meaningless punchline generators.
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GrandMetroViperHobbyist General Artist
I know I was just speaking on the state of how Sonic is today
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Best memory's on looking at these.
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The difference between Sonic and the games you mention is how they handle their big casts.

In a fighting game, every character has a few friends and rivals among the cast and only those matter to their personal story. The rest of the cast are just obstacles they have to overcome. The personal endings contradict each other. Some characters might arrest the final boss after defeating them, take over their empire or walk into the sunset explaining they only fought for kicks.
In that sense Sonic Advance has a fighting game story.

With Super Mario, most of the characters have their own spinoff games like Wario Land or Donkey Kong Country. Or they are part of the RPGs, which tell their story in a different way than an action game.

So unless there are games like Chaotix Investigations or Silver's Explosive Golf, the cast is not gonna become more manageable.
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sunshineb13Student Traditional Artist
floating pipes!
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AJInu-OkamiStudent Artist
I...completely agree with this!
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SonicDPLozLoveHobbyist General Artist
You know, I actually think they should add a few MORE characters, not as support cast or even main characters, but as some generic characters that you see wondering around the streets in hub worlds, background characters who you only ever pay attention to when a side-quest involving them. In almost all Sonic games with a story, even the Adventure saga, the generic side characters are all humans. In my opinion, mixed species games that basically mix two different species into one planet or town, should have a certain balance. In Sonic games, they don't, they only ever show furries when they are directly involved in an adventure, either as a main character or supporting cast. I don't like that, it confuses me in the exact setting of the planet, was Earth always a mix of furries and humans in the Sonic games, and if not, where exactly did Sonic and his friends come from? Were they an experiment gone wrong or artificial lifeforms like Shadow? And if Sonic and co. are the only ones of their kind in that entire planet because there from an entirely different world, there should be backstory to it, an explanation of HOW they got there. That's actually something I like about that Sonic X show, they show how Sonic and his friends actually got to a world full of humans with no others of their kind besides Shadow, even if they never fully explain it, the viewer knows they didn't just suddenly pop out of thin air! The Genesis Saga understood this too, there is always a host of smaller furries and animals that can you rescue!
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
I agree there should be more furries as background characters, it's kind of awkward only Sonic and friends look like that.
Altough 2 games did have animals as background characters, Sonic adventure (The Echidna tribe) and Sonic Rush adventure (Marine's island is inhabited by polar bears and pinguins).
I would say "Designing more unique lookiing background characters would be too much work" but yeah, Sonic Unleashed designed several unique modelled humans, so there's no excuse there.
I guess they want to avoid inspiring re-colors.

I don't think the smaller animals you save in the genesis/ Megadrive games count tough, otherwise the little animals in Sonic adventure 2 also count.
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SonicDPLozLoveHobbyist General Artist
True, it's always bothered me that Sonic and anybody involved in the main plot of the game almost always seemed to be the only furries in the entire fandom, minus the few games that stick out by actually adding a few background furries that have nothing to do with the plot other than the fact that they live in that particular area, even the Echidna Tribe in Sonic Adventure was somehow tied into the plot, albeit as explanatory flashback to the past, but still... And as for the recolors, if I go onto Youtube to look up and awesome speed-draw of any Sonic character because I feel like seeing how made an amazing picture, half the time I get recolors! I don't mind recolors, I myself made one when I was younger, but whether or not the reason SEGA refused to add furries into the background was to prevent recolors it didn't work. There are billions of them.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Yeah, who knows?
If I was a character designer for background stuff I'd already throw in Mighty and Ray and Fang somewhere as random shopkeepers/ background folk for fun and maybe the odd other character. No idea why they don't do that... Well, I do have a vague theory that might vaguely have to do with it but I'll keep that to myself until I talk about it in the sonic 06 dissected chapter.
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SonicDPLozLoveHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I can't wait to see you talking about that by the way. I actually came up with the idea that they need more furries while watching your Sonic Dissected, um, animations? It really makes you think
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
That's where the show's for.
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SonicDPLozLoveHobbyist General Artist
They're doing their job then...
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KplKabbageHobbyist Traditional Artist
could you make one which onvlolves of who owns the "Tornado"? i thought that was sonic's plane
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
Tornado 1 is Sonic's, Tornado 2 and 3 are Tails's.

And I assume Sonic doesn't really care about the Tornadoes so he let's Tails do whatever he wants with them.
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KplKabbageHobbyist Traditional Artist
ah that makes sense
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I've never seen it that way off Sonic colors

I know the story wasn't really much
But yes the plan off Eggman was spoil at almost the beginning off the game
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hopeisnotdeadHobbyist General Artist
You have provided very valid points.
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RoadkillFoxStudent Digital Artist
You make some really good points... I think this forces people to think more deeply into the subject and they'll remember it when playing through the games again. Definitely interesting and insightful.
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Or more pessimistically, they'll just claim that they are true Sonic Fans, completely ignore this, and go back to being morons. And SEGA will listen to them and suck their collective E-dicks like usual.
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RogerregorrogerHobbyist Filmographer
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