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Where in the World...?

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Nice art piece 
I just saw the first two episodes I really am enjoying it
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Nice artwork! She looks much prettier in this version. I notice that this show is coming back.
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im still not sold yet
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I miss this show,great job,:hug: my sisters and I would always watch it every Saturday morning 
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Netflix has been hitting the remakes out of the park.  Hopefully, this keeps the string going.
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When I played that game, I had an Apple II and George H.W. Bush was president.  Nice to see it's coming back, and great work, Roger!
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I wonder how many people will whine saying "You made her the Heroin? She was a villain in the original"
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I just hope that in hte new serie we will see her also in jail
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Never saw the original but man this looks cool and intresting :)
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very nicely done! this show looks very interesting!
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