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Dissecting Sonic prt.1



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Well damn. This month and next month will be more hectic then I anticipating with ton's of apointments, not to mention some serious hicking training
So Kingdumb Hearts wouldn't have made it this month.

Instead I present the first 3 chapters of my super duper secret project instead. Been playing and collecting things for this since the beginning of the year. Like the Dissidia "review" before, this will be a analysis of Sonic the hedgehog. The entire series. Well, of the story and characters anyway.
As usual I have nothing much to say about the gameplay other then Sonic 3& Knuckles/ Generations/ Adventure = yay, Sonic 2006, Sonic 1 GBA and Sonics magical school house = boo.

I want to bring new information to the table tough. Some things I noticed and things I like to dissect. I hoped to have chapter 1-3 in one package, but Deviantart won't take files that are too big, so I guess I have to upload them chapter by chapter.
It's not completed even after chapter 3 tough. I think there will probably be 12 chapters. I'll just upload one or two each month.

Brought Luke in as my co-host, as I figured hearing my droning voice non stop would put anyone to sleep, and having a co-host provide coutner arguments makes for a more smooth flow.
Don't worry, I keep the gimicks and self indulging sketches to a bare minimum.
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never knew you were on devianart btw great animation and i love the -insert sonic game title here- in -insert time here- yea those animations on youtube