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UAE or United Arab Emirates is the home base of Etihad Airways, although this airline goes much further than the Middle East. It actually accesses 45 different countries and is able to fly its passengers there in luxury. People that fly throughout the world will be interested in this quick overview of Etihad Airways and what it has to offer.

A better avenue to accumulate the miles that are rewarded to you with Etihad-Airways is to obtain a ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card. When you sign up for this Visa card, you immediately receive a bonus of 50,000 guest miles. Extra guest miles are earned in the future, with each Visa card purchase. You could be given a companion ticket without charge as just one of the instances of potential reward earnings after spending AED 150,000 in a year if you are a repeated flyer. You also get other benefits, including a Priority Pass that gives you access to more than 500 airport lounges around the world, valet parking at many shopping malls in the UAE and even roadside assistance. Therefore, everyone can profit from ADIB Etihad Visa card if they fly on a regular basis.

People that fly with Etihad Airways, especially if they land in Abu Dhabi, should check out this world-class city. Whether you are traveling on vacation, or for business, it is a great place to wander about.

People that have an affinity for modern culture and a warm climate will definitely enjoy staying a few days in Abu Dhabi if they have the time. You can also explore the historical roots of this fascinating part of the world by taking a tour or exploring on your own. If you are interested in seeing the surrounding desert, you can take a slow ride on the native camels, or do a 4WD tour at a much higher speed.

If you do get to travel in this area, Abu Dhabi International Airport is a great place to land when traveling with Etihad Airways. It is also possible that you will stop there as a layover location; Abu Dhabi can be a great destination or intermediary stop. The airport at Abu Dhabi has world famous lounges, the Diamond Class First Class and Pearl Business Class lounges that offer five-star dining, a wide selection of entertainment and a spa. A five-star hotel, along with exceptional dining options, are also at this airport. First Class, to Business Class, all customers of Etihad Airways will be satisfied with the quality of service. While primarily known for its flights to Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern destinations, it can also take you to many other fascinating parts of the world, from the major cities of Europe and Asia to Australia. Take a look at their website today and see why Etihad Airways is used by many people to travel to places all around the globe.

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